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30th Oct 2001, 15:57
feeton is lovely.

Melaniexxxxxxxx :) :)

30th Oct 2001, 16:02
Mel....for heavens sake...take off the rose coloured glasses!!! Or did he pay you to say that??

Watch out...it won't be long before he's wanting you to do the ironing...!


Feeton Terrafirma
30th Oct 2001, 16:03
awwwwwww Mel hunny :o

You got me all embarassed now.

Mel you are lovely too ;)

Feeton Terrafirma
30th Oct 2001, 16:13
Oh, BTW Mel, can you iron?

uh dosenmada, we'll get Min to iron for us! ;)

30th Oct 2001, 17:41
feeton, what is an iron?
nurries, Min.I dont wanna wash his socks, I just wanna s**g him
Melanie Terrafirmaxx :eek: :eek: :eek:

just kidding, feeton

Celtic Emerald
30th Oct 2001, 22:50
Gees Fee

Who's the star struck admirer?


30th Oct 2001, 22:58
Congrats Feet !

Found someone who'd take ya, eh ?

Good for you, and have fun ! :cool:

(saw the pics, smart to keep 'm fuzzy.)

30th Oct 2001, 23:06
If I need to know anything about Aussie men, I consult the greatest living female authority on the subject. A lifetime of experience, yours for the price of a JD & coke.

30th Oct 2001, 23:15
I don't need to know anything about Aussie men, PP - that authority of yours on the subject has moved herself over here! :D

30th Oct 2001, 23:21
Huh? Jazzi has moved to the UK ;)
Excellent :D
Nah, I consider myself learned, not the greatest living expert.... ;)

31st Oct 2001, 01:10
those that can do.....

those that can't ...fantasize about being from down under... :cool: (note the US spelling..)

feeton's lost lovechild
31st Oct 2001, 02:04
Daddy is the best ;)

Now can I have my flying lessons

Feeton Terrafirma
31st Oct 2001, 13:50

I'm not really clear about this you understand but I thought you had to do stuff to begat a love child?

And doing stuff is supposed to be a lot more fun than adoption too. (or so I'm told)

Hey Mel hunny, when can we do stuff?? We're allowed to now we're officially hitched in chat ;)

Celtic Emerald
31st Oct 2001, 21:09
Hey Tamara

Fees got plenty of loves in his life. If ya don't mind playing second fiddle to a wife, three sons, a gorgeous house and his car collection you should be away in a hack pet :D

Opps sorry left out the computers! :eek:

Sorry Fee. Couldn't resist it!


1st Nov 2001, 18:35

A lifetime of experience, yours for the price of a JD & coke

Is she having a half-price sale or wot? :eek: :D

1st Nov 2001, 20:23
Redsnail - I should have added "presently in the UK"! And of course, you've now expanded your repertoire to include the kilt and the man within...

1st Nov 2001, 21:16
Surely we'll find out all about Aussie men on Nov 10th. And they will find out all about Englishmen.

It will be interesting...

Feeton Terrafirma
3rd Nov 2001, 14:20
Well, as an Aussie male, I am well able to comment on Aussie female's, however it's the Pommy females that continue to amaze me. Yeah alright, one in particular.

Melanie, where are you hunny? :confused: