View Full Version : AN/NZ - who's to blame

30th Oct 2001, 10:50
Received this masterly summary of the AN/NZ fiasco from my brother-in-law from NZ (He has nothing to do with avaition - is a farmer)resulting in who is to blame.

"Have you been able to follow whats been happening with the airline business here. First five business men bought Ansett New Zealand then went bust. Then Air New Zealand bought Ansett Australia which then managed to get all its aircraft grounded in the middle of the holiday period. Things were sounded a little bit rough for Air New Zealand so they wanted to get Singapore Airlines to buy more shares. They had to ask the government for permision which took the usual amount of stuffing around. During which time the shares went down from $1.30 to $1. Rumours starting going around that Ansett Australia was costing them a million dollars a day. Singapore Airlines decided to pull out, followed by Ansett Australia going bust, followed by Air New Zealand shares dropping to 18 cents, followed by Air New Zealand recording the biggest lose of any NZ company, followed by the government having to inject 500 million to keep the airline flying. See what happens when you let a girlie run the country."