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tony draper
29th Oct 2001, 16:59
Don't want to highjack Ding's thread,
what is your favorite smell?, I love the smell of Creosote, and other hydrocarbons like crude oil, don't know why.
Puppies also I love the smell of puppies, I would carry a puppy round in my pocket take it out and sniff it every now and then,but people would probably think I was strange. ;)
I understand smells are processed in the deepest most ancient part of the brain, the reticular system I think, and this area is associated with very vivid memories, so smells often trigger memories of important evens in your life.

29th Oct 2001, 17:06
Draper, I didn't think you were allowed anywhere near puppies? Especially not after the "broken pilot" thread? ;)

My list:-
A F1 racetrack
Fresh bread
L'Eau D'Issay on an ex-g/f
Clean sheets

29th Oct 2001, 17:11
Newly cut grass.

Jet exhaust.

Clean babies (I'm sure there's a good chat up line in that somewhere).

Their mothers ( ;) hehehe).

Baking bread.

Frying onions or garlic.

29th Oct 2001, 17:16
I personnaly like:

*smell of petrol (is that strange);
*smell of Jasmin in the evening;
*smell of my man;
*smell of the air after the rain in countryside

Those are my favourites! :)

The Guvnor
29th Oct 2001, 17:48
I love the smell of Jet A1 in the morning. It smells like ... aviation.

29th Oct 2001, 18:00
My kids' hair right after it's been shampooded and dried

Line-dried sheets- hard to do when the homeowner's association say no clotheslines. Thankfully, my wife's a suburban rebel.

Jet Fuel- I know- but you don't have to fly to appreciate it-do you?

Mothballs or something like it. Brings me right back to my grandparents apartment in the city.

A new cars insides.

The ocean salt.

Anything being baked.

Thai food.


A properly made gin and tonic.

Tony D.- I'll take exception to the puppy part- but then again mine get's into the woods and finds really (and I do mean REALLY)disgusting things to roll in. I gave two baths yesterday. :) :)

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29th Oct 2001, 18:08
Fresh bread
Fresh coffee
Frying onions
Frying bacon
Freshly mown grass
Eternity by Calvin Klein (on me)
Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (on him)
Fresh basil

Not necessarily in that order.

29th Oct 2001, 18:49
The smell that comes off kids when they been playing outside in cold weather
That pungent mixture of jet fuel, diesel, a tinge of decay, baked earth and exotic blossoms that hits you in the face when you open the AC door on the African continent. Don't know why. but it always makes me happy :)
Smoke from a wood fire when walking through the snow
Fresh clean sweat on a man when he's been out running or chopping wood.
White laundry after it's been flapping in a strong breeze. Mr40 once had me do a blindfold test, and I can without fail smell the difference between coloured and white. (and no, it's not different detergent! ;)
Low tide at the sea shore in any cold climate.
The vague aroma of cowsh!t tha hangs over my home country every spring. Love it! :D
The Lillies of the Valley that cover our the hill next to our house a few weeks a year. Dizzyingly delicious.
Human skin after a swim in the sea and a lie in the sun. Sensuous........
Walking down a busy shopping street in any Latin country, (Europe or South America) the smell of all those clean and well washed people wearing all sorts of cologne's. High feel-good factor :)
Rain on a hot summer's day.

29th Oct 2001, 19:56
I love the smell of napalm in the morning , smells like victory.
Who said that ?.

Lima Xray
29th Oct 2001, 20:28
Excuse me.......what about smells associated with hormones...... :p

29th Oct 2001, 21:52
From the above, it sounds like Jet A1 exhaust has something hormonal about it (and I thought I was unique in liking that smell).

Maybe Chanel could bottle it :)

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29th Oct 2001, 22:16
I must say that I can only endorse the feelings of the jet fuel fanciers. Just one whiff brings all sorts of memories flooding back. Ditto diesel exhaust in tiny quantities(think boats Herr Draper)

Otherwise, Amyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate (pear drops and bananas), Linseed oil, Chanel 5, the smell of new money, and coffee.

tony draper
29th Oct 2001, 22:27
Cigars and pipes, other people smoking them ,not me.
Steam trains, years since I had a sniff of a steam locomotive, a unique aroma, the driver of the Sir Nigel Gresley, let Draper on the foot plate when he was a tadpole, still remember that burning coal, oil and steam smell. ;)

30th Oct 2001, 01:00
There was a pretty unique smell in a Rapide, dope and avgas, similar sort of smell in a Dak, with probably a tang of that red hydraulic fluid and the leather seats. Now that's a smell to take one back.

Rain on the dry earth, woodsmoke or burning leaves in Autumn, smell of newly mown grass. Cordite on the range, smell of wet snow, yes it does smell too. Smell of seaspray and seaweed, leafmould in a forest, smell of cows at milking time. Coffee drying on the racks after fermentation and pulping, smell of a womans hair, Ma Griffe, Caleche, L'air du Temps. Leopards P**s , watch out and back off when you smell that one.

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30th Oct 2001, 01:21
A beautiful woman in leather.
-cos it makes her smell of a new car.

30th Oct 2001, 01:21
Old books
Old cars and aircraft
New exercise books and Quink ink (from school days)
The woods in autumn
Freshly sawn wood, many diferent fragrances there
I agree about the rain on a summer's day - Lovely!
And bacon. Anyone want to get together to make some bacon?


30th Oct 2001, 01:56
Another vote for rain on a summer's day
Fresh bread
Good coffee
Perfumes I like
Clean babies esp with Baby talc
The sea/beach

30th Oct 2001, 01:59
Jet A1 of course particularly at an airport. It has so many associations for the likes of us, no wonder we like it.

The smell on calm days from a biscuit factory miles away. It's wonderful.

The smell of babies, it has to be instinctive.

The smell of unsmoked tobacco, oddly I don't smoke.

Bally Heck
30th Oct 2001, 06:22
The smell of your own. Magnificent!!

Trouble is, if you subsequently find out someone else dropped it, it can give you the dry boke. :eek:

30th Oct 2001, 08:18
The smell of my old Bonneville ('74 T140)after a hard run back from Whim Creek.

My leathers when I hang them up afterwards.

Travelling Toolbox
30th Oct 2001, 08:33
Widgeon.It was Robert Duvall in "A cock up now" errr I mean Appocolypse Now.

Agree with all the above:

One that you don't get very often - the smellof a new aeroplane!!

30th Oct 2001, 22:20
I have a question:

Why do womens perfumes smell of flowers and stuff? I`m sure the ladies would get more attention if there was one which smelled of new car interior.

Lima Xray
31st Oct 2001, 00:53
No matter how I smell I wash every month!! :D :D

31st Oct 2001, 03:27
I don't mind the smell of sweat as long as it's not mine !!!!!!

31st Oct 2001, 10:06
Steam engines, Jet A1, a warm gun, frying onions, ripe durians, creosote, the cockpit of a Hawker Hunter, a blast furnace, a woman's hair, a freshly bathed baby, fish and chips, anything baking, roasting beef, my Gran's old pinny...

Yep! Draper has it right, the sense of smell is primaeval all right. I remember why I like the smell of elderberries and grass but I'm not telling!

Through difficulties to the cinema

tony draper
31st Oct 2001, 12:13
Ah yes, cordite, loved that smell, this being firearm free England its a long time since Draper sniffed that. ;)

31st Oct 2001, 12:53
What you don't want is a class of 30 lower fourth's female students last period of the day,mid summer after they've had an hour of PE. :mad: :( :( :(

31st Oct 2001, 13:38
Lilac bushes when the flowers bloom.
Spent diesel. ( amazing stuff )
Burned jet fuel. ( I see a pattern developing here )
Womens hair, I don't know how you ladies do it but I haven't found a lady yet with bad smelling hair.
Cold, crisp air and smoke from a wood fire. ( somehow increases my lung capacity and muscle endurance and can keep me running, walking, X/C skiing, etc... almost endlessly )
As draper mentioned before puppies. ( rotten puppy breath and all )
An outdoor grill with a few steaks dripping on the hot coals.
A bowling alley. ( yeah you heard me, a bowling alley )
Sore muscle rub. ( I guess I always associate it with my grandmother ) :)
(friction) burned tire rubber.
Burned two cycle oil.

31st Oct 2001, 14:18
lemmon trees
Two stroke smoke ( with or without cut grass)
Burnt rubber
Brake linings, accompanied by the occasional tick of an engine cooling.
Honeysucle (sp ??)
Gun smoke,but not from that crap chinese stuff.
Young's 303 gun oil
Rain after a long dry spell.

Joe Bolt
1st Nov 2001, 00:48
Agree with Gog about 2-stroke smoke, especially if the engine is being run on Castrol R.

I also like unburned cigarettes, and will often sit sniffing one if offered.

1st Nov 2001, 02:16
Has to be,

Jet A1
Deep-heat spray
Fresh bakery products

Mirkin About
1st Nov 2001, 03:12
How many thought it was just one thread title yesterday? Thats when this thread and the Underwear thread were strategically positioned one after the other. :D :D :D

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1st Nov 2001, 06:34
I love the smell of 100-130 and 60Wt being pumped through a Pratt & Whitney R2800-CB16. Now that's Bloody Heaven! :rolleyes:

1st Nov 2001, 08:27
Heres a mystery: why is it you can stand the smell of your own farts but cant stand the stench coming from someone elses @rsehole, even though it may have the same chemical content and stink?

