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Bird Strike
30th Oct 2001, 19:20
Just curious... what do you sleep in?

(I'm not talking about the bedding... it's the clothing I am asking about, although if you are sleeping in an unusual bedding, then it could be interesting too.)

30th Oct 2001, 19:30
Can't stand synthetics and hate anything tight fitting. Don't like pyjamas either. I find the soft cotton t-shirt type sleepwear is great - the ones that go to about mid-thigh. Finding ones without cartoons on them is a bit of a challenge though. :D

30th Oct 2001, 19:32
Depends where I'm sleeping.

At home (when heating's working): nothing.

At home (when heating's packed up) and visiting parents: long nightie and bedsocks.

In hotels & other people's homes: pyjamas.

The other half never wears anything regardless of where he is.

30th Oct 2001, 19:33
Adams costume anywhere :rolleyes:

30th Oct 2001, 19:58
I gave up pyjamas when I was 12 and not bothered since. If it's cold, I always have a supply of airline sleeper-socks. In REALLY cold weather, or if ill, a hot water bottle but still naked!

This is the same wherever in the world. I look forward to sleeping in the nuddy when I am in one of the new 'full bed' style seats at the pointy end of the plane. :p

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bubba zanetti
30th Oct 2001, 20:20
Flannel !
When I was a young buck I thought sexy meant silk or satin ... uh, uhh not any more!
Now sexy is ... flannel sheets, flannel quilt cover and especially flannel on the binty next to me and hopefully ... with an easy access panel for ease of nocturnal rutting ! Woo hoo !! Not new flannel either, it must be painstaikingly broken-in over approx. six months use and careful washing.

tony draper
30th Oct 2001, 20:49
Evening dress of course, I can skip the coffin as long as the mattress is stuffed with my native soil. ;)

PS, A happy Samhain to my fellow Druids out there, hope you had better luck than my circle at finding a virgin.
Ah well, looks like the goat gets it again this year.

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bubba zanetti
30th Oct 2001, 20:58
Mr. Draper
Do you keep that kit over at the large business woman's etablishment? The one with the well laid out simulator cockpit?

Hmmm .... a Givenchy evening dress ... well restrained in the right seat and properly commanded ... sounds heavenly !!!


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Bio Warrior
30th Oct 2001, 21:24
I would like to say "waaaa I don't wanna be sacrificed" :eek:
Right now thats out of my system.
As most of the people who chat regularly know I wear satin PJs, red, blue, white or black. Cant sleep naked if I do I wake up after a few hours feeling cold and nulrible.
I have been known to sleep fully clothed except for shoes and leather jacket (jacket makes a good pillow) when I discover myself trapped at a friends place over night, just throw a blanket and a couch at me and I'm happy. But cats can sleep anywhere cant we ;)


30th Oct 2001, 21:26
Nada, niks, noppes, nothing.
In every bed.

(Well, there have been a few occasions where I shared sleeping arrangements with colleagues and I kept underwear on out of courtesy.)
(And there have also been a few ... aw, never mind.) ;)

Bird Strike
30th Oct 2001, 21:42
Don't you guys who always sleep naked ever get a cold bottom? No hot water bottle can keep your whole body warm, surely? How about the risk of burning your important parts? :rolleyes:

I wear different things depending on the temperature. Anything from "nothing" when it's really hot, to a dressing gown :eek: when I feel freezing.
It would also depend on what I did just before I went to sleep. I'll leave this one to your imagination :p

Draper, would you like to post a link to you in an evening dress? ;)

By the way, while we're at it, where is the most weird place you have ever slept in?

30th Oct 2001, 21:50
I think we're designed that way.
We don't get cold like you.
That's why, when your bottom or feet or hands or nose are cold, you snuggle up to us.
And that's how babies come about.
At least that's what I heard, so beware.

tony draper
30th Oct 2001, 21:59
I'm afraid Draper does not show up in photographs or mirrors Mr T. ;)

ps, as a aside, my nephew had to go to one of them seventies parties, so I had a look in the depths of my wardrobe and found a beautiful hand made dark brown suit, slightly flaired bottoms wide lapels real quality,tried it on out of interest and lo, it still fitted like a glove, the waist could have done with being taken in by a inch or two.

pps, No way it would fit him as he is a very large policeman, did find a kipper tie and a pair of cowboy boots for him.
;) ;)

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30th Oct 2001, 22:15
I sleep in the nude. I rarely wear PJ's unless I know I'll be wandering around their place.
Cold? nah, I just make like a limpet to the bloke that is in bed with me ;) If no bloke, grab a cat :D

31st Oct 2001, 00:07
i do not sleep naked
what if i had to get up to go to the bathroom and the icky flatmate saw me! :eek:

i wear my nice warm and cozy pajamas. i have blue ones with a coffe cup print that say coffee please on them, pink ones with cups, clocks and toasters on that say wake up and of course my yellow pjs with the ducky print :)

i am considering getting some nice new satin pjs for summer
but of course they would have to be pretty too :cool:

Send Clowns
31st Oct 2001, 00:08
Very sexy BlueDiamond :D

Me - undies, generally (lived long time in shared accomodation at university and RN now in lodgings - underwear a real nuissance to find in the dark if I have to go for a pee).

