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12th Feb 2004, 05:19
Maninblack has, over the past few years, built up a vast aray of musical instruments that gather dust beautifully in various rooms.

I am sure that some pprooners can beat this but it is pretty diverse.

1 Hoshino 3 piece jazz drum kit
1 Pearl export 5 piece drum kit
1 pair Maxwin floating toms
1 Fender Precision bass guitar
1 Fender Musicmaster bass guitar
1 Fender Telecaster guitar
1 Yamaha keyboard
1 Hohner bluesband harmonica
5 ocorinas
1 Ibanez Electro-acoustic guitar
1 Antoria mandolin
2 penny whistles
1 Bodrahn (however it is spelt)
1 electric violin
1 saga stratocaster build it yourself kit

okay, a challenge, how many musical dust gatherers do pprooners own?

12th Feb 2004, 05:28

1 acoustic guitar
2 didgeridoos
1 set pan pipes
1 kalimba / mbira / thumb piano
4 bodhrans
7 tin whistles
2 recorders (1 descant, 1 tenor)
2 tomtoms
2 jaws harps

Got rid of the piano accordian, the banjo ukelele and another acoustic guitar, the piano and one or two others assorted bits & pieces....

tony draper
12th Feb 2004, 06:03
Any of you chaps gorra Watkins Copycat yer don't want?
I have given away two over the years, wish I hadn't now, digital delays are crap.

Also one iis after a Fender Strat type body.


12th Feb 2004, 06:17
At present:

Portugese wooden flute
Em Harmonica
Marlin Jazz Bass Guitar
Yamaha PSR28 keyboard
Casiotone keyboard (analogue.....woo-hoo!)
Peavey Organ Sound Module :yuk:
Kawai Midi Keyboard
Hammond C3 Organ & Leslie 147 Speaker
Zildjan Jazz drum sticks
Spoons :}


Hammond L122 & Leslie 145
Yamaha Digital Piano (forget the model)
Some ole Gibson guitar replica which was smashed ala Pete Townsend at a gig when I was 17! :)


12th Feb 2004, 06:44
I'm sure I got a Hornicator somewhere and my daughters recorder and keyboard of course.

Capn Notarious
12th Feb 2004, 06:46
I retain and may use my school recorder, the shrill can still upset the feeble

12th Feb 2004, 07:07
Well, I thought I had a diverse array but I think fellow ppruners have equally eclectic collections

1. Tanglewood acoustic
2. Baby Taylor
3. Spanish guitar of uncertain origin
4. Epiphone Les Paul
5. Irish tenor banjo
6. 5 string banjo
7. Round back mandolin (why oh why did I get a round back!!)
8. Violin (ex-father's)
9. Clarinet (which should be No.1)
10. Flute
11. 3no. descant recorders
12. 2no. treble recorders
13. 2no. bohdrans
14. Piano accordian (dubiously acquired)
15. English concertina (not to be confused with an Anglo concertina!!)
16. Keyboard

plus diverse harmonicas and tin whistles in a selection of keys

All of these, except one, can be played quite badly and often in public ;)



12th Feb 2004, 07:21
My @ss is an endless source of tooting and blowing. Does that count?

12th Feb 2004, 09:11
I have an old can't-remember-the-make red drum kit at my mums. It has been in her loft for years now so I imagine that will have a great collection of dust on it.....

MIB, if you want to get rid of your Pearl then step this way..........

12th Feb 2004, 16:08
1. Flute (PCM & silver)
2. Flute (bamboo) x2
3. Fife (plastic)
4. Fife (wood with metal keys)
5. Soprano sax (brass)
6. Alto sax (brass)
7. Kleine sopranino recorder (plastic)
8. Sopranino recorder (wood)
9. Sopranino recorder (plastic)
10. Descant recorder (wood)
11. Descant recorder (plastic)
12. Treble recorder (wood)
13. Treble recorder (plastic)
14. Tenor recorder (plastic)
15. Didgeridoo (bamboo) x2
16. Ocarina (pottery)
17. Yamaha keyboard (plastic & wires)
18. Kazoo
19. Blues harmonica
20. Toy harmonica
21. Jews harp
22. Penny whistles x4

Plus I really really want to learn banjo and probably will after I've finished my PhD. :ok:

12th Feb 2004, 16:16
I've got an aesthetically pleasing 3-string dulcimer, as well as me fiddle and the old upright.