1st Nov 2001, 10:42
Slash -
The theory I heard is that it's an instinct thing, that the owner of each fart is curious to smell it, in order to assess the state of their guts. Most of us aren't too interested in anyone else's insides, so our brain doesn't process the smell the same way.
I've been told that there's even a line in a Shakespeare play that goes something like "Tis only a man that liketh the smell of his own farte"...this may not be true.
:) :) :D

1st Nov 2001, 14:10
One more!!!

The smell of the ocean...

compressor stall
1st Nov 2001, 15:53
The morning after. You are sitting in bed, and can still smell her aroma lingering on your nose and face after dining in at the 'Y' the previous evening.

After a night with a women of stunningly beautiful scent (and sadly that is only about 23.077% of the population according to a quick mental survey of those I remember) it is one of the most erotic and sensuous moments imaginable.

1st Nov 2001, 17:06
One from my (distant) childhood..

My toy pistol after firing off a round of caps. Can you still get them?

1st Nov 2001, 23:48
Thanks Eagle. I remember a mate and me one night eatin the same pizza and garlic bread and downing the same beers. Later in the wee hours while we were at home kickin on, we both started farting, yet even though they were born of the same food and mustve stunk the same, we both couldnt stand the stench of each others trumpet blasts. So you may be right.

2nd Nov 2001, 00:15
sex, obviuosly.
curry, from anything up to 3 miles away, makes me hungry even when i'm not.
real christmas tree's, to zap me back to childhood inocence.
amsterdam coffee house's to zap me back to when i truly lost above inocence.
sweet,hot summer night air.
pubs, with a real fire and the air's gone cold.
and finaly home, when i've had a truly,truly awfull day.

2nd Nov 2001, 00:23
A proper Boddies pub in the afternoon while everybody else is still at work

Any pub in the morning - stale beer, stale fags (smells nothing like its constituent parts!)

A box of electronic anythings just after the lid's been opened

(M9 - you just took me back 30 years!!)

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Travelling Toolbox
2nd Nov 2001, 08:08

"After a night with a women of stunningly beautiful scent (and sadly that is only about 23.077% of the population according to a quick mental survey of those I remember) it is one of the most erotic and sensuous moments imaginable."

Hey! Don't be so frivolous with the stats. We want a more ACCURATE statement than that around here thank you. :D :D

Windy Militant
2nd Nov 2001, 18:21
Fresh Baked bread.

The Coffee Roaster in the window of the deli on Muswell Hill Broadway. (Reminds me of holidays as a brat).

The smell of hot steel during Mig welding.

Following a lorry load of cider apples on my Bike one autumn afternoon.

Taking the Bike for a blast after "Gunking" the engine. (Proprietary degreaser sold in UK)

Sitting near the lake "esses" at Aberdare Park breathing in the R 30 (Castrol that is).

The spray off the sea on Penbryn beach.

The smell of freshly churned earth, mushed grass, methanol and hot oil. Did a bit of grass tracking year's back.

That tingle that you get when the first hint of autumn creeps into the air as evening settles in.

Bacon sarnies any time anywhere.


Feeton Terrafirma
4th Nov 2001, 12:28
Well the top of my list doesn't seem to rate at all here but:

The sent of a woman (or my fingers) during or just after sex
the smell of approaching rain on a hot day
the smell of my new car (it has dead cow on the seats too :) )
mexican food - any sort
fresh bread
hot coffee
yeah Jet A1 too

Transition Layer
4th Nov 2001, 12:51

# The smell of freshly mown grass in summer...bring on the willow and leather

# Jet A1 - definitely the smell of success for any budding young aviator

# Numerous female fragrances (provided they're being work by a woman...preferably in my arms :) ) In particular, Coolwater by Davidoff.

# The smell in summer just before it's about to p**s down with rain.

# Baileys...but I love the taste as well!


4th Nov 2001, 13:19
The smell of a forest after rain
Jet A1,
Trains that run on diesel
Fresh Bread, Coffee and grinded coffee beans
Toffee Tobacco ('m not even a smoker)
Christmas tree
Vegetable Soup
womens hair (including pubic) :D

4th Nov 2001, 13:23
question; who owns XZ431? A bottle of Port for the right answer.

4th Nov 2001, 15:49
Royal Military History and Army Museum, Brussels, but still stored at RAF MArham at present

Niaga Dessip
6th Nov 2001, 01:43
MARINER9 - Brilliant! I remember those caps from my youth in the States. Haven't seen them in a long time.

How about:

Burning leaves in autumn
stored apples in a barn or shed


6th Nov 2001, 02:00

6th Nov 2001, 08:32
Hot brakes, especially of the carbon/brake fan variety.

6th Nov 2001, 15:37
Oi! frontwheel! Where's me bottle of Port?

Baby Boo
6th Nov 2001, 19:48
Sigh...the smell of Romance by Ralph Lauren on my darling. I can just stick my nose and park it by his neck all day. And he let's me too! Heh! I like! :D

9th Nov 2001, 04:04
perryoaks on a saturday mornin