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14th Jun 2001, 19:29
This might be on the wrong forum!, but does anyone out there have some useful "rules of thumb" for use when airborne and requiring quick answers. E.g conversions, timings, etc etc.

14th Jun 2001, 19:51
Try posting in the questions forum - you won't get any sense out of them in the basement. ;)

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The Nr Fairy
15th Jun 2001, 01:58
Try here (http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/search.cgi?action=intro&default=4).

For the last bloody time, it's "The En Ar Fairy" . . .

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Kaptin M
15th Jun 2001, 02:07
Yes Hoge, I do!!

(Velvet DID warn you.)

15th Jun 2001, 02:59
...stacks of them, but damned if I'm going to share 'em with the degenerates, inebriates & reprobates here in the basement. Much classier set of chaps in that 'Tech Log' room who seem to appreciate that sort of thing.

Hmmmm....how did I get here anyway? Must have made been that turn in the hall that was wrong before I fell down the steps into this cellar. It's **soooo** dark! What's all that brash noise? Is that supposed to be music? Don't tell that's alcohol I smell? It's enough to drive one to drink, not my cup of tea at all. To think, all I was trying to do was find my way to the temperance society meeting to berate all those whiners about some of our obviously necessary behavioural standards.

Oh, my eyes are beginning to adjust. I think I see something. What's that?!

Madam! Did I invite you to do that? STOP, I say! Don't do that. No, I said stop. Don't. Stop it. Don't...stop...don't..stop..don't stop.

Er.....um....anyone know how do I get back to the Temperanillo wine society?

15th Jun 2001, 10:24
Never, ever ask for hot coffee during turbulence!

If you need to go to the toilet just prior to TOD, do it! Otherwise you might blame yourself or your fellow pilot for the effects of another horrible landing.

Rusty A300
16th Jun 2001, 00:11
Don't smoke in the bunk, and never, ever get caught wanking there! You'll never hear the end of it.

Send Clowns
16th Jun 2001, 16:23
Hoge, if you still need any advice email me with specific questions. I am currently working as a nav grounschool instructor, and also went through the RN pilots' nav syllabus which emphasises mental dead reckoning.

pax domina
16th Jun 2001, 17:50
Tinny - I resemble that remark. :) Except, of course, for the drinking, sweetie.

To paraphrase BFU, if I'm gonna feel the way I've felt for the past two days, I might as well have been drinking! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

pax d (aching head, eyes still hurt)

the wizard of auz
17th Jun 2001, 16:15
A few rules of thumb,as requested.
1. If it dont smell good, dont eat it coz it wont taste good.
2. even if it did smell good at the time, you should always wash your moustache afterwards as it wont smell good tomorrow.
3.If your six foot tall, your thumb is about 85mm long. (never found a use for this pearl)
4.always deny it, even if you get caught in the act, deny it anyway.