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10th Feb 2004, 18:59
Once upon a time, looking for a job was easy, it was the local paper, or a national paper.

The boom in recruitment companies and the internet has, in my opinion, both helped and hindered the job-seeker. Now to try to find jobs on the 'net you end up trawling through various websites, trying to work out if one job advertised with one agency is the same as another one on a different site with another agency....all a bit of a pain in the ar$e. So if one was looking for work which sites do you guys use? I'll start with the ones I was looking at earlier, ahem, I mean the ones I would look at were I ever to want to leave this haven of pain and suffering.



And then I go thought The Times, The telegraph and sometimes The Guardian (although I try to buy the paper as I find thier websites annoying). Sooo, what other gems are out there?

10th Feb 2004, 20:31
TC.. what about that business idea you had - now you have moved location, is that worth considering again?

10th Feb 2004, 20:35
feckin' eck you got a good memory!! Well it just so happens I will be seeing a bloke about kick-starting that again hopefully at the beginning of next week - so fingers crossed.

Just hope I can do something before I do something daft like buy that EAA Biplane on afors.co.uk, damned it's tempting me!! If only it had 1 more seat to impress the ladies with!

10th Feb 2004, 20:44
You're not kidding - I can spend hours searching for jobs and still come up with new places to look the next day. Partly it depends what type of job you're looking for. I have a very useful table showing which papers advertise which types of jobs on which days - that cuts out a lot of time!

Mind you, even once I've found an interesting job they don't want me. :(

10th Feb 2004, 20:56
While I find the net a great, quick & convenient way of getting jobs, it's worth putting your CV up on the different jobsites you use & updating it when necessary. I use Irish jobsites so there's no point in me giving you a list

Personally for me anyway I found recruitment companies a waste of time and yes I noticed the job overlapping too. I got much more interviews sourcing the jobs myself.

Good luck to you :ok:

The Nr Fairy
10th Feb 2004, 23:02

Currently being a man of leisure, any chance you could post the table, or mail it to me ?

Many thanks.

11th Feb 2004, 00:44
Consider it emailed. :ok:

Erm... except I don't seem to have your address in my contacts list. Could you send it to me please?