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Jack Schitt
14th Jun 2001, 22:45
I thought this thread was funny from an expat's board, as some of these bargirls use standard letters to guys they met on hols, the Yanks are especially vulnerable as are Northern Euros, some of these dickheads send over US$2000 a month to these girls for sick buffalos, sick aunts, failed rice crops, m/cycle arrears payments etc.... :-)

I recently did a check for a US pilot who was sending his G/F $1000/month as she said she had given up her career as a LBFM, I met her at Carnival in Patpong, beautiful girl, but still 'available' for 2000B short time :)
The money transfers stopped in 24 hrs.

I like the guys' standard reply letter..... Bwhahahaha

Received this yesterday

Subject: miss you

My Dearest xxxx,
I miss you so much . How are you doing at this moment. ? I'm here in
Thailand doing fine. Have you forget about me yet? I haven't forgot about
you at all. I always miss you all my times.
Darling, I was so happy that you have phone me up. And when you said that
you were coming to Thailand, on what day are you coming ? And when you
phone to me my love. I have to apologize to you my love that we didn't
understand each other.
It's because I can not speak English. If I would of spoken your language
we would of understood each other.
xxxx my dear do you love me at all ? For me I love you so much. I know that
for you to love me is impossible. Cause we both only stayed with each other
for only two days.
xxxx my dear if you come back to Thailand again? Are you coming to see me ?
If you come to me, please phone to me okay.

Always loving xxxx,

Hello ****!!! I hope you are getting on all right. About me, I am also
fine. I hope you will come back to Thailand soon.
I am s sorry it has taken me so long to write to you. I did not write to
you before because I went back home and stayed there for quite a long time.
Now I am back already and I think of you so much. I hope that you are in
good health. I am always concerned about you.
I miss you so much and would like to stay with you all the time. I would
really like to be in your warm arms. When you receive this e-mail please
reply me.
Always loving you,

The standard guy's replies suggested ;-)

Feel free to cut and paste this reply and mail it to the BG du jour:

My Dearest (instert BG name),

I'm miss you soooo much. I think about you all the time. The time we spent together was magical for me. I have never met a lady so beautiful as you. Your heart is just as beautiful as your face.

My darling, I want to come back to visit you, but now business is slow. It is raining and my company has no customers.

When I think about you my heart cries because it misses you so much. Do you miss me too? Do you love me as much as I love you?

If you can buy me a plane ticket, I can come back to Thailand to visit you. My friends say you will not do this. I tell them they are wrong, that you have a good heart.

If you can buy me a plane ticket we can be together soon.

Love you with all my heart,

(insert your name here)

Now, if a BG sends you a ticket I want a bar fine as my fee.


Chok dii,


Tum dii, dai dii, tum chuea, feed the ducks

Dear Bargirl,

It was nice to get your email two weeks ago. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but I was busy with more important things. I'm trying to remember who you are exactly -- I nailed three girls with your name on my last visit to your country. Actually, one of them may have been a lady-boy. Was that you?

Worse still, there's no view of your face on any of the hidden-camera pictures I took while I was ****ing you and your ilk. I posted them on the internet hoping someone else would remember what bar you worked in. That might help me remember, but no luck so far... Which hotel did I screw you in again?

Sorry to hear about your Mom and the buffalo. I wish I could help, but I'm saving up for a new DVD player. Don't worry about things -- they'll be reincarnated, right?

I guess I miss you, too. Well, I miss having orgasms with you in the room, actually. Oh, that reminds me -- if you're that one who worked in the same bar with your sister, say 'hi' to her for me, ok?

Good luck with your idea for that business. I don't think I can do anything to help you with that either. You have so little business sense you couldn't even make money selling pussy if you hadn't gotten one for free.

Listen, while you were in the shower I made a copy of all the email addresses in you wallet. I hope you don't mind if I cc: them on this email, too?

Thanks for writing.

John Crass
:) :) :)

15th Jun 2001, 04:38
Guy was getting ripped off. Girls only $2500 "long time" at Na Na.

One of our guys got "had" in China, girl was collecting $1000 from him, Another $1000 from another German guy, and $500 from a Brazilian guy. Everyone in town knew what was going on but the 3 guys involved they all thought they were the "only" ones.

The old line, "if it Flies, F*****s or Floats, cheaper to rent than to buy. Does the above count as renting, leasing or buying?
It's not a matter of where I am, it's a matter of when I am.

Jack Schitt
15th Jun 2001, 06:49
Spot on, JAH.
One LBFM here was collecting from 6 guys, yes, 6!
We reckon she was collecting around US$1000-$1500 a week.
Each guy thought he was the love of her life!
"Of course I not work darink, I wait for you"

I think you mean 2500B not $.

If you explain to the Mamasan here that you are an expat & not a tourist, you never pay more than 1000B LT in Nana or Clinton Plaza, no Mamasans in Soi 7 or Thermae, so you save the 500B bar fine :)

The barfines in Soi 33 are 1500B, so you arrange to meet the girl at the 7-11 after closing....either @ 2400 or 0200hrs :)

Capt Vegemite
15th Jun 2001, 09:59
Dont care what the price,is you keep that up you gonna end up with a willy like a garden sprinkler.

15th Jun 2001, 15:43
Now look at the situation from this side of the coin and then send money to a person you've bunked twice or more wihin maybe two or three days anybody who does that has lost any right to complain.
Actually the girls ;) should get an award fro the one that gets away with the most idiots sending her money. :)

Hello, I am a middle-aged Thai man, speak very little English. I know practically nothing about US culture or customs. I plan on going to the USA, associating only with prostitutes http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif , finding among them a "nice girl" :)who will somehow understand me, always be faithful and become my loving wife. Do you think I'm a fool?

get up,hook up, shuffle through the door......