View Full Version : BA new owner of Malmö Aviation!?

31st Aug 2000, 23:38
Speculation over what airline would buy Malmö Aviation have been going on for almost a year now and finally it seems like BA is buying it from financially troubled Braathens. Furthermore Malmö Aviation is to start service to Helsinki, London and Amsterdam from Stockholm/Bromma beginning this fall.

1st Sep 2000, 15:08
they once flew to LCY a few years ago, does this mean that they are restarting this route?

2nd Sep 2000, 01:38
they still operate MMX/LCY on 146-200 with a BU flight number.

a BA franchise already operate LCY/SZD. if this rumour is true, BA mite be stepping up their presence @ LCY.

best of luck to 6E.

19th Apr 2001, 22:22
Malmö Aviation stopped flying to LCY sometime during the Summer 2000 timetable.

20th Apr 2001, 00:12
Is this yet another false rumour or is there anything behind this? Any article or press-release that can verify it?

20th Apr 2001, 02:33
It´s B%%&/&%cks
Malmö Aviation is NOT sold to anyone.
Nope, the "Angry Chicken" brigade will continiue to fly BMA-MMX and BMA-GOT until someone closes BMA.
If you don´t understand the Angry chicken remark, then look at their logo.

20th Apr 2001, 11:51
Well Mr Laminar. I think you are missinformed about this.Why should BA buy a company without any future at all.According to what i have heard BMA will be closed in a couple of years.