If any of the cacophony above isn't being used, have you thought of donating/lending it to a local school? Obviously, only if said school is out of earshot of your home ....!

Dad was a comp school music teacher and perennially short of instruments for kids to learn on!

12th Feb 2004, 16:38
MiB has just raised 140 for the local school music department through good works and bullying.

12th Feb 2004, 16:52
Good on yer, MiB! My, JBers are such nice people!!:D

12th Feb 2004, 17:03
Fender Stratocaster
2 Fender Precision basses
1 Shergold Marathon bass guitar (heavily customised)
Fender Rhodes Electric Piano
A real upright piano
A Hornet synthesiser (anyone else remember those?)
Hohner acoustic guitar
Ibanez classical acoustic
Somewhere in the attic, a very battered trumpet.

Tuba Mirum
12th Feb 2004, 19:46
Folk guitar (forgotten what make)
1/2 size guitar (younger son's)
1 vamp harmonica
1 chromatic harmonica
1 tuba in Eb
1 sousaphone in Bb
Descant recorder
5-piece drum kit
Marching drum
Yamaha keyboard

Before son #1 left home, there were also:

2 x bass trombone
tenor trombone
alto trombone
contrabass trombone (are you beginning to see a theme here?)

13th Feb 2004, 00:56
1 x White Fender Precision Bass
1 x Black Hohner Professional active headless bass (semi-retired)
1 x Guild 12-string acoustic
1 x Ovation 6-string electro-acoustic
1 x Yamaha DX27 keyboard

All of which see too little service these days.......:(

13th Feb 2004, 04:08
In my house I have;

1x 1974 4-String Fender Jazz bass (Natural finish)

1x Ken Smith 4-String Bass (Dark Blue), the best bass I have EVER attempted to play.

Yamaha Electronic Drumkit.

I also have an acoustic Yamaha kit (with Zildjian "A" Custom cymbals)stored at the rehearsal rooms where my new band destroy brilliant songs and create crap ones. For those who have heard of them, we do a brilliant cover of "Sweaty Betty" by the Macc Lads.

Looking at the stuff that some of you guys own and assuming that you can all play, we could have an event called "PPrune Aid"

tony draper
13th Feb 2004, 04:16
Hmmm, Lorra Bass players here, wassa a marra, six strings to many for yers?

13th Feb 2004, 04:18
My little lot have 26 strings between 'em. Is that enough, Mr D?

BTW - What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians?

.........................a singer. :ooh:

Tuba Mirum
13th Feb 2004, 19:56
wassa a marra, six strings to many for yers?

Four strings good, four valves better!


13th Feb 2004, 20:12
8 strings on one of them pangolin thingies is even better!

13th Feb 2004, 20:22
Hey Drapes, My old fella's got a Watkins copycat. Unfortunately, when I was a mere puntling, I took the lid off it to have a peek inside & it rusted. I don't think he's ever forgived us for that.

Still, I reckon for yor needs, you should try Grot music in Grainger Square??? Now I've no idea if it's still there (the square opposite Eldon Square, just up from the Monument. As I recall, it was a treasure trove of stuff, run by a bunch of hard rocking, hard looking boys. The trick was not to go in til midday, by which time they'd all had a few & traditional haggling over shekels got a lot easier.

BTW, One Ovation roundback, One 74 Fender strat, one Marshall wee amp thing, one mouth organ & one Vox AC30, blue speaker, wot I'm never selling.