View Full Version : Hunter S Thompson / Tony Draper: seperated at birth?

11th Feb 2004, 05:16
Evening all
Could not help but notice the eery similarity between Pprune regular Tony Draper (http://www.jetblasters.com/vhcv8yqfrnsu/cgi-bin/gallery/view_photo.php?set_albumName=album15&id=Draper_expecting_visitors_i) and US writer Hunter S Thompson (www.adamflowers.org/HunterS.jpg)


11th Feb 2004, 06:03
Coly Navy model in the left? Ruger Blackhawk in the right maybe? Not too sure of either.... Suspicion that the wallmounted revolver is the .45 cal Smith and Wesson but not particularly sure of any of them. Never was that good on revolver geekery....

11th Feb 2004, 06:17
Naw, Hunter has done far, far more drugs than Mr. Draper. Why, one time when we were in Tuscon.... I forget.

tony draper
11th Feb 2004, 06:20
Wonder if Johnny Depp will play me in the Movie Fear and Loathing in Wallsend.
Navy Colt .36 cap and ball in the right, Colts Army .44 cap and ball in the left, pair of Colts Peacemakers, in the belt.

Anthony Carn
11th Feb 2004, 16:33
A picture speaks a thousand words. :ooh:

Entitled "Expecting Visitors". That must be why you tidied up, tony (compared to my Prooning station, that is tidy !)

If I had two guns near my 'puter, it'd be dead meat by now many times over

But, I'm intrigued...the keyboard is on the floor ! Do you lie down to type, or just remove your shoes and socks ? :}


PS -- Good choice in porn videos on the shelf, BTW. :ok:

11th Feb 2004, 18:26
How the hell did anybody get a photo of TD without proon being logged on the PC?:confused: :ooh:

I thought the guy lived in here!

11th Feb 2004, 22:26
And what effect would it have on PPRuNe if all of us had 'multiple aliases'? We just welcomed our newest member, supersco of 67,022 registered members... :D

Boss Raptor
12th Feb 2004, 04:27
Does this man not clear up his house...just look at the floor :confused:

12th Feb 2004, 04:42
Good evening Mr Draper

I spent 4 weeks working up in Wallsend, and there was most definitely plenty of fear and loathing to go around. First place I have been where pubs had the windows bricked up.


12th Feb 2004, 08:19
I guess this makes Mr D the worl's first Gonzo Googler...