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11th Feb 2004, 19:27
NICE, France - Dressed in a demure black suit, a 35-year-old Frenchwoman married her dead boyfriend Tuesday a macabre exchange of vows that required authorization from the French president.

Under French law, Christelle Demichel became both bride and widow as a result of the ceremony, which was performed at Nice City Hall on the French Riviera.

The deceased groom, a former policeman identified as Eric, was not present at the ceremony. He was killed by a drunk driver in September 2002.

Demichel told LCI television she was fully aware that "it could seem shocking to marry someone who is dead," but said that her fiance's absence from her life had not dimmed her feelings for him.

According to French law, a marriage between a living person and a dead person can take place as long as preliminary civic formalities have been completed that show the couple had planned to marry. Before the ceremony can take place, it must be approved by the French president.

11th Feb 2004, 21:44
Everyone should know that the deceased groom's mother was in favour and indeed present at the ceremony, which was held at the local 'mairie' and followed by a short 'rice throwing' on the steps afterwards. And that many French couples (more, I believe than in most other Western nations) today never marry, raise children and lead completely normal lives otherwise. The legislation may not quite have caught up with this phenomenon. So who knows whether the reasons behind such cases may bear some relation to benefits available to the survivor/s. Anyway, 3 cheers, for the flexibility of an overwhelming bureaucracy as represented by the French government, in their ability to accommodate exceptions 'to the rule'.

There is absolutely nothing macabre in all this. Unless you believe that you really are 'eating His flesh and drinking His blood' at communion. And nobody should feel the need to remake 'Randall & Hopkirk +Eric (deceased). :)

Evening Star
11th Feb 2004, 23:34
My understanding is that the legislation that allows this relates to a dam collapse, killing a large number of people, in the 1950's. The fiancee of one victim was pregnant, and in her rural area to be a single mother would bring great shame. Although, with a Gallic take on the world, presumably there was no shame to her being pregnant. Anyway, such was the sympathy for the victims that a piece of legislation was rushed through to allow posthumous weddings in this type of circumstance. Said fiancee duly became madam and saved face.

12th Feb 2004, 01:04
That's right, the dam in the Var that collapsed after a heavy rainfall...all those years ago. Hopefully, dam(ned) engineering has progressed somewhat, especially considering the effect such an event would have on the Three Gorges...! :8

Incipient Sinner
12th Feb 2004, 01:57
At least he's got some chance of staying stiff all night.

Cold comfort I know but it's a hard life.


Evening Star
12th Feb 2004, 16:36
IS, dreadful puns, especially as it is likely he will be giving her the cold shoulder.

Hopefully, dam(ned) engineering has progressed somewhat

Civil engineer who told me the story says the problem was a geological trap. Failed dam was a vault dam where, instead of holding back the water by the mass of the dam, the dam is in a bow shape and transfers the load to the rock either side of the valley. Unfortunately, saturation of the rock one side of the valley increased the slip available in the geology and eventually (fairly quickly I believe) something gave.