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10th Feb 2004, 08:54
OK, I feel the need....... the need for a bleet!!

I watched public TV for a while and got tired of the adverts. Especially at prime time, when they turn the volume up during the most terrible adverts known to man.

So I got SKY TV, well they say no adverts well what the hell are the 5min intervals every 15min advertising the channel you are watching anyway? History channel, which I really enjoy, just breaks at the worst times, just at the punchline ...<insert ad here>.

This advertising thing is going too far, when the viewing or listening audiences are at a peak they THRUST these adverts right in your face/ears so much so that I am now not watching any telly at all. As for radio, I now compile my own CD's and I am my own DJ who does'nt advertise.

Anyone else had enough of this invasive action?

Thinking about it some more, these advertisers and advertising companies are probably the loosers who campaigned for the noise abatement (sp?) in the first place. Bah! Show you noice abatement!!!!

:) Feel slightly better now.

Onan the Clumsy
10th Feb 2004, 09:16
One word for you...Tivo :ok:

10th Feb 2004, 09:24
Or no TV? We only use ours for watching DVD's and have found a website that does them mail order - not the kind that come in plain brown envelopes ;)
Its great, they have 15,000 to choose from, and we have just finished watching the BBC's Cambridge Spies, so its not all films.
When we get to a hotel, we go mad watching TV for about 5 minutes, then get pissed off with all the crap and adverts on, and feel glad (perhaps even just a wee bit smug;) ) cos we don't have to put up with all that. We get all our news off the BBC or here or avweb or whichever website has the most info and manage to avoid watching that prat off "My Word" on Fox :ok:

Anthony Carn
10th Feb 2004, 16:10
Yep, SoundBarrier, one of my pet hates is TV advertising.

Advert comes on, I hit the mute button or channel change.

I prefer to video programmes and watch later. Fast forwarding the adverts is very satisfying.

The sudden advert is the killer....no warning, just straight from the Lassie death scene *sob* to "New, improved, Tampax".

Well I have an answer ! Note the goods being advertised and don't buy them. It may have zero effect, but it feels great ! :cool:

A poll on this thread would be good ?

And I pay 116 to the BBC for a TV license, with one of the arguments being that it replaces advertising revenue. Is'nt it great that there are no averts on the BBC. Just endlessly repeated programme trailers, TV licensing "reminders" (being ironic, are they?), etc

Sample....."Animal Camera" 20 secs, "Family business 40 secs, "The Deputy" 30 secs.

Seems like advertising to me ! :mad:

10th Feb 2004, 16:44
If the ads give you so much pain, why not do something else?
A colleague was shocked the other day when I said I had not put the TV on the previous evening but spent the evening talking with the wife.

10th Feb 2004, 18:31
Just think what it would be like if we hadn't had the TV engineer's strikes in the 1970s. There'd be no radio to turn to.

10th Feb 2004, 18:38
Exactly Bumpff. Radio is the answer, still lots of trailers on R4 & the rest, but relentless high quality output round the clock - Radio four is like an old friend to me, it teaches me, makes me laugh & makes me curse all in a day. I'd be lost without it.

10th Feb 2004, 18:45
On the subject of Sky, Cable etc.... why pay for the channels....only then to have lots and lots of Ads?

Surely if Sky was free...then there'd be more viewers and they'd be able to charge more for advertising? As it is, the viewer seems to be stung twice, they pay to watch the damned thing then they have to watch adverts which tempt them to spend more.

Luckily (or unluckily) I don't earn enough to afford sky. :rolleyes:

10th Feb 2004, 19:54
Simple answer is how sad is your life that you moan that the box in the corner does not fully entertain you.

Try getting out just a little bit.

Do not get me wrong, I watch TV but I watch for specific programmes not simply to keep my eyes busy.

When there is nothing specific on I turn it off. Now I know this concept might be beyond many of you but on my TV there is a button the cuts off the power and allows me to do other things.

In the olden days it is told that people used to talk to each other about things other than "I am a Celebrity - What Do you mean which one is he"



10th Feb 2004, 20:12
Simple answer is how sad is your life that you moan that the box in the corner does not fully entertain you. Em, isn't that a question and not an answer BHR?

Want us to hold that tall nag for you while you get down off it?

Hey SoundBarrier, think yourself lucky you don't watch US network telly, especially if they are showing a movie. As the conclusion of the movie nears, the breaks per hour for advertising increase exponentially. Still, some of the Superbowl adverts were fun and more entertaining than the half time "show".


Onan the Clumsy
10th Feb 2004, 22:09
Television is the Eye of Satan. Sitting in your living room luring you in to his lair.

I hate the thing and if I lived on my own wouldn't even have one. That's a little stupid I know, because there are some great things on the box like Seinfeld for instance that I would miss out on. But the the price of having Satan in your house is too much for me.

My brother Er, has cable and sometimes I watch BBC America at his place. They have some great shows like Cracker and Touching Cloth, but I just can't watch them any more due to the continued advert and programme trailer breaks. It's out of control.

My answer is to rent the programs on DVD :ok: That way, you can watch say every episode of Cracker over two or three days, no waiting for a week for the next episode.

The only trouble is that I spend my time prooning and playing solitaire :(

10th Feb 2004, 22:55
The downside of the "no advert" utopia on non-license fee networks is increased product placement.

I remember the hoohar last year when stories about advert-stripping TV devices (does TiVo do this? I profess ignorance) were all the rage, there was even talk of the consumer having a legal DUTY to watch adverts, as advertisers had, in effect, paid for the show said consumer was watching. Most amusing, but you can see their point.

