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15th Jun 2001, 17:56
Hope danny doesn't mind, but i discovered this V interesting website in yesterdays 'Standard':


Discovered an old school friend of mine had emigrated to Canada.


Live long and Prosper.....

Hersham Boy
15th Jun 2001, 18:27
Nice one, Swash!

I have found that both my primary school sweathearts (Aaaaaaaaah......) are still friends and living very close to where we grew-up.

I'm getting all throat-lumpy....


17th Jun 2001, 02:45
Cheers Swash, this is just in time for a 20th anniversary (it can't be THAT long ago!)

19th Jun 2001, 02:41
Good site, I've already made contact with a few people from my past. It was long ago and it was far away..., (as the song goes.)

10th Aug 2001, 17:38
Just found someone using this.


Brit Abroad
10th Aug 2001, 18:48
I agree it's a great site.

Heard about it a while ago and since then, made contact with people I haven't seen in over 10 years.

There was also an article on it in Sunday's Observer. - The founders can live on the 5 per year charge since there are now 5 million subscribers, 10,000 new registrations per day, and it is the fastest
growing website in the country!!!

The best ideas are always the simplest and this is the sort of thing that the internet is perfect for.

I hope Danny keeps this thread. - The more people finding out about the site, the more chance I have of catching up with all my other chums :D

12th Aug 2001, 12:52
Whatever happened to the love of my life? Blonde hair, brown eyes and pony tail in a blue corduroy dress! Sigh!

Didn't find anyone I knew but my alma mater has a website. There I am in row 2 of the 1960 school photo - amazing! They even have my old infant/junior school there even though it was demolished and turned into an ASDA long ago. The registration fee is only for full membership, so don't be put off visiting - browsing is free so I don't think they'll be retiring any time soon...

Through difficulties to the cinema

Stan Sted
12th Aug 2001, 15:16
Good call Swashers

I joined the site, paid the fiver fee and found loads of old chums from secondary school and junior school including a smashing girl who was my country dancing partner!!

Now I wonder if she may care to dosi-do again!!

Also just got in touch with an old schoolmate who now restores and maintains warbirds.

That's a pint I owe you Chris!


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