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10th Feb 2004, 15:49
The UK lottery board is allocating some 10 million quid to assist veterans to get to the World War Two battlegrounds where they fought.

The lottery funds some weird stuff (the Dome, Lesbians against the Bomb and that sort of crud) but this is an excellent idea.

Veterans of the D-Day landings, the 60th anniversary of which is of course this year, will get some 300 quid towards their travel costs. Those from the Burma campaign will get 700 quid.

Sadly, my dad is a bit frail now to make the trip to India, Burma et al, but I really hope that those veterans healthy enough will avail themselves of these funds to pay their respects to their old mates.

So if you know any Vets who'd be interested in this, they can call 0800 169 2277 during office hours from Monday to Thursday. The funding is available until the end of December next year.

Nice one lottery.

In The Telegraph today.

Now that you're going to Blighty;
Now the war's over and done.
Remember the boys left behind you,
Out in the old Burma sun.

11th Feb 2004, 21:18
Indeed, a very nice one, lottery UK.

So here we are, congratulating the semi-private UK lottery 'organisation' for financing trips for veterans.

After a lifetime of indifferent treatment from the government and general population, here comes an absolutely mind-boggling initiative to send now OAP-veterans out to their ex-battlefields. Conveniently few are left today. Whether such an experience would help or hinder what is left of their time on Earth is left unanswered. Strangely enough, the descendents of those who actually lost their lives in near or far-flung places are not worthy of consideration.

That such 'largesse' depends on an institution whose finances are largely dependent on the weaknesses of the least fortunate is doubly reprehensible.

Before YOU sign up for 'Queen and Country', you'd better ensure on a few conditions of YOUR own! :mad: