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12th Feb 2004, 06:30
Those more recent recruits to these pages might just wonder what was going on here a few years ago..

Try this. (http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.pprune.org)

Some of the links don't work but it's worth persevering.

Onan the Clumsy
12th Feb 2004, 06:38
Do they have a copy of "Slasher's knob"?

12th Feb 2004, 10:33
I remember when pprune was an "email only" news network.

In fact , I may still have a few floppys full of early pprune prophecies.

I think it was around the early 90's when it all kicked off ?

we got a txt doc in email every day and just added to it - then sent it back to Danny.

next came the "post by email" function I think , posts were screened then put on the website.

we've certainly come a looong way.

where are the old codgers these days ?
Capt IFsnails , blackadder , to name a few....


12th Feb 2004, 11:03
Yeh Snailtrails, Chemical Man (Chemo), Seaman Staines etc were what made Jet Blast a fantastic board to be in.

Unfortunatley the rabid hotel lobbey group saw to to haveing it ruined forever. I do have 1.44 flops of Snaileys past posts, but if I posted them the aformentioned self-apointed moralists will howl for blood.

12th Feb 2004, 14:24
Yeh - timmcat - I poked around a bit and found this delightful LINK HERE (http://web.archive.org/web/20001205132200/http://pprune.org/) to sone "oldies but goodies" !!

Read down to where "Ding Ducky" ( I really miss that girl in here) posts her "redneck" msg and read on from there ... :mad:

* hopin I don't get banned for this - oh well, if I do, I been banned from the "other place" as well, can ya believe it? :p

12th Feb 2004, 14:37
I am afraid to say that it is probably likely that Capt IF Snailtrails has passed away or he's shunned western society. My last contact with him was in early 1999. :(

Jazzi is of course, alive and well. Happily married and living in Cairns. Still just as wild but with one man only these days. :ok:

I don't post the rude stuff any more here. I'd have to be banned if I did. The vocal self appointed wowsers would see to that. :hmm:

Now, pop into chat when I've had a few lil drinkies.... :E

12th Feb 2004, 14:42
Just a little "ps" to my earlier post. Stole this from the dearly departed Scottie :

Edward Longshanks (Edward I of England and allegedly Scotland) comes to Scotland to hammer the Scots. He brings 4,000 men with him. As he reaches the battlefield, suddenly on the crest of a hill there appears a solitary figure, a little short ginger-haired guy in a kilt.
"Hammer of the Scots?" yells the wee Scottish guy on the hill.
"Come up here, ya English bastards, and I'll give ye hammer!"

Edward turns to his commander and says, "Take 20 men and deal with that Scottish upstart!"

The commander sends 20 men over the hill to kill the Scot. Ten minutes later, at the crest of the hill, the little Scot appears again.

"Ye English bastards!" he yells. "Come on the rest of ye!! Come on, I'll have ye!!!"

Edward is getting somewhat annoyed. He turns to his commander.
"Take 100 men and kill that little guttersnipe!"

The commander sends 100 men over the hill to do the job. Ten minutes later, the little Scot appears at the top of the hill again, his hair all sticking up, his shirt a bit torn.

"Ye English SCUM!" he yells.
"I'm just warming up!!! Come and get me!!!"

Edward loses patience. "Commander, take 400 men and personally WIPE HIM OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!" he yells.

The commander gulps, but leads 400 men on horseback over the crest of the hill.

Ten minutes later, the little Scotsman is back. His clothing is all torn, his face is covered in blood, snot and Irn-Bru, and he yells, "Is that the best ye can do???? You're bloody WIMMIN!!!! Come on, come and have a go
ya bunch of Jessies!!!"

Edward turns to his second in command. "Take 1000 men over that hill and don't come back till you've killed him!" he commands.

The second in command gathers the men and they ride off over the hill to their fate. Five minutes later, one of the English troops appears back at the top of the hill. He's covered in blood and his clothes are all torn.

"Your Majesty!!" he yells.

"It's a trap!!!........there's TWO of them!!!"

Just substitute Cochise ( the Apache cheiftain) on a visit to Texas for "Edward" and put in just one Texas Ranger for the Scottie and ya got another true story ..... :cool:

ps - since I am half Scots, I think I am allowed this small indulgence :D

Evening Star
12th Feb 2004, 16:25
Tried to follow timmcat's link only to have it blocked by the University thought police, so it must be good stuff (this is the same thought police who blocked a colleagues account because she followed a dodgy Goggle link while researching Shakespeare's 'Merry Wives of Windsor', so if I disappear they have caught me...). Actually, vaguely remember some of the old stuff as was surfing PPRuNe long before I registered.

One day somebody will publish the full history of the Great Server Crash.

To second AA SLF, what did happen to Dingducky? She always put me in mind of the duckling out of 'Tom and Jerry', basically good natured but slightly concussed with regards to the world. (And does anybody else remember the link to her, ahem, bikini top?)

12th Feb 2004, 17:14

Thanks for that link, some classic memories there, despite the many gaps. I didn't have to trawl very hard to find this gem....

............................................................ ...........................

The Guvnor
PPRuNe Flight Deck Qualified
Posts: 1391
Registered: Jul 1999
posted 24 September 2000 20:33
I also enjoy chat. Unfortunately, as with these forums, there are a few wierd individuals who - for whatever reason - decide that they want to feed their fantasies behind their anonymity.
We all remember DASH!!!

That's what I enjoy about the Bashes - mini and maxi - they give one the opportunity to meet with the real person behind the keyboard. Invaluable stuff, especially when you want to check someone out!!

:) Happiness is a warm L1011 :)

12th Feb 2004, 17:46
Prior to that, his signature was

Happiness is Vr at Lagos.

Wonder what it is now?

Kaptin M
12th Feb 2004, 18:10
My "First Encounter" with PPRuNe was sometime in 1997 when I registered as "Kapitan M" (lost the password or whatever it was) and like dash8driver remember emailing stuff off to [email protected] - or something similar - and waiting to see what the censored version was.
In fact JDF aka Danny was quite a lenient and tolerant kindy teacher in those days - possibly as a result of being Fraggle Rock Shagged. He would occasionally relate his tales of daring airmanship, as he persisted night after night to survive the perils of the Northern Hemisphere winters that provided equal amounts of ice accumulation on his body and the aircraft wings.
And later his exuberance at being accepted as a B757 F/O.

Anyway, Jet Blast was, in many ways, a much more "centralised" forum for general abuse, rather than the more light-hearted stuff that passes through here now.
I have dug up a couple of old print-outs though, that appeared in September and August of 1997...unfortunately the contributor's names aren't included...enjoy.

2/9/'97 : To the guy who posted the "Sky Sluts" entry 30/8/97 I saw this on a Crew Room wall..... I personally don't believe it) "Research has shown that the average Pilot is capable of such feelings as love, warmth, caring and affection.
It's just that these feelings don't involve anyone else" BA classic!!

..and also from the "Jet Blast" forum, this classic that ran for weeks and weeks, as to why a taxi-ing B737 - when viewed from a following aircraft, will suddenly crab to the opposite side.

20/9/'97 : The B737 will NOT flip onto its back at the equator (19/8) due to Coriolis. Boeing's C.U.N.T. (Coriolis Undercarriage Nosewheel Tiller) system gives a bias to nosewheel steering while taxying, a system akin to something like a Mach trimmer. This was a recent upgrade from C.R.A.P. (Coriolis Reducing APU Philosophy) where the APU auto-vectored its exhaust to counteract Coriolis.
Trouble was the system was ineffective when the APU was U/S. In earlier days the C.O.C.K. (Coriolis Over Centering Knack) was a pilot technique of overcentering the nosewheel but the aircraft went T.I.T.S.U.P. (Taxying Into Tumble Spin Under Power) if the knack was misused. Thus a C.O.C.K. caused a B737 T.I.T.S.U.P., but after the C.R.A.P. was out of the way a C.U.N.T. system was introduced and proved effective. And you thought YOU knew everything!

Actually, the reason isn't nearly as complicated as that poster implied! :D

Later on, "Kapitan M" registered as "Vegemite" and "Clacker", but thanks to a few stern words from Southern Comfort and The Kelly Gang, he was pulled into line (and was also taught that "spam" is not ham!! Thanks Reddo!! :ok: )

It was fun then, and soooo fantastic that suddenly ALL the pilots ALL over the world could have instantaneous contact.
It started out as a hobby for one man - Danny - who to this day STILL does not charge a single cent, for a great service to the 10's of thousands who frequent here.

For the many years that I have enjoyed learning, laughing, cursing, and simply enjoying clicking onto PPRuNe, I'd like to say "Thanks Danny (and your team)" - you're an asset to aviation! :ok:

(I think I'm going to cry :{ )

12th Feb 2004, 20:31
hey Kaptin M,
You know Southern Comfort was me don't you? :D

Kaptin M
12th Feb 2004, 20:47
Yeah Reddo - you "confessed all" ("fessed up" was the terminology, from memory) on a chat session one night a few years ago. (Were you one of the Kellys as well?).

Good to see that you're at last on your way.....it's such an easy profession to progress in, isn't it!! :O :{ :ouch:

Are you going to stick with your Redsnail (Islander) handle now that you've graduated to propless flying machines?

12th Feb 2004, 20:53
Wow! That takes me back......

The simplicity of the site was wonderful back then then wasn't it? Almost childlike in it's naivity compared to todays PPRuNe with servers of 'Sizewell B' proportions! But it is truly wonderful to see how the site has grown over the years into something which the aviation world would be much the less without.

Thanks for the nostaglia trip timmcat. :ok:


12th Feb 2004, 23:49
Thanks for reminding me what it all looked like back then. I thought I'd lost a lot of stuff in 'The Great Server Crash'.

Yup, PPRuNe has certainly grown. You try catering for nearly 70k registered users (deleted about 5k last week who'd registered but not posted or visited for at least a year).

Sorry that some of you feel that the quality has deteriorated over the years but you should try dealing with the complaints. Somehow, I try to make sure the mods strike a delicate balance whilst remembering that this is a public access forum primarily aimed at professional pilots and not a free for all playground for prepubescant kids.

Still getting between 50 and 70 people registering a day which is why we need to upgrade the server again! Check-out some of the demographics of PPRuNe at: http://www.pprune.org/advert.php and consider again why I introduced 'Hotel Lobby rules. I try to please all of the people some of the time rather than some of the people all of the time! :ouch:

13th Feb 2004, 01:15

There appears to be alot of Tristar fanatics knocking around. Wonder could it be mere coincidence or something deeper than that!

Mighty strange hmmm......:*

13th Feb 2004, 01:59
Ah, Yes!

I too remember the site in '95 and looking forward to the daily email collection from Danny on the old 486DX-2 PC.

Got a roasting and gave a few back (under my original username os SARBuoy or was it SARBoy) for daring to post a topic or two about rotary wing. There were only about 75 of us then.

Changed jobs & left the country, the (second?) big server crash occurred while I was offline for a few months and someone nicked me username while I was out of it.

Thanks again Danny, PPRuNe has become an icon of the industry. :ok:

13th Feb 2004, 02:13
Brilliant - there are even some of mine in there! I don't get back that often nowadays either (so just wanted to check that Danny hadn't nuked my username!). It still makes me chuckle when I do manage a visit though.

13th Feb 2004, 04:33
What about the Case of the Pink War Machine?

I heard Spielberg and Burton wanted the film rights but nothing more has ever been heard of it?


Been prooning on and off for around 3 years now!

The Nr Fairy
13th Feb 2004, 06:12
You mean I've been doing this shit for almost 5 years ? Bloody hell !

13th Feb 2004, 07:03
Kaptin M,
Nah I never was one of the Kelly's. Yeah, finally moving up onto something reasonably pacey. :D

13th Feb 2004, 11:41
Certainly some fascinating reading.
I found this little gem at the bottom of the 1999 pages:
"This The Crewmembers Ring site owned by Danny Fyne."

"The Crewmembers Ring"? It sounds as though it relates to certain unsavoury activities allegedly practised by sailors.
Perhaps someone who has spent time "before the mast", such as Mr Draper, can enlighten us? With due regard to the Hotel Lobby rules, of course.


