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1st Nov 2001, 19:21
I know there is a forum for this stuff, thought I would get much more interesting answers here though.

Going to LA in a month. People who have been there, what would be good to do?

Only there for 4 days though

I await your responses! :D

1st Nov 2001, 19:48
House of Blues (can't remember where it is, take a taxi)

Big Dean's Muscle Inn Bar and Grill - just by Santa Monica pier, got very drunk there several times.

Santa Monica as a whole is very nice to visit - it has a really nice pedestrianised area with some good shops and excellent cafe bars.

During the day - Universal studios is a must, magic mountain is fun if you like roller coasters and Disney to me was a real let down.

1st Nov 2001, 22:05
Go and see a flick in Mann's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Amazing building plus it's got all those star things on the pavement.

1st Nov 2001, 22:08
Drive up behind the Hollywood sign (you need to ask directions though - the route isn't obvious). As well as the obvious photo opportunity, you get a great view of the smog from up there ;)

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2nd Nov 2001, 08:42
wannabecaptain -

sanjosebaz has it right on the money. The road is called Mulholland Drive and is hugely famous in LA as a "Lovers Lane" and as a vantage point at night to look south and see the lights of the Los Angeles basin. By turning north you can see the lights of the San Fernando valley.

In between all that turning and so forth you might remember about the lovers lane part. Especially if you take someone with you. :D

dAAvid -

ps - access to Mulholland Drive is easiest from the Griffith Park area. Nice Planitarium there. Great place to watch the sunset from the "balcony" on the back side of the place.

Do visit Venice Beach "boardwalk" (which is NOT really a boardwalk since it is the street closest to the beach). This is the second most popular visitors site in LA. Usually a LOT of VERY FIT beach bunnies out on a Saturday AM/PM doing inline skating in a THONG. Believe me, you haven't seen inline skating until you have seen . . . :eek:

Please don't go to DisneyLand or Magic Mountain, tis far better to remember America based upon the "free" places rather than those money vacume cleaners (Hoovers to y'all I guess).

Maybe I'll learn this English english yet.

dAAvid -

2nd Nov 2001, 09:27
Lovers lane eh? All I have got to do now is get Jennifer Aniston away from her Brad for a few hours and take her with me!! (I wish)

DC Meatloaf
2nd Nov 2001, 09:46
Mmmmmmmm...if you're in LA, you've got to stop at Tommy's Original Hamburgers for truly American cuisine. There are many scattered throughout the LA basin and the Valley, just ask a local...almost any local...and they'll point you in the right direction.

24 hours a day, they serve the nastiest, messiest, best fast food you'll ever get your hands on (or rather, get on your hands...). Their specialty is greasy burgers loaded with stuff and slathered with chili that'll stain your fingers for a week.

I'd go with the Double Chili-Cheeseburger with Chili-Cheese Fries. Just don't plan on doing much afterwards (except sucking down antacids).

Damn, I wish they had them out here in DC.


Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Nov 2001, 14:27
We I've been to LA a whole lot of times, and I know the best thing to do. Absolutely. Leave!! :eek:

But if your stuck there for a few days, go see the La Brea Tar Pits. Great way to spend an afternoon.

La Brea (http://la-brea-tar-pits.visit-los-angeles.com/)

Also, on a Saturday or Sunday arvo, Venice beach is not to bad for a look.

Have Fun.

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2nd Nov 2001, 19:05
There is so much to do in LA!!! The thing I recommend doing is going to a burger joint call 'In and Out'. There is one right next to the airport, there burgers are the BEST!!

2nd Nov 2001, 19:28
The thing about LA Disneyland is that its the first, although maybe not the best - lets start a new thread - which is the best Disneyland/world in the world?
The place to avoid is outside arrivals at LAX - scary..
Or rent a classic car from National and head out on Route 66
Kingman Barstow San Bernadino...

4th Nov 2001, 12:59
Get the first flight out to anywhere else

5th Nov 2001, 07:01
south central of downtown...
The smog is impressive! In and out burger is great...+ the restaurant opposite Mann's theatre. Six flags over california is great ( a little bit out of LA) and you have to be a nutter to drive in rush hour...La brea is quite interesting, and I liked the motor museum right near to the tar pits. Go to the hollywood bowl if you can. oh yeah and if you do drive there remember that to drivers in LA a red light isn't red untill a few seconds after it comes on.

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5th Nov 2001, 17:54
Thanks for the advice everyone.

Hope that I will survive the ordeal! However I am going to go down to Mexico for a couple of days to do something different.

Thanks again and keep em coming!

6th Nov 2001, 04:56
If you like aviation you can drive out Highway 14 about 1.5 hours to Rosamond, CA. Turn right and you're on Edwards Air Force Base. Stop at the guard shack and tell them you want to go to the Air Force museum and take the NASA tour.

The Air Force museum is new and most of the exhibits are outside, but it is unique in the world and has many one-of-a-kind aircraft.

The NASA facility gives tours (call for times) and can be quite interesting depending on what testing is going on.

Don't forget the NASA gift shop - I got an "Area 51" line badge. It is now on the back of my airline ID and flips out the screeners.

Farther out highway 14 is Mojave, where all those surplus airliners are being stored. In between is lots of pretty "high" desert. Stay for the sunset!

6th Nov 2001, 18:21
If you have a car go to Long Beach to see the old queen ( Mary that is) i think the spruce goose has moved up the coast now ( Portland ?) .
Drive from Long Beach to Newport Beach is nice too ( not to bad a trip on Orange County public transport if you are on a budget)

6th Nov 2001, 22:29
Hmmm, what to do while here in LA. Funny--I can think of more places to visit in NYC [my old home] than here in LA. Frankly if I'm not at the airport flying, at A&P school, or working,.....well you get the point.

If you are here over a weekend, drop me a line (before you come) and maybe I can take you flying.

diespammer REMOVEME @ mediaone.net

(remove the obvious part, and yes, the e-mail address is what you think)


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