View Full Version : 26 people injured by goldfish bowl

The Nr Fairy
15th Jun 2001, 15:08
Check this out, from today's Electronic Telegraph :

Fire started by goldfish bowl injures 26

A GOLDFISH bowl has been blamed for a fire in which 26 people were injured.

The bowl could have acted as a magnifying glass to sun rays which shone through the window of a garden shed. The fire spread to an adjacent shed where a rat catcher stored aluminium phosphide tablets.

When firemen sprayed water on the shed, the tablets released toxic fumes. Eighteen firemen, four paramedics and four residents were taken to hospital after inhaling fumes. Three sheds and a neighbouring house were damaged in the fire at Berinsfield, Oxfordshire.

Lawrie Booth, a fire officer, said: "It's an extremely unusual cause of fire." Police are investigating whether the phosphide tablets were kept under licence.

My question is, how did the fish keep the matches dry ?

For the last bloody time, it's "The En Ar Fairy" . . .

16th Jun 2001, 23:10
That sounds a bit like my luck http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

17th Jun 2001, 19:34
26 people injured by GoldFishBowl?

That's slander, I know my rights, see you in court!

Bird Strike
17th Jun 2001, 20:40
Me too ExSimGuy...

I hurt my ankle in the bath tub while having a bath.
I badly hurt my neck getting out of the car.
I cut myself while testing a knife.
I hurt myself looking into a shop cabinet by banging my head on it.
I fell over putting a sock on and hurt my back.
I cut my hang putting it into my handbag.
...amongst all sorts of other incidents that are too many (and too silly) to remember.

Am I sad or what...

I had to edit this because I hurt myself on the keyboard now!

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17th Jun 2001, 22:49
What happened to the Goldfish? I hope that they were alright. I suppose that they would be being in all of that water.

But what if they were boiled. Maybe that is what happened to the firemen they ate the boiled fish and they were poionous and it is all been covered up by the labour government. Its a conspiricy to tax fish lovers. Leftie Bastards.

Can somebody shed some light onto this so that I can sleep peacefully tonight.

Mergatroid Alowishus
18th Jun 2001, 05:25
My four year old son had a fish bowl fall off a shelf(seven feet up) and hit him on the head at Walmart. Bastards. There was a cabinet with sliding doors connected to the shelf, when the worker closed the cabinet, the bowl fell on my kid's head. Poor thing. He didn't know what had hit him.haha I took him to the hospital. They said it could have crushed the vertebrae in his neck. He had a big knot on the top of his head. Beware of the Gold fish bowl! Watch for falling products, I mean prices.

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18th Jun 2001, 05:59
This all sounds very fishy to me!! :) :)

Sorry couldn't resist! :)

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