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31st Oct 2001, 02:03
ok so who is going to win the ladies onto their boat

the contestants so far are:

towerdog with his veggie vessel (my fav ;) )

huggy and his loud shirt launch

draper and his rusty relic

naked viking and his nudie yacht

who else will enter
and who will win :confused:

31st Oct 2001, 02:44
Oi Dux!

Who said anything about :eek: Ladies :eek:

And I thought we were gonna sail in formation anyway, as a Floating Bash? Min, wasn't that what was decided on? And PaxD, all vetted and approved by TowerD the Floating Veggie himself! :D

And with one of the last moves on "PPRuNe Sail II" being the permanent instatement of Tinstaafl as resident masseur for the wimin??
(magic hands Ladies, pure magic!)
Apart from which he would no doubt be most willing to aviate us back and forth to dry land for such essentials as shampoo and a good manicurist. ;)

The Draper Dungeon for those needing a cinching of belts and mortification of the flesh is still firmly in the race anyway!

tony draper
31st Oct 2001, 03:10
You girlies want to hope the Nobby Clark's around where TD is going to have you diving are vegetarians, nothin your Hammerhead or Great White likes more than to nibble on yer average Antipodian.
One of the last great mysteries of the sea,why is it a shark will swim right thru two hundred Englishmen just to nab the one Aussy in the water .
Yes indeed, yer Selachian does love yer antipodian, especialy nurses. :eek:

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31st Oct 2001, 03:53
Yes, flaps, I did think the floating bash thingee was the go, esp as it means that you can change your mind on a whim, depending your mood....covers all bases very nicely :)

I'm so glad you thought of the trips to/from land for those impt essentials of hair and nails. A spot of shopping might not go astray either... :)

A masseuse is definitely a must...I can, at a pinch, do the odd shoulder...perhaps an even one also...! But, good tho I am, I can't do my own...

Alcohol is sorted (although after my effort the other night, it might be a good idea to leave the champagne at home!!), we know which boat supports which diet.....music is another uncertainty however...does anyone have any particular tastes?

AND...do I actually need to know anything about sailing?? I mean...are you actually going to expect me to do anything in that department?? I sincerly hope not...I have enough trouble tieing my shoelaces, let alone being trusted with nautical knots...is there a crash course I could to in appropriate terminology?

Need to work out the..whatever the sailing equivalent to 'itinerary' is...any suggestions?


31st Oct 2001, 11:05
Driving home from work today, I had a sudden vision of this cruise being the nautical equivalent of "Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy"....what a thought.....which of the boats will be the equivalent of the B ark, I wonder..