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Onan the Clumsy
11th Feb 2004, 11:31
Anthony Carn :}


Binos :sad:

Jerricho ;)

Ozzy :E

Tony Draper :rolleyes:

Flaps :ok:

PHNUFF (at Luton) :{

Thi Invisible Man

ManinBlack :suspect:

And of course Onan the Clumsy :=

Ascend Charlie
11th Feb 2004, 14:32
Jerricho's MIL :mad: :* :yuk:

11th Feb 2004, 15:09
and Danny ... :hmm:

The Invisible Man
11th Feb 2004, 15:13

Where did you get my pic from????

Its very old..... here's a more recent one.

Good init !!!:yuk:

11th Feb 2004, 17:13
Jerricho's MIL

Thanks AC,

You've just undone my previous week of therapy! Waste of money AGAIN!


11th Feb 2004, 17:38

are you not trying to induce some jealousy between our (dear and beloved) female moderators ?

:E :E

11th Feb 2004, 17:44
Or is it just that no picture can do them justice?


Anthony Carn
11th Feb 2004, 18:16


(I've got the "D" booked ;) )

Techchick (in my mind's eye :E )


The Invisible Man
11th Feb 2004, 18:43
Mrs Invis.....



11th Feb 2004, 19:11
are you not trying to induce some jealousy between our (dear and beloved) female moderators ?

No way! :hmm: No one could speak highly enough of Flaps on my opinion! ;)

BTW...Moi :p

11th Feb 2004, 19:14
Flower and Techchick (http://www.jamesvier.com/etc/piggybust.jpg)

Jinkster (http://www.starstore.com/acatalog/Mad_calendar-01.jpg)

Topcat450 and Miss Desk.. (http://www.rankinbass.com/images/MadMonsterParty.jpg)

Onan (http://www.bambooridge.com/newsimages/muppet.jpg)

Drapes and hound. (http://down.tech.sina.com.cn/03ware/ccgf/pna/PNA/PNA116.jpg)

(Trust the ladies will take this in the spirit meant, and that I will not be unduly berated when next in chat)

(edited due to offence caused to Aerbabe)

11th Feb 2004, 19:19
Timmcat - Charming. :(

Mr Carn - Less than two weeks to wait before you can officially wear your cap with pride. For you, the cap will be issued whatever the outcome.


Send Clowns
11th Feb 2004, 19:30
I have some genuine pictures of the delectable AerBabe. Copies to the highest bidder, with her permission of course ;) all procedes to charity. And before you ask, no. She's fully clothed in all of them!

11th Feb 2004, 19:32
Speaking of pictures, anyone visited this (http://uk.msnusers.com/LatinFlyersAirportBar/shoebox.msnw) recently?

11th Feb 2004, 20:00
what the . . .

Hey, I admit to having a blue face and an odd shaped mouth . . . and walking around with my eyes shut, but why the tears ??

11th Feb 2004, 20:03
Cheeky sod.

I think we'd be far more like this (http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/128/039_C49013.jpg)

I'll dig out a suitable one for yourself later Timmcat, I need time to plan a suitable retort.

Onan the Clumsy
11th Feb 2004, 20:56
phnuffIt was you...in a four act play at Luton

11th Feb 2004, 20:59
Oh TC450, what did you go and post our real piccie for? You know I wanted to keep my identity a secret :cool:

11th Feb 2004, 21:04
phnuffIt was you...in a four act play at Luton

Oh . all right . .. if you say so.

Could be worse I suppose, maybe a foreplay act at luton

11th Feb 2004, 21:15
Looking at the pics timmcat posted, I didn't realise Onan was into the chains and leg bondage.. You learn something new every day!

11th Feb 2004, 21:25
Grandpa :ugh:


Onan the Clumsy
11th Feb 2004, 21:45


11th Feb 2004, 22:09
phnuffIt was you...in a four act play at Luton

Oh . all right . .. if you say so.

Could be worse I suppose, maybe a foreplay act at luton

11th Feb 2004, 22:13
How the hell did Onan get a piccie of my ninja outfit?


11th Feb 2004, 22:19
This is a low blow, but nevertheless, in for a penny....

I found THIS site dedicated to Timmcat (http://timmcat.has-a-small-penis.com/)

:} That'll learn ya

probably not safe for viewing at work - unless you're a medical student.

11th Feb 2004, 22:39
That was funny when somebody sent it to me a couple of weeks ago..............and it's still funny now!

Jerrichos MIL
11th Feb 2004, 22:57
There goes that errant son in law of mine again .... he wastes money on all sorts of things and has the financial acumen of an amoeba.

Therapy indeed ..... you'd think that by the age of 30 he would just accept that he is as ugly as sin and about as interesting as a Tony Blair speech.

Jerricho (http://www.snitchworks.com/thesnitch/cosgalleries/newimages/misc/11.jpg)

One of these days I'll swing for that boy you know .... now I need a quick puff on a cig. His image is a constant reminder and does nothing to help my soaring blood pressure. Deep breath ... puff on fag ..... deep breath ....... puff on fag ....... calm ............ puff on fag

11th Feb 2004, 23:06
Blood pressure you say.............hmmmmmm.


*Deep breath, one day at a time, deep breath, I like myself, deep breath, think of the whales*

12th Feb 2004, 07:01
I cannot speak for Techchick but Timmcat i love the piccy :ok:

Very funny

12th Feb 2004, 09:20
Me and the family... (http://www.acclaimstockphotography.com/_gallery/_SM/0028-0401-2513-4403_SM.jpg)

Onan the Clumsy
12th Feb 2004, 10:58
Onan and his friends (http://www.onan.com)

12th Feb 2004, 14:38
Your friend, commercial mobile generator looks a bit shifty but the others all look very friendly, especially the marine generators, they would be nice neighbours.

12th Feb 2004, 17:07
War has been duly declared Topcat..:}

12th Feb 2004, 17:19
Hee hee............

Clearly YOU don't have weapons of mass distruction.

Or a mass weapon!


13th Feb 2004, 01:30
Ridiculous picture.

Techchick is nothing like Miss Piggy. :p :O

13th Feb 2004, 02:51
Timmcat........ hmmmmm.............

13th Feb 2004, 03:20
(looks like I was wise to scarper out of chat early last night before she turned up)..

24th Feb 2004, 23:23
Bringing this to the top again as Jerricho's MIL as just sent me a pic of herself, I think Jerricho is one lucky ol' dog having this minx chasing him.

Jerricho's MIL (http://www.quasimother.com/ladyinthered.GIF)

24th Feb 2004, 23:26
Topcat, you now have TWO fronts to your war! Timmcat, commence!

25th Feb 2004, 00:31
Well, Jerricho, myself and TC made it up in chat the other night so, although his onslaught was to my mind a tad savage, I feel I cannot join you in your fight.

(but rest assured, should he start it again, I'm with ya mate!)

25th Feb 2004, 00:34
Hang on a mo' - Don't tell me Jerricho is DEFENDING his MIL??? Perhaps there really is forbidden love in the air between them two!

25th Feb 2004, 00:52
I'm gonna stick to my "giving up for lent" thing.
39 days to go!!!