Kaptin M
13th Feb 2004, 12:06
DON'T mention the Hotel Lobby Rules again, please.
In case you hadn't noticed, another ppruner DID start a thread requesting information and I found it my duty to let him know that the HLR is code for the PPRuNe Internal Secret Service (P.I.S.S. - available only to members with 3 or more years service) and warned him of the possible cosequences of making the mention of the HLR public knowledge.
Wisely, I see he chose to delete the thread before the P.I.S.S. was put on him.

cargo boy
13th Feb 2004, 18:35
"The Crewmembers Ring"? It sounds as though it relates to certain unsavoury activities allegedly practised by sailors.Oh fer gawds sake! :rolleyes: Grow up! What is it with some of you Aussies that makes you descend into infantile rapture as soon as you see the teeniest bit of innuendo?

Here's a few that should have you calling the emergency services as you go into convulsive spasm from hysterics:


I always thought that this site was for reasonably mature adults with an interest in aviation but it seems that there are a few people on here who are pre-pubescent kids with an uncontrollable need to titter and squeal at the slightest hint of a rude word. I could understand if it was a double entendre but how someone can find a giggle in "The Crewmembers Ring" leads me to believe that this place must be inhabited with junior school kids. :ooh:

There's humour and there's... pathetic. :rolleyes:

13th Feb 2004, 19:52
Cargo Boy, take 2 aspirins and log on in the morning.
Don't despair, PMS is temporary.

13th Feb 2004, 20:59
Isn't it sad when somone who is not even prepared to admit his/her nationality starts slanging off at people based on their nationality.

Some of us are proud of our nationality - and also enjoy people for who they are, irrespective of their nationality.

Sorry about the hijack of the thread, but despite Flapsforty's wise and sufficient words, I just couldn't resist.

Charlie Foxtrot India
13th Feb 2004, 22:28
I remember back in 1997 long before pprune chat when we used to yak away on ICQ...most of us knew each other back then.
And the day the 1000th member *snigger* joined.

14th Feb 2004, 15:36
I have birched myself extensively in atonement for upsetting cargo boy's delicate sensitivities. I realise that my ever so humble convict origins place me at the very bottom of the food chain in his eyes.

His undoubtedly justifiable diatribe set me to thinking as to whether I may have upset him at some stage in the past.

My only recollection of a run-in with a cargoboy was many years ago, whilst committing aviation in a mountainous country to the North of this wide brown land. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I have become that they are one and the same person.

It was an odd encounter, to say the least, but it perhaps explains cargo boy's strict views on life.

Opening the cargo hangar at picaninny dawn one morning, I heard strange noises coming from behind a stack of wooden crates containing generator parts.

To my bleary eyed amazement, there was one of the cargo boys, pants around his ankles having congress with one of the aforementioned crates.

A torrent of ""tok pisin" mixed with his particular dialect revealed that he had been stuck there all night, in fact since about beer o'clock the day before.

Apparently he had been going about his normal business the day before, when he noticed that a plank in this particular crate had a knothole of attractive dimensions and height.

Lured by the Siren Song of the knothole and overcome with 'amour' he availed himself of some secondhand pigfat that he had upon his person (apparently as was his wont) and applied himself to the knothole with enthusiasm, secure in the knowledge that a) he could not be seen and b) the crate was unlikely to talk.

Unfortunately there were two flaws in his otherwise innovative plan. Firstly, he failed to allow for the fact that as a rule, only well seasoned scrap lumber is used for making crates and it has a great ability to absorb fluids. Secondly, he neglected to consider the effect of his amorous endeavours upon the 'glans penis'. To put not too fine a point on it, he was stuck. (Sorry cargo boy, if this is bringing back painful memories)

Unfortunately for our hero his efforts to apply more of the porcine love lotion came to nought, for he had placed the small pouch just slightly out of reach as he had not anticipated any further requirements.

Whilst inherently I felt that his actions went "against the grain" as it were (and indeed closer examination of the plank and the amount of missing skin revealed that indeed to be the case) I felt bound to do all that I could to end his suffering. I also had two aircraft to be loaded.

The cargo hangar, being as one would expect, meant for cargo was somewhat bereft of tools. I did manage to find a jemmy bar with which I managed to detach the plank from the crate.

By this stage our lovesick swain was in some distress, as a fair amount of levering of the plank was involved, and it is difficult to do that with tears (of sympathy, of course) streaming down your face.

