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10th Feb 2004, 05:46
Hello All

(My first post here on this forum, 29 years, flying 8 years with dutch largest carrier).

Doing my daily web journey just saw that a Air Holland 767 made a emergency landing at Dublin en route from Amsterdam to the Dutch-Antilles.
Fire and resque services were on alert. The 767-300ER had "hydrolic problems".
No more information available yet. Anyone heard/saw more?

10th Feb 2004, 21:56

I was involved in this... Solving the problem.
Indeed Hydraulic problems, Centre Hystr. system.

The problem was solved by our Tech Department.

An othere B767 was flown in to DUB last night to fly the pax to
the Dom. Rep.

AC departed this early morning back to amsterdam, thereafter to Cancun.

Cheers en enjoy flying!

Skylark3 :ok:

11th Feb 2004, 18:20
Hey Skylark,

thanks for the info! havent heard much about this but im very curious - what exactly happened? what kind of hydrolic problem was it?

My mum wants to know ... :p

11th Feb 2004, 18:38
i was just wondering does the failure of a hydraulic system necessitate an emergency landing in regard to multiple redundancy in sytems on modern aircraft?

11th Feb 2004, 19:17
The Center System on a 767 is a major one controlling Gear and Flaps (amongst other flight controls). Gear will only go down (via alt extension - which means main gear doors go out and stay out) and Flaps via Alternate Extension - which is significantly slower. Also you lose nose gear stearing.

non sched
11th Feb 2004, 20:29

Just curious. Why didn't the plane return to Amsterdam. Presumably mx at it's base would be better able to fix the problem and this systems failure wouldn't normally require an immediate landing.:confused:

11th Feb 2004, 21:35
You don't necessarily loose nosewheel steering when Centre Hydraulics is lost on the 767,as there is a reserve system.Centre hydraulic loss is not a 'land ASAP' problem.The only advantage to landing at Dublin rather than returning to Amsterdam is that they tell you which R/W is in use at DUB rather than keeping you guessing...and the R/W is more likely to be into wind!

11th Feb 2004, 22:29
I am a B767 driver myself. Of course I would not go across the Pond with "C" sys u/s. But I wonder why didn't you go back to base at EHAM if "L" n "R" were OK. Normally u hav to land asap only if "only one hydraulic sys available"...
Any feedback would be appreciated...

11th Feb 2004, 23:04
The centre system had a leak.
and was empty after a few min.

They were ETOPS already and had the choice, or flying to Punta Cana or fly to Dub.
In Punta Cana is far and hard to reach by our mech. department.
So they decided to fly to Dub, also the crew heard some strange noice (hystr. oil coming out with 3000PSI to the weel well).

After a safe landing and out TD flown in to Dub the AC departed 10 hrs later back to AMS.



John Farley
11th Feb 2004, 23:26
I suspect no thinking crew would want to fly for a minute longer than necessary having lost the entire contents of a hyd system.

It is not just a question of can you manage without the services it used to supply for the next x hours. Ask yourself where has all this fluid gone and what electrical services might it be contaminating, let alone the fire risk it would pose in a hot bay. Etc Etc.

11th Feb 2004, 23:48
John Farley

makes a good point. having lost a hydraulic system we hung around and watched the engineers open the service hatch. Clever chap put a full set of waterproofs and goggles on cos it came out like a wave. Wouldnt want that lot sloshing around for too long.

West Coast
12th Feb 2004, 00:02
Smart MX guy, a Skydrol bath will do nothing but ruin your day. Ask me how I know.

12th Feb 2004, 01:34
How do you know?:O

12th Feb 2004, 02:03
If it's anything like brake fluid I think we can guess!

12th Feb 2004, 03:42
In any contact with Skydrol it's advisable to wash your hands before taking a pee (and after of course)- especially if you're a male.:eek:

12th Feb 2004, 05:03
Apologies - I assumed the whole system was lost - yes reserve steering and brakes would be available assuming fluid is left below the stand pipe in the center reservoir, and the no.1 electric pump is available.