{edited for finger trouble}

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31st Oct 2001, 01:43
No one's said it yet so I will.

I like to sleep in two things.

1. The nude


2. The wife :o


31st Oct 2001, 02:23
Some awful things called sleepshorts which Mrs Loki bought. She insists that I wear them, posing the "what if the house catches fire in the middle of the night" scenario. I believe she thinks I would be reluctant to rush out of the house au naturel, but she knows nothing of my secret life as an exhibitionist. Came close a few weeks ago when I had to hide the local papers from her.

Bird Strike
31st Oct 2001, 04:16
That reminds me ... my then husband-to-be (now my husband) and I were staying in a hotel and at around 3:00 am, the fire alarm started. Everyone was asked to come out of the room and report to the nearest assmbly point. (Of course, after reading the "Hotel Fire" thing on PPRuNe, we had checked the nearest exit and assembly point etc as soon as we got to our room like a good boy and a girl... ;) )

For some reason, neither of us could cope with the idea of being seen in our sleepwear by a big bunch of strangers (we forgot about the presence of dressing gowns), so we very quickly got dressed and got to the assmbly point. We were some of the first ones to get there (therefore the time it took us to get dressed would not have affected our chances of survival :p ) thanks to that PPRuNe thread. When more people arrived, we looked round and realised that we were about the only ones who were dressed.
(It turned out to be a false alarm, and the hotel gave everyone a decent bottle of wine as an apology. It wasn't bad!)

Are my husband and I the only ones who feel a bit embarrassed to be in public in our night attire then? (except those who sleep in the nude of course...)

31st Oct 2001, 04:21
My skin.

Habitual snuggler

tony draper
31st Oct 2001, 04:43
Huh!, I even take my skin off. ;)

31st Oct 2001, 04:44
Ah I remember all the false fire alarms at university.... Rather than what people were wearing it was far more interesting to see who appeared from which room! :D

31st Oct 2001, 07:27
Now, now Mr Draper. Who's being just a tad silly??
Why, I bet, that with all your postings, you don't sleep at all. Do you? Hmmmm? :eek:

What I can't understand is that while I sleep quite sensibly in the nude in our 25+C temperatures, Mrs Shooda finds it too cold if the fan's not turned down and she hasn't a sheet and doona for cover. I'm told this is not uncommon for the gentler sex (can I use that word here?). Can anyone confirm? or better...explain? :confused:

31st Oct 2001, 07:41
Cooda, I can't explain it...even with a smattering of medical knowledge...I shall look further into it tho...

From a personal point of view, yes, I have to have a sheet semi-over me at least. A doona in Darwin I could go without....AND I tend to get very cold in winter.....feet like little blocks of ice :)


31st Oct 2001, 07:45
Thanks Min
She's been doing it for over 20 years and its almost life's last big imponderable. :D

31st Oct 2001, 08:30
Np, Cooda...

As for what I sleep in...well..you now know I like a sheet at least, but as to what's under the sheet, I think that's best left to those who may find themselves under the sheet to discover for themselves...


Travelling Toolbox
31st Oct 2001, 09:03
Cooda Know just what you mean. The box my tool comes in has been doin' the same for 24 years. Even in climes similar to yours (up and to the right a bit from your locale) she would have the AC going at Mach 1 Brass Monkey setting and pull a doona on over the top! :eek: What's wrong with an open window, fresh night air, a bed sheet and a ceiling fan I ask yer?

31st Oct 2001, 09:18
Understand well. The worrying thing is...we don't have airconditioning :eek:

31st Oct 2001, 09:37
Well, Cooda - two complete opposites to report here. My mother is one of those mortals who suffers from the cold, even in a Western Australian summer.

It can be 30 degrees and 90 percent humidity at MIDNIGHT and she's STILL using the doona. :eek: :eek: :eek:

I'm at the other end of the scale with the air conditioner going full belt. Mr. Diamond thinks it's a little too much like the arctic circle for him and takes off for another room.

