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30th Oct 2001, 20:25
...pilots are seagulls - all they do is squawk and sh+t, and you have to throw rocks at them to get them to fly....

First thing that's made me smile today.

30th Oct 2001, 21:03
The old saying goes like this:

The similarity between pilots and seagulls:
"They both fly, squack, sh!t and screw". :D

The difference between a pilot and a pig?
"Pigs do not hang around bars, trying to pick up pilots"

The Guvnor
30th Oct 2001, 23:32
... and another old one:

The difference between God and a pilot? God doesn't think He's a pilot!

31st Oct 2001, 08:24
Heres a few i had on file

"Mummy mummy Ive been raped by a pilot!"
"how do you know he was a pilot?"
"He had a small dick, a big watch and didnt stop talking about himself"

Little Billy and his Dad were down at the airport watching planes taking-off and landing.
Little Billy looks up to his Dad and says,
"Dad, when I grow up I want to be a Pilot."
His Dad looks down at him and says,
"You can't do both son."

4th Nov 2001, 07:31
Question from a co-pilot to the F/E

What is the the difference between a sheep and this 747.

Ans; The c..t on the sheep is on the back and the outside.