However, once the plank, with cargoboy attached, or is that inserted, was free I was confronted with yet another dilemma. I remind you that all this was being done prior to sunrise and the first cup of coffee.

For the life of me I could not work out how to extract the young Lothario from the plank ( which was about 6 foot long 9 inches wide and 1 inch thick) given that there were no tools present. And before there is unwarranted sniggering which may cause cargo boy some disgust, by "tool" I refer not at all to the trapped appendage.

I did suggest to the gentleman concerned that there was good money to be made in the surfing world on the professional boogie board circuit, and that he should go into training immediately.

I felt that he gave insufficient consideration to my suggestion and that he dismissed it somewhat disparagingly.

I then suggested that I tie him and the plank under the wing of a Cessna 185 and fly him to the nearest hospital (about 50 minutes away). I cautioned him however that I could not gurantee the fidelity of the bindings as I was not a Knot Expert.

He then indicated further interest in the professional surfing circuit.

At this point, I had "AN IDEA". I retrieved the fireaxe from one of the aircraft parked outside and wandered back in to tell the lad that I would quickly separate him from his troubles.

The look on his face suggested that something may have been lost in the translation. I assured him that my plan was to use the fireaxe to split the plank lengthways to secure his release yet for some reason he didn't appear to completely trust me.

The plank was duly split, leaving us with that bit of tough gnarly wood that often surrounds knotholes. This along with attachment, was place in a bench-vice and addressed with a chisel.

After about ten minutes of judicious chipping, release and relief were at hand for the packing crate Casanova.

So with this in mind, I am not at all surpised that cargo boy has seen fit to lambast me for my apparently pre-pubescent hysterics. He is probably still extracting splinters, some of which, if memory serves, needed pliers rather than tweezers.

I remain duly castigated and chastised,


14th Feb 2004, 15:55
separator, my tears of mirth have now dried to the extent that I am once again able to type.

If there is such a thing as the greatest post of all time, then this must surely be in contention for it.

With your permission, and suitably edited to ensure anonymity, I will spread it even further and wider than PPRuNe.....

14th Feb 2004, 16:03
Soooo, that was you hey sep? :*They call me pinnochio now, and the piccinninis are refered to as "the splinter group", ouch ... bloody gourds dont fit properly anymore either! :*

14th Feb 2004, 16:34
Blue Wolf,
As you see fit Sir

Casting my mind back to some of the ladies I remember you being associated with, it is not surprising that a knot hole had a certain irresistable appeal.


Time Out
14th Feb 2004, 17:35
Separator, does the title you have chosen for appearing here on pprune have some relevance to the story you have just told us?

Wonderful, wonderful post, separator

14th Feb 2004, 17:39
sep: :ooh: :oh: :) :p I had to lower my standards a few years ago, I married an ex hostie. :uhoh:

Kaptin M
14th Feb 2004, 17:55
I had to lower my standards a few years ago, I married an ex hostie.How do you manage to type on the keyboard, sprocket, having lost the use of both hands?? :}

14th Feb 2004, 17:58
A long since destroyed brain cell is nagging at me, rather in the fashion of a maddening itch in an amputated leg, that the esteemed Separator may now be responsible for two of the greatest posts in Pprune history, but I need help in recalling the other one. I would guess it to have been 18months - 2 years ago now, so I can justify this as being perfectly in harmony with the title of this thread.

While I would not expect the ever-modest Separator himself to remind us, I'm sure somebody will remember and provide a link.

Cargoboy old chap, bantamweights should check the weight division of the opposition very carefully before throwing the first punch, especially if it's in response to a clearing of the throat. I hope somebody paid for advertising on the soles of your shoes. ;)

14th Feb 2004, 19:05
Kaptin: The tongue, I use the tongue.

15th Feb 2004, 08:16
A kindly soul has provided me with the link I was seeking above. Non-followers of the antipodean forums probably won't have come across this one before, so to read another classic tale related in Separator's inimitable style, follow this link (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=707658#post707658) .

It's also gratifying to be reminded that the Dunnunda forum isn't all bitchiness and schoolyard abuse. :ooh:

15th Feb 2004, 08:23
Jesus, did the board really look like that???!

Seems like an age ago!