View Full Version : The Mighty Lions will eat the Wallabies.

14th Jun 2001, 19:33
As far as I can see there has been no thread started so far in anticipation of the Glorious boys from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales trouncing the convicts, so here goes. Look out Wallabies the Lions are going to have you for dinner! Come on the boys!

14th Jun 2001, 22:20
199 points in 2 games :)
what can you say the Aussies pah.....show us what you've got or the lions will roar the world!!!!


Luke SkyToddler
15th Jun 2001, 02:13
Yer ... you Brits are getting worse by the minute ... you couldn't even find a good coach born in the mother country this time round! What are your chances of finding 15 good players?

I suppose you think you're gonna take the ashes as well :rolleyes:

15th Jun 2001, 02:22
Stand by your beds the lion doesn't sleep tonight, watch out you tipodean johnny foreigner types!

Capt Vegemite
15th Jun 2001, 08:33
BALLS! (http://artie.com/gifs/arg-sparky-small-trans.gif)

15th Jun 2001, 09:13
Always like seeing the Lions play. Dont get to see the old fashioned style much any more. Gotta keep it simple for the Poms I guess any more than 2 set pieces will confuse their front row. If their backs get the pill then god help us all they will just turn it back to the forwards and confuse the lumbering oafs even more.
Don't blink Lion boys cause if you do all you are going to see will be the backs of Wallabies as they cross your line.

Dave Incognito
15th Jun 2001, 10:17

Yes, laugh and be cocky now, because the fun of playing our provincial ‘B’ teams is drawing to a close very quickly.

We will certainly "show you what we’ve got" come the 30th of June. :)

Have a good one, Dave.

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15th Jun 2001, 13:21
"They didn't just beat them, they beat them hollow. They whacked them. They marmalised them." (Daily Telegraph) Seeing as this is an accurate description fo the Aussies thrashing us yesterday, I don't think we'll be holding the ashes at the end of the summer, we'll be in ashes, after the body of English cricket has been cremated. BUT : THe mighty lions will triumph. They must do, or I'll look silly wearing my Lions shirt about town, won't I? Anyway is Eales really crocked or is he starting to play mind games before the first test? I wouldn't put anything past the Aussies, except a few tries that is. (and I'm a hooker.)

Edited to attribute quote to the Daily Telegraph.

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Remember to Flare
15th Jun 2001, 14:32
Will be wearing my Lions shirt with PRIDE on June 30th along with 10,000 other Brits in the stadium. My guess on the outcome of the series..2.1 to the Lions. Will be interesting to see the score on Saturday against a team made up from some of the Ausie 1st 15.
As for last nights poor showing, I think the conditions did not help England but your bowlers made the most of them. Fair play. Think it will be a lot closer in the Ashes, but think you may well retain them!

15th Jun 2001, 15:36
The cricket, well it was a shocker yesterday and the rain didn't even save us http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif but in keeping with the thread there is a number in the UK for all the Aussies to call.
0800 068 5860 it is very amusing I am sure you will agree!

Mishandled and RTF we will be singing on the 30th and Dave....good luck old boy (you need it) :)

Captain Latte'
15th Jun 2001, 17:24
AAAAAAAAAAA HHAAAA HHAAAA HHAAAA HHAAAA. Luck! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHAAAA HHAAAA HHAAAA, It ain't going to be us Aussies that need the luck! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHAAAA HHAAAA Nice try though, I'll give you that!!

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! :)

Life's like that........

Back Course Bandit
15th Jun 2001, 18:00
Did someone say 86?

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15th Jun 2001, 18:05
This is the way we thrash the poms, thrash the poms, thrash the poms...

And there's still the rest of the morning and the afternoon still to play!

Did someone say competition? HA! :)

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16th Jun 2001, 00:31
The Oz press seems determined to stoke up resentment towards the Lions ,by harking back to the 'bullying' tactics of the 89 side. This reflects an 'unfortunate' propensity of the 'Oz' to be bad losers.
Australia is a culture where losers are treated ungraciously . Any teams who lose to a Lions side better have an excuse at the ready !.
Anyway i always believed a certain level of 'physical' intimidation was acceptable. This Lions side have the skill up front & in the backs to win the series & Should it be necessary they can also call on the immense physical presence of players the like of Dai Young & Martin Johnson. So better put on 2 pairs of pants , bend over & brace up Oz mates 'cos your in for a VERY severe arse kicking ! :)