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12th Feb 2004, 18:02
OK, I need help urgently.

I need a general consensus, which is the safest bet for a Valentines card for a young lady?

The options are, Funny, Saucy, or Romantic/Soppy.

My initial thoughts were Romantic...after all it's valentines day...BUT I don't want to appear OTT. (Please help me girls!)

12th Feb 2004, 18:05
Any card is great.........just as long as it's not to or from the mother-in-law!

12th Feb 2004, 18:09
hehe admit it Jerricho , You want to give the MIL one...and a probably a valentines card too.

As for help WP...wish I could, maybe give one of each? but then 3 cards is definately overkill. hmmm :confused:

12th Feb 2004, 18:15
The only thing I want to give her is a kick...............

(Sorry for the very early hijack WP2)

12th Feb 2004, 19:42
As it's staying quiet, I'll pass on the benefit of my many years chasing the finer sex....

Romantic...hmmm...works if they're you're girlfriend, they'll save it forever and remember you as being sweet and occasionally soppy (you'll probably be able to get whatever you want in the sack that night too). If it's a friend who you're trying to bed, it's not that good an idea as if they're not interested makes you look a bit of a gimp.

If they're a mate who you're trying to bed, go for funny. If it goes pete tong then you can try to argue you just liked the card and she was the only one who you thought would appreciate the joke.

Also, younger ladies will probably like funny, older ones prefer long term commitment etc so something romantic.

Saucy cards are ideal for the MIL (pay attention Jerricho!! )

The Troll
12th Feb 2004, 19:53
Romantic with just a hint of humour.

Don't make it too mysterious or the target will not be able to work out who it is from....

12th Feb 2004, 20:17
*sticks his tongue out at topcat*

12th Feb 2004, 20:20
Anything that doesn't have a daft rhyme in - this is one time of year when she wants you to be at least a bit serious!

Jerrichos MIL
12th Feb 2004, 20:49
I am told that the way for a young man to get the girl these days is to be a complete bar steward to them ......

well I tell you now Jerricho, it won't work with me, so please stop trying !!!

:yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

I wouldn't understand these saucy cards anyway ... sex is what we put our rubbish out in around here :hmm:

12th Feb 2004, 21:18
Believe me, your lady will love those huge over the top Valentine cards that feature puffed hearts, furry bunnies, cupids, and which play lovely tunes incessantly when open. Trust me:E


13th Feb 2004, 03:12

Have to go with Oz on this one.... Big OTT shite... They feckin love it...

Trust the experts (Hallmark) - They don't make all the crap for the likes of you and me, but they sure seem to sell a lot of it...

Send her a amusing one as well... Make sure she knows it's from you though - you don't want that MoFo Ho gettin too damn uppity and thinkin she's all that....(Thats how we talk here in the 'hood in Dublin BTW)


13th Feb 2004, 03:34
Aha - she's either from Morningside or Kelvinside!!!

Sorry for the drift wobbly - Back on topic - my preference would be Funny/romantic :\

13th Feb 2004, 08:00
Cleo, more like Knightsbridge!

Wobble - Mrs Eric took great offence when I sent her a "joke" card on our first Valentine's Day.

Most blokes treat it as as it should be seen - a commercial scam.

Apparently though, the ladies seem to attach some relevence to it, so now I scan through the cards, and the one with the most vomit inducing rhyme (ideally 8 or more verses) gets left on the breakfast table - never fails! :ok:

13th Feb 2004, 09:11
Depends who the recipient is and how close they are to you. If it's a cold call then go for 'funny'. If it's a close loved one then go for 'soppy'. If it's an ex-partner you wish to bog off then send a 'condolences' card...... not that I'd ever be that sardonic of course...... :p


13th Feb 2004, 09:23
Guys, guys, guys - most wimmen I know would :yuk: if they opened a card with schamltzy poems 'n stuff. Its not a good idea to assume everyone is the same.

The type of card depends on the type of person, methinks....

Jerricho - if she puts her rubbish in sex, does that mean she's all fur coat an' nae knickers?