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The Guvnor
29th Oct 2001, 20:46
School holidays had just begun, and Anne and George (not forgetting Timmy the dog) were at the railway staion excitedly awaiting the arrival of Anne's brothers, Julian and Dick.

"Ooh, look" said Anne, waving frantically "There they are! I can see them!"

As the little train puffed to a halt, the two boys tumbled out.

"You, there," called Julian to a porter. "Have someone take our trunks to Kirrin Cottage, will you, there's a good chap"

The porter touched his cap. "Aye, young sir, that I will", and shuffled off to do what he had been bidden.

Dick gave his sister, cousin and of course Timmy a big hug each. "I say, it's splendid to see you all again!" he said. "Do you think that we'll have our usual exciting adventures, same as we always do?"

"Oh no, I hope not!" cried Anne, as they headed off to Kirrin Cottage. "You know how much I hate them!"

Julian looked fondly at his little sister. "Well, you're usually the one that manages to save us all" he grinned. Anne smiled, weakly. She did miss her brothers!

George spoke up. "Mother says that we are going to have to camp out now the weather's good, as Father has a visitor from Europe coming this week. He forgot all about you chaps coming!"

The boys laughed. Their Uncle Quentin might well be one of the most brilliant scientists in the Empire, but he was most frightfully absent minded!

The smell of home cooking greeted them as they opened the door at Kirrin Cottage. "Mmm, smells good!" said Julian.

"Yes, beats school food any day", echoed Dick, as he went through to the kitchen to give Joan, the Cook, a hug.

"Ooh, Master Dick, I swear you get bigger every time I see you" laughed Joan.

"Not really, I need some of your delicious cakes and tarts first!" said Dick with a smile, as Joan took a still-warm treacle tart off the shelf and cut slices for all the children, drenching them in thick, fresh cream.

As they tucked in, the door opened and George's mother came in. "Hello, Dick; hello Julian", she smiled.

"Hello Aunt Fanny" they chorused.

"Now, did the girls tell you that your Uncle Quentin has a very important visitor arriving tomorrow?" she asked. The boys nodded.

"It's Professor Tony Draper, who is coming all the way over from Zurich" she said. Dick's mouth fell open.

"You mean the Professor Tony Draper, the great quantum physicist that rubbished Einstein's Theory of Relativity, proving that E=MC3?" he gasped.

"That's right", his aunt nodded. "And now he and your Uncle Quentin have been commanded by His Majesty to solve the conumdrum that has been puzzling scientists for the last century".

The children gasped, simultaneously.

"You mean..." said Anne.

"...the puzzle that even baffled Sherlock Holmes..." interjected Dick.

"...and Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple..." continued Julian

"...the mystery of the missing Greenwich Meridian?" concluded George, her eyes round.

"That's right," said Aunt Fanny. "Now, who's for some ginger beer?"