View Full Version : favoutite feels ( oops touch I mean )

1st Nov 2001, 21:22
Since we should cover all the senses .

Kind of a cross posting my fave texture is flannel sheets or fine ground 4130 steel ( not plated of course !).

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tony draper
1st Nov 2001, 21:29
A wad of fifty pound notes about a inch and a half thick, a lovely thing to finger in your pocket. ;)

1st Nov 2001, 21:45
actually forgot to include smell of money in my fave smells .

2nd Nov 2001, 00:59
Mr D,

is that one or two things on your list? :D

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tony draper
2nd Nov 2001, 01:04
:D Heh heh, touche Mr E, well spotted, ;)
That incident refers to when Draper had to walk thru one of the worst parts of town with fifteen and a half grand in cash, in his pocket the feel of it was very comforting.
ps, I'm talking about a time when fifteen and a half k was a lot of coin, not just a couple of nights out.

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2nd Nov 2001, 01:13
Mr D,

I had no idea that the Child Support Agency actually made the absent father pay the money in person...50 each?...wouldn't a direct debit be safer?

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2nd Nov 2001, 18:54
River pebbles.
Soft, furry animals.
Smooth wood.
Sun-dried skin after a swim in the ocean.
Cool sheets.
Old leather-bound books.
Talcum powder.
The cool smoothness of marble.
The satisfying weight of a good crystal glass.
The cold nose of an inquisitive dog.
Fleecy-lined track suit on bare skin.
The soft warmth of a sleeping cat on my lap.

2nd Nov 2001, 18:59

What soft furry anaimal do you keep in your pocket?
or is it just a rabbits foot? :D

But you hit close to my list too ....

2nd Nov 2001, 19:16
That first adolescent fondle....

2nd Nov 2001, 19:42
The sensation of climbing into bed after doing a night shift...
Satin or silk on my skin
Warmth of a fire on my cheeks
Rain on my face
The piano keys under my fingers...
A hug when I most need one...


Elliot Moose
3rd Nov 2001, 04:03
Long johns just out of the dryer on a cold morning! :D

3rd Nov 2001, 05:56
RW-1, you will have to make that trip to Oz to find out.
:D :D :D

4th Nov 2001, 16:47
Jesus Guys, I'm afraid that i have to get basic. Nothing like the touch of a soft, wet fanny I'm afraid,whether it be with hand or tongue

4th Nov 2001, 18:21
I was wondering when this would return to the gutter... lol... not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you...


4th Nov 2001, 23:39
Well maximus nothing like being returned to earth with a bump/feel/lick is there.
I must say that the feel of silky skin on a curvaceous bed partner does have to be one of life's pleasure

Send Clowns
7th Nov 2001, 06:03
Mmmmm, just the soft skin of that one young lady.

Send Clowns
7th Nov 2001, 20:53
Latex ??? :eek: :eek:

7th Nov 2001, 23:39
Ummmm - slightly more information on your relationship than most of us (Slasher excepted) needed, SC. :cool: ;) :D