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12th Feb 2004, 04:15
Anchorman at Fox News, apologised yesterday.

He said he had been wrong to support Iraq invasion, because new informations tend to demonstrate there were no WMD.

He added he was much more sceptical about Bush Administration.

He asked for FBI George Tenet resignation.

Seems this one is aware winds are changing.

Remember he was campaigning to boycott France ( ....Froggys told all above one year ago.........).

When he apologises for that too, I offer a free basket of French Fries, five dozzens of garlic snails, and a bottle of Saint Amour to him.

PS/ Sorry I forgot cheese! Add an Epoisse Affiné au Marc on my bill, and why not Crèpes Suzette au Grand Marnier for dessert?

24th Feb 2004, 23:22
This thread was posted on wrong forum.
Thanks to His Highness Moderator, it came back,on JB..... page 8, and Grandpa was enjoying the snow (melted, icy, powder....all kinds in a few days).
Found a keyboard behind a pinetree and say hello to O'Reilly if he's still in a good mood.