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8th Feb 2004, 19:57
Well, urm, for those with broadband a little bit of Fox:
Fox report (http://blugg.com/stuff/foxs_view_of_the_bbc_player.htm)


and for something a bit nicer:
Sand art on an OHP (http://www.pureesoiree.be/Post/?P_ID=2207)

I wonder, do you think the Fox reporter has Andrew Gilligan and George Galloway confused?

8th Feb 2004, 21:07
Nice example of what Murdoch has in store for us, if he and the rest of the agenda-heavy anti-BBC lobby ever get their way (which they won't).

Balanced, objective fair reporting? They've heard of it..

8th Feb 2004, 21:32
I saw that a while ago. To be honest I think 116 a year to pay for a TV licence looks like a good deal.

Onan the Clumsy
8th Feb 2004, 21:50
Hey look. He has a flaaaag in his lapel.

8th Feb 2004, 22:14
It is truly scary to think that people might watch that, believe it as the truth and form opinions on it. Too late! SC already did! :ooh: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggghhhhhhhhh! Even scarier is that they might then actually go out and take executive action on it. GW, are you reading this?

If so, your lips are probably moving as you do so...

How easy is it to tell a blatant lie and have enough people believe it?

8th Feb 2004, 22:41
"How easy is it to tell a blatant lie and have enough people believe it?"

YOu oughta ask the BBC :D hehe

:E :E :cool:

8th Feb 2004, 22:42
And which lie is that? Would you care to compare the lies told by the Beeb with those told by your President, the monkey and his pet poodle?

9th Feb 2004, 00:04
my president is in austria :)

I was just making conversation :ok:

Send Clowns
9th Feb 2004, 00:07
This report is apallingly biased, and barely-concealed business manoeuvring for share of the media market. The problem is that the Beeb did do some of what he said.

I am not talking about the Kelly issue, the BBC's error there was in not backing down on the couple of errors it did make, and not investigating the issue properly before defending Gilligan. The report was not an especially bad piece of journalism. I am talking about the overall reporting. In the clearest, uncontestable example BBC genuinely were reporting that the Americans weren't in Baghdad as Sky news showed pictures of M1 tanks in the streets, as this 'reporter' mentions. The BBC also genuinely did describe 2 deaths as "the worst possible news". They were wrong in much of their coverage.

This all started much earlier of course, in late September 2001 when they managed to stuff a TV audience with rude, arrogant, obnoxious anti-American extremists who seriously upset the US ambassor (? or similar representative, I cannot remember) who had just seen his nation attacked. The extremists' attitude also turned out to be completely false. Even the BBC felt compelled to apologise for that one, but it shows their attitude, which did not improve.

So while I deplore the attitude of this snide, self-righteous piece, it is little different in essence to the way the BBC has acted, and at least this is a private company, we are not forced to pay for the propoganda.

9th Feb 2004, 00:26
The report is entirely accurate, however it actually pertains to a seperate timeline where Huggy was the director General of the BBC during the period covered. :ok:

Evidently other Universes are accessible through the ether of the WWW. :p

Seeing as though Murdoch owns a great deal of the news media in direct competition to the BBC the report isn't surprising, however it is difficult not to think that Auntie has brought this situation on itself.

Hutton saving the Labour party's bacon is having some unforeseen effects, though I assume that the average American is bright enough not to link the attitudes of the BBC to those of the British public, however they are portrayed.

I can't help but get the vivid impression that Americans are starting to consider western Europe as a somewhat backward pesterential relative. Bit like a mad old left wing Auntie ranting endlessly about how she would have done everything so much better perhaps.

Beat me to the punch SC. Its rather difficult to forgive, or to forget, the BBC making the american ambassador cry....