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The Nr Fairy
15th Jun 2001, 13:21
Typical me.

Last night, saw an advert on the tube for the BBC Proms. The following thoughts passed through my miniscule brain in very quick succession.

First thought "10th wedding anniversary this year, what shall I organise for it ? Better be something good, I need the brownie points."

Second thought "Wasn't it nice when we spent our wedding night at the hotel listening to the Last Night of the Proms, drinking champagne, talking ?"

Third thought ( you're probably ahead of me here ) "How about ( lightbulb please ) I book tickets for the Last Night of the Proms this year, won't that be romantic and FULL of brownie points ?"

Cut to this morning. 1st minute of 1st day on which phone bookings accepted. All tickets for Last Night sold out - not surprising ( fax bookings accepted since 21st May, etc, etc, ).

1st thought - "Oh pooh."

2nd thought - "Is there a PPRuNer who might know where to get two tickets for LNotP, or any SUREFIRE way to get some, even if means standing up ?"

Anyone game ?

For the last bloody time, it's "The En Ar Fairy" . . .

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Stiff Lil' Fingers
15th Jun 2001, 16:39

Take a look under:


Not the 'official' BBC LNOTPs but there seems to be load of concerts planned in different locations which may be a substitute plan if you can't get tickets for the real thing. They feature The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra with English National Opera.

Best of luck.


- you can see how busy I am at work today!