If TiVo-like devices remove the effectiveness of their advertisements, they WILL find another way.

I'm not sure what's worse, incessant adverts which break up atmosphere and tension within programmes and movies, or over-the-top product placement a la the funny ad sequences in "The Truman Show".

The opening episode of Season 2 of "24" in the States was, I believe, advert-free in exchange for heavy product placement from Ford. Us Brits, of course, get the whole season advert-free on the BBC, but then we pay a license fee for the privilege. Something I'm quite happy to do, as I hate adverts with a passion.

Alas, I can't increase my license fee to also strip other channels of advertisements, I'd gladly do so if I could.


10th Feb 2004, 23:04
24 always amuses me. It supposedly a 1 hour slot all filmed in real time (hence the titles of the progs are 11-12pm; 3-4pm etc) yet on the BBC the programme only lasts 45 mins! sometihng a bit fishy going on with temproal time loops and distortions arising from alien spaceships recovered by the US government?

or perhaps they have to adjust the programme to fit in the ad breaks?


(Off to watch some more X-Files before going down the pub)

10th Feb 2004, 23:18
Am I alone in wanting to personally hunt down and kill everyone involved in the making of the 'Ocean Finance' adverts?

They have supplanted the old 'Claims Direct' adverts in being the most annoying adverts on TV.



Almost as bad is the one for the Time Life Religious Music CDs. It's so BLAND and wimpy. I mean, if you HAVE to sing the praises of your imaginary friend who lives in the sky, at least put some backbone into it.

tony draper
10th Feb 2004, 23:18
The sound in adverts is boosted so they are much louder than the sound on the normal progs, they always deny this, but they are lying b*stards, my Telly has a automatic volume control on it, it shuts the sound right down when the adverts come on, trouble is it keeps it at that level an yer gorra fanny about resetting it when the prog starts again.
At one time there was talk of using the prompt bars that appear just before the adverts to control the sound, but the advertizing industry nearly had a fit, and it was dropped.


10th Feb 2004, 23:26
MMEMatty, yeah, 24 is a full hour slot in the US, shows you how many adverts they have to put up with for a prime-time production, eh?

Although to be fair, presumably Jack Bauer uses the advertising breaks in realtime for things like eating, drinking, and going for a whizz.

That sounds like a great gizmo Drapes, what sort of telly is that? What does it use for it's prompt to mute the sound then, just the sudden increase in volume of adverts? And yes, it's obvious they're much louder - on my telly the arbitrary volume figures for "normal" listening are: Programme (20), Adverts (14).

Now that's extremely unscientific but to my mind ads are about 25% louder than normal telly. Generally I mute them as a matter of course.

Cheers, SSS

11th Feb 2004, 00:24
PS: I've just cancelled my Sky subs. They don't like it up'em.

11th Feb 2004, 02:29
I have decided, me too, getting rid of this sky thing!!!

*sheepishly looks towards drawn curtains*
What now? Dare I go to my shed and contniue some old woodwork project started years ago?

Ahh, I know, become a relentless PPrune poster!!! :)

We have a no frills product here and I rekon that is what I am gonna buy as they do not advertise and hence cheaper. Their tinned food for example is a white label with blue writing, "Baked Beans" or "Peaches", I rekon I can read after a few pints so I should be OK without the pictures!

Hmm dunno about peaches on toast though! :)

So where are advertisers on the hate list of professions then?

We have (In no particular order);

Car Salesman
Used Car Salesman
Door to Door Encycopedia /vacuum cleaner / anything I don't need salesman
Telesales person
Telemarketer ( I have a good cure for them, I charge them for my time, get their details and send an invoice!)

Send Clowns
11th Feb 2004, 03:07
Damn. I haven't had a TV for months, and just when I decide to buy a card for my computer you remind me of this. Oh, well, just have to be choosy.

11th Feb 2004, 10:00
In case anyone's interested - the truth about loud adverts...

My way of paying off the flying training bills is working in TV transmission, so I can say with conviction that 'they' (ie 'me') do NOT 'turn up' the commercials.

ALL content leaving a TV station is limited to a set maximum volume. The reason there seems to be a difference in volume is that most programmes are generally quiet, with a few loud moments, whereas commercials are almost always loud, with the occasional quiet moment. This gives the impression of the commercials being recorded louder.

Sometimes the 'loud commercial effect' may seem particularly noticable - this isn't due to them turning the commercials up, it's due to the programme the commercials are in being particularly quiet, therefore you turn your TV up only to be blasted when the commercials come on.

And before any more of you complain about the Ocean Finance ads, spare a thought for someone who can't turn the TV over, can't mute it, can't go and make a cup of tea..... You wouldn't believe how many times I've seen those commercials.... the horror....

11th Feb 2004, 20:51
I don't have a TV. Never have had.

Trouble is, those annoying adverts are replaced by annoying TV License letters.

We see you do not have a TV license so you must write to us to tell us you do not have a TV.

OK. So I muost get a piece of paper and a pen, write a letter, buy an envelope, buy a stamp and walk to the postbox because you automatically assume that I am a lying scumbag as opposed to you assuming that I probably do not have a TV.

Not a chance.

It got to the point when they came knocking at the door. I invited them to turn the house upside down. They refused and just stood in the living room with a mouth like a fish.

I don't think they comprehend the fact that people choose not to have a TV.