Which leaves me sitting in the king size bed (in my t-shirt) admiring the icicles developing on the ceiling. No doona, no sheet, no blanket, no bedsocks. Wonderful!!!!!
:cool: :cool: :cool:

31st Oct 2001, 11:32
Thanks Blue Diamond
Well bang goes the theory that its an x and y chromosome thing. And it doesn't appear to be hereditary. :confused:
At least I can rest assured that the light of my life is not a one off aberrant. :D :D

31st Oct 2001, 13:24
I slept in a pile of leaves once

31st Oct 2001, 15:32
i have slept in the boot of a diesel 205

31st Oct 2001, 17:30
Woke up in the dog's bed once. Very comfortable it was too.

Le Pen
31st Oct 2001, 17:44
Mrs. Le Pen if I'm home and nuffink if Im away :D

31st Oct 2001, 17:47
Long ago, after a hard night a partying I gave a platonic girlfriend a ride home.."You're too drunk to drive...let me.."
Passed out woke up on my back looking at her white canopy bed thinking.."Oh sh!t...I've really done it this time... got ourselves killed and I'm waking up in heaven!!!"

Currently, my wife accuses me of sleeping well enough clothed to withstand any weather outside of the house at anytime of the year...I don't know what she's getting at..but I will admit the workboots tear up the sheets some....

compressor stall
31st Oct 2001, 18:47
I have not slept in any form of clothing (whilst in a bed) since I was prepubescent, unless sharing a room with another bloke, then it would be a pair of boxers.

And as for the NT wet season, I used to love lying starkers on the bed sans sheet, and have the ceiling fan going. I suspended that for a couple of nights until I got a better mozzie coil though...three mozzie bites on the old feller. Must have been a good dream.

And for those in colder climes, if your doona (duvet for foreigners) does have enough insulating properties, then you will be warmer without clothing. The idea is to minimise the amount of air trapped under the doona with you, as that is what recycles out through the gaps letting the heat out. Efficient insulation expels this air, and the closer the doona is to your body, the warmer you will be. Fairydown, a well known sleeping bag manufacturer, actually did scientific tests supporting this theory.

I have slept far too many of nights naked in a sleepingbag in a tents or snowcaves or under the stars on glaciers in way subzero temps so I vouch that it works..... :)

31st Oct 2001, 20:56
Spot on compressor stall, naked under a duvet is the best way to kip.

I was found asleep balanced on a scaffolding pole in a snowstorm once. Wearing a full thermal suit on that occasion though.

1st Nov 2001, 08:13
I always sleep naked but on cold nights Ill slip on a pair of socks and a dick-cosey.

Strangest place Ive slept was on a mosquito-ridden filthey mattress behind a club outside in downtown Patpong dressed only in my underpants. That is a long bloodey storey!

Bird Strike
1st Nov 2001, 10:53

Let's hear this "bloodey long story" then! ;)

1st Nov 2001, 21:01
Wow, you lot clearly didn't go to a lot of festivals if those are the strangest places you've slept? :D I missed all the stairwells, porches, cleaning cabinets, couches, behind couches, in cars, railway stations, bridges, buses full of drunken finns, underwater movie theatres, cupboard drawers (don't ask!), rock formations etc., tents belonging to <insert subcultural group/ethnic group/religious cult/biker gang etc here>, kitchen of a friend of the ex's ex's current partners previous roomie, outdoor bus terminals in -5*C and so on.

Then add handling and you'll find cargo trolleys, cargo bays, couches and chairs being put to abnormal uses, ramps (ever sleep in front of a terminal while a Tu-144 is taxiing in to the gate right in front - without waking up? :D ), cargo trucks, the various places found in the cargo sorting areas, buses, trains, bus terminals... 13 hour shifts does a lot towards curing insomnia if you have a few in a row!

Did you know that five people can sleep in a 105 cm bed? But there has to be something on either side of it. :)

/ft, who needs his 25 hours/day of sleep

1st Nov 2001, 23:57
Well Birdey it involved a BKK strip-club, my out-of-date Visa credit card, 150 beers, 2 women, four 6ft7 very short-tempered bouncers, and me with only 400 baht to my name when it came time to settle my tab. You can figure out the rest! :eek:

tony draper
2nd Nov 2001, 01:31
Your lucky you didn't wake up with a sore bum Mr S, a sleeping arse carries no anchor lights as we used to say. ;)

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Send Clowns
2nd Nov 2001, 02:28
Mmmmmm, the thought of seeing Paddington evacuate in her nightwear ...

Anyway Bird Strike, what makes you think that we (as pilots) would be embarrassed o be seen in night attire even if it were ... well ... unattired?

2nd Nov 2001, 02:42
Ok...strangest place I have slept, or one of, is pillion on a motorbike going around 170km's.....the person riding it was amazed initially that I could do this, but soon got used to it. About 20minutes into any trip, I'd nod off :) And I never fell off...


2nd Nov 2001, 04:00
Wasn't it Marilyn Monroe who was asked what she wore in bed, and who replied "Chanel no. 5"?