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2nd Nov 2001, 06:24
With the Melbourne Cup been run in a few days i was looking at which one of the horses would provide me with some additional income and there were quite a few interesting names of the horses running. So i was thinking what are some of the more unusual or interesting horse (or greyhound) names you have heard. Some of mine include:

Pasta Express
The Secondmortgage
Frenzel Rhomb (isnt this a band?)
Russian Defence
Glue Factory (i think the owners are being a little pessimistic)

and in the greyhounds


Are there any others??

Arm out the window
2nd Nov 2001, 08:52
Derek and Clive (aka a pi$$ed Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) did a very funny phantom race call on one of their albums - I vote for the names they used, such as 'The ******', 'The Prick' or 'Vagina'.
Much funnier than Phar Lap, Fine Cotton and all those other boring ones.

2nd Nov 2001, 13:36
Two genuine names of horses in the UK were Betty Swallocks and Mary Hinge...

2nd Nov 2001, 14:16
If I owned a racehorse it would be called one of two things:

"Nads" - All the punters would line the side of the track yelling "Go Nads, go Nads"


"Hoof Hearted" - Imagine the race caller..."It's Hoof Hearted by a nose, coming into the final straight. Hoof Hearted! Hoof Hearted!"

Just a thought....... :D

2nd Nov 2001, 14:23
I had to read that a few times before it finally clicked! :D

If I was swift....I'd be in Florida by now!

gravity victim
2nd Nov 2001, 15:09
I'm happy to report that Hoof Hearted is an actual racehorse, although I don't know if it uses this technique for that vital, race-winning final burst of speed over the line......

Dr Jekyll
2nd Nov 2001, 16:39
Someone did try to register 'Wear the fox hat' but it was spotted in time, shame.

2nd Nov 2001, 19:32
Luca Brasi
Sorry moosh you really let the side down by insisting on using i instead of I.
The main thing is that it causes readers to stop and think - 'Is that an i or an I?'
So they miss the message.
And we know you can type capitals because you do.

Please wake up and smell the coffee.
(Nicked from somewhere else)

Regards from Flagstaff.

3rd Nov 2001, 19:36
I rather like " Norfolk and Chance".

Just say it quickly :D :D :D

3rd Nov 2001, 20:57
Not sure if it's the Burleigh or the Badminton Horse Trials that are sponsored by Pedigree Chum, but one of them certainly has been in the past...

engage left autopilot
4th Nov 2001, 07:58
Out of the TV sitcom "just shoot me"; Jack Gallows horse 'Tax Dodge' - might name my boat after it...

4th Nov 2001, 08:39
Maybe the Pedigree Chum sponsorship is used by the owners as negative reinforcement...you know...if you don't do the right bloody thing, THAT is where you'll end up!!


4th Nov 2001, 09:26
There is always those who try to register their horse "RichardKranium" or "Richardhead"

I wonder if there is a horse named "Pprune" yet? Could be one way to bolster the Pprune fund :rolleyes:

4th Nov 2001, 15:51
What about "Princess Anne",seems a good name for a horse to me!

5th Nov 2001, 01:53

NADS has been done. The NSW Footy Show had a greyhound by that name 2 years ago.

5th Nov 2001, 07:55
And the Victorian Footy Show had the greyhound called "You Idiot" didnt they?

5th Nov 2001, 10:51
Back in the late 70's when "the dismissal" was still a hot topic (well may they say God save the queen. But nothing will save the Governor General.) there was a horse going around by the name of "Sirjonkerr". :p

5th Nov 2001, 11:22
Hey, I never said that I thought of them. It just seemed relevant to the topic.

7th Nov 2001, 03:55
Sorry Captainowie (spelt it right this time), I humbly apologize!!!

7th Nov 2001, 16:03
All is forgiven, even the spelling!

tony draper
7th Nov 2001, 16:15
Seen a Irish Zebra called Spot. ;)