View Full Version : Missing Friends

Life of TrollyDollyLover
2nd Nov 2001, 21:08
Does anybody know of a web site, or directory that I could use to track down a friend in the states.
I have her old address of the flat she rented while she was at uni in Washington.

Ps I dont know Bob from London!!

2nd Nov 2001, 21:52
You could try the following:-
http://www.switchboard.com http://www.whitepages.com http://people.yahoo.com http://www.anywho.com

Alternatively, you could just try feeding your friend's name into Google...

2nd Nov 2001, 21:58
Does she have an unusual name? If so, that'll help.

Try a search on www.google.com (http://www.google.com) and groups.google.com/groups.

Try www.whowhere.com. (http://www.whowhere.com.) There's loads of similar sites, too, whose names I'm too lazy to look up.

Try the genealogy sites & mailing lists.

[I wonder if there's a US equivalent of 192.com?]