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Feeton Terrafirma
30th Oct 2001, 15:29
Just when the rest of the world is reving up to Windows XP (or not) a new version of the old faithful Windows 2000 has emerged. Specifically for those in the northern regions of the British Isles.

Check it out (

tony draper
30th Oct 2001, 15:39
Reet, me in thu uther big lads iz ganna git yee at playtime. ;)

30th Oct 2001, 15:54
Very funny, Feeton.........
good thing i love you so much.
remember Im a lass from northern England..........
Melanie Terrafrimaxxxxxxxxxx :p :p :p

30th Oct 2001, 16:27
Tamara/Melanie ... in that case, you and I have probably already met up there then? ;) I've haunted Geordieland a bit in the last two years...

Ooops, I just had a thought - what if you and I are related? :D

Tarbender ... how could you "marry" this sheila and not know where she comes from? :p

31st Oct 2001, 19:10
:D :D :D :D

Evening Star
31st Oct 2001, 20:53
Look out, Biffa Draper is looking for yur :D

tony draper
31st Oct 2001, 21:03
Whereabouts in the North are you from Miss T,
Geordie citizenship is awarded to very few, and only those who hail from a specific area.

1st Nov 2001, 03:22
Feeton, havn't laughed so much in ages.

Well done for sharing it!

le loup garou
1st Nov 2001, 06:19
Feeton, V.V.funny !! I didn't realise you and Tamara are cousins.

Feeton Terrafirma
1st Nov 2001, 13:58
Hey le loup garou I should point out that Tamara is better known these days as Mrs Terrafirma, so I hope we're not cousins too

And Ozmate I know where Mel comes from, what I don't know is where Geordieland starts as you move north.... :confused:

tony draper
1st Nov 2001, 16:17
To become a Geordie Citizen one has to be able to pee into the Tyne from ones birthplace, thats why there are fewer female Geordies than male Geordies.
Of course with the advent of modern sewage sytems, lots more folks claim Geordiehood nowadays. ;)

1st Nov 2001, 18:29
Why-Aye man! Niwa forget ya Geordie! :eek:

Dave Hedgehog
2nd Nov 2001, 03:06
Give me Toxic Smog anyday, none of this overpriced Geordie stuff. Its all overrated anyway. Did you know that Newcastle has sold its first Million Pound flat? Much to expensive, especially when you consider Tony Drapers lurking...

Naah, come to Teesside with the Toxic Smog and 3-eyed fish, you can't go wrong! :D


tony draper
2nd Nov 2001, 03:26
TEESIDE,bloody hell, nuff said.
The Taliban drop Sarin there nobody would notice, besides Teesider's would be immune. ;)
Worked there for a bloke there called Mike Danniels, biggest scallyway I've ever met, and I've spent a lot of time working in prisons. ;)

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Charlie Foxtrot India
2nd Nov 2001, 18:22
Eh, ow about a Scouse vehsion arrite?

Have they all been nicked or wha' ??

tony draper
2nd Nov 2001, 19:44
Nowthen, nowthen,Day do do dat dont day. ;)