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10th Feb 2004, 21:05
Link taken from the BBC news website front page here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/suffolk/3475431.stm)

10th Feb 2004, 22:35
. . . a risk they could fall from lampposts and injure the public. . .

. . . "They are guarding their own backs over health and safety," You'd think they would need to guard their heads !

"This will have a knock-on effect for our floral campaign during the summer months,"

And a knock-on effect on people's heads !

Q: What do you call a woman with a pot of flowers on her head ?

A: Daisy !!! :rolleyes:

10th Feb 2004, 22:54
Definitely not a quiet day here ... this from the Edinburgh Evening News ...

Murder hunt after dismembered body found in shallow grave


Key points
• Victim believed to be disgraced former teacher
• Dismembered body buried in garden with other parts found nearby
• Police officers made discovery after receiving phone call at 4am

Key quote:"His body had been cut up into six pieces and buried under a carpet in the garden in a shallow grave but the legs had been dumped in a bin."A Police spokesman

Story in full: MURDER squad detectives today launched an investigation after a dismembered body was discovered in a garden in an Edinburgh suburb.

The body was discovered hacked into six pieces. The head, torso and arms were found wrapped up in a carpet buried in a shallow grave in a back garden in the city’s Polwarth area.

The severed legs were recovered by police from a wheelie bin parked outside the tenement block in Merchiston Avenue.

Police believe the victim may be the 51-year-old former principal history teacher of Gillespie’s High School, Alan Wilson, who was convicted of sexually assaulting three male pupils from his school in 2000. Wilson, a father-of-two, served 18 months in prison for his crimes.

Police officers made the gruesome discovery after receiving a phone call from a hysterical member of the public at 4am to say the body of a man was buried in the garden.

Following the call officers raced to the scene and immediately cordoned off the area. Today as horrified neighbours watched from behind the curtains of their homes in the affluent suburb, forensic teams carried out searches of the garden and surrounding area in an effort to find all body parts.

Specialist teams of officers, highly trained in crime-scene conduct, carried out fingertip searches of the garden and flat.

They hunted for the murder weapon and possible forensic clues, including DNA from the victim and his assailant.

Police photographers were on hand to record the grisly images which will also help detectives piece together what happened in the house.

It is understood the victim’s legs were found in the bin and by mid-morning police said they had recovered all the severed body parts.

As uniformed officers guarded the crime scene on the busy street, detectives carried out door-to-door inquiries.

Detectives said they were following a positive line of inquiry and a man is understood to be helping police with their inquiries.

A police source said: "His body had been cut up into six pieces and buried under a carpet in the garden in a shallow grave but the legs had been dumped in a bin."

The source said it appeared that the victim had been killed in a nearby house where blood was found in the bath.

Police believe the body may have been hacked to pieces in the flat before being dumped.

It is not yet known what instrument was used during the attack and it is not known how long the victim has been dead.

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police said: "A body has been recovered in the rear garden at Merchiston Avenue.

"The person has yet to be identified and formal identification is not expected to take place until later today."

He added: "We are following a positive line of inquiry."

Wilson, who taught history at the school, was convicted of carrying out eight sex assaults on the boys aged 16 and 17 over a five-year period.

He was a well-respected school figure until he was suspended in February 1999 when a mother complained he had plied her son with drink.

An investigation revealed repeated sex abuse on boys by Wilson after making them drunk between March 1994 and September 1999.