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Onan the Clumsy
12th Feb 2004, 23:46
I had heard that it was a (resonably) common practice during the Vietnam war to put your stamp on the envelope upside down to protest against the war. Was this really the case?

If so, I wonder how many letters 'went awry' as a consequence.

Also, if it was the case, how come it doesn't seem to have caught on this time around? Or is the level of protest not quite the same (yet)?

12th Feb 2004, 23:49
As a protest I insert my letters in the envelope upside down before sealing...:rolleyes:


13th Feb 2004, 00:00
Hummm, nope, never heard of that. Not saying it is not right, just that I never heard about it.

You might as well protest against cabbage.

13th Feb 2004, 00:20
He said insert...........

Sophie ppruning
13th Feb 2004, 00:30
I thought it meant "I love you"

13th Feb 2004, 00:31
Insert means I love you!?!?!?!? That's a new one. :}

Anthony Carn
13th Feb 2004, 00:36
Depends what you're inserting and where you're inserting it ! :E

Or is that lust ?

13th Feb 2004, 00:42
This is a terrible - people making thses sorts of protest should give some thought to who's going to be affected by it.

Those responsible for the war (or whatever else is being protested about) won't be inconvenienced one jot.

But just think of the poor postal worker, having to turn all the envelopes the other way round before posting them through your letterbox. :mad:

The Invisible Man
13th Feb 2004, 00:47
So what your saying is,

Inserting a cabbage means I love you !!!

Wow get me a large patta gobi:E

13th Feb 2004, 00:48
Now that's gotta hurt!

Onan the Clumsy
13th Feb 2004, 02:51
I heard that if you visited an apartment building in the Eastern Bloc, you'd definately want to protest against cabbage. :yuk:

13th Feb 2004, 02:56
It's the insert and withdraw repeatedly that has certain carnal connotations. And at no time did I say it was a French letter or marked such:E


13th Feb 2004, 03:34
Putting a stamp on upside down means the queen gets a headache....

or maybe thats just me


(off down the pub to celebrate supporting an unpredictable team)

13th Feb 2004, 04:33
Putting a stamp on upside down means that you want repeated carnal relations with a cabbage in a Soviet apartment block? :confused: :confused:

Onan the Clumsy
13th Feb 2004, 04:48
No. Putting a stamp on upside down means you have addressed the letter to Australia, perhaps even to Binos

13th Feb 2004, 04:54
They'd whinge if you did that Onan. Then again they'd whinge if you didn't.... :rolleyes:

13th Feb 2004, 09:18
Let's see... You insert, then you give it a good lick, then -

Oooer Missus. Get out the instruction book.

13th Feb 2004, 12:25
Lemme see if I got this right ...

you take one cabbage and stick an upside-down stamp on it and insert it into a Soviet apartment block which gives the Queen a headache.

I had no idea the Queen lived in a Soviet apartment ... or is that where Binos lives? Or was it Binos who got the headache?

This is all too hard.

:confused: ;) :{