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9th Feb 2004, 10:49
What's happened to Saddam since the Americans bought him off the Kurds? The press have had little to say on the subject, well at least the parts of the press that I am familiar with! (Sport, Mail and Sky News)

tony draper
9th Feb 2004, 15:03
He's been signed up for" I'm a Dictator, get me out of here".
I would like to have seen Ant and Deck meet Saddam and his sons a few years ago,but alas it was not to be, never mind perchance Drapes shall run into them one dark night with a machette in his hand.

Anthony Carn
9th Feb 2004, 17:54
I sincerely hope that Saddam is being treated in the same way that he and his regime treated others.

So let me see............

One ear nailed to a wet wall. Electric current applied to wall.

Fingers dissolved in acid.

Spine severed after repeated lashings with a thin, whetted cane.

Teeth pulled out.

(Some examples from media reports.)

Before anyone accuses me of being no better than Saddam, I'll save you the bother and state that I don't care. He started it.

9th Feb 2004, 18:45
Well I'm guessing he'll be a useful electioneering tool, hence it's all gone quiet now so Joe Public doesn't lose interest in his fate too soon.

I doubt Blair'll get a look in as the Parliamentary elections are too far down the road. I'm sure there'll be some highly visible TV trial, complete with graphic evidence of the former friend's tyranny, during Bush's re-election campaign though.

Looks like Kerry is getting some momentum behind him so it'll be interesting to see when they wheel the bogeyman out. Timing is all.



Onan the Clumsy
9th Feb 2004, 20:47
Shouldn't that be "Mr. Sadam"? :8

9th Feb 2004, 21:41
Reckon the Powers-that-Be wants us to forget that SH even existed as soon as possible now nothing much has changed, despite the promises by the so called experts, well, how much promises came true? Especially after almost half the Kurdish Leadership have been blown into pieces by a suicide bomber and David Kay's message.

Having not captured him would have been even better, who else to blame now? Oops, BL is still at large...

9th Feb 2004, 23:21
Maybe he's rehersing for his next South Park episode!?

"You like that, don't you b!tch!!!!!"

10th Feb 2004, 03:16
Unless he is currently helping the FBI as a key-witness in upcoming RICO charges...?:*

10th Feb 2004, 08:13
He will be assisting into enquiries into how Osama is causing all that civil unrest in Iraq (US claim) and also about how the news from the US supported Pakistan Dictatorship leaked info on nuclear weapons to Iraq and Korea......BWAHAHAHA! PATHETIC!!!:mad:

10th Feb 2004, 09:59
Or maybe the Feds haven't finished kicking the bejeezus out of him yet in a vain attempt to find out where all the dirty money went... just maybe?

Cynical...who. me? surely you jest Sir!