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29th Oct 2001, 15:28
this is about perfume or whatever you call it to make you feel manly ;)

what do you use?????

i noticed that someone mentioned using brut. thats like blue stratos, old spice etc isn't it? cheap and nasty i suspect :p

well whatever does it for you :D

as for me well i have a perfume called fetish i was given for christmas. but i don't use it much. often i just wear my deoderant which smells like teatree.
i like scents like vanilla and i have a body scrub and a moisturizer that are raspberry scented. its really nice :)

ok now everyone share their info :cool:

tony draper
29th Oct 2001, 16:03
Draper loves the smell of Crude oil and creosote, black and decker make a deoderant based on these called Clarts. ;)

29th Oct 2001, 16:03
Hi Karate!

29th Oct 2001, 16:12
What kind of fetish DD? Shoes? :D:

I like Emporio, for Men that is. Don't know what's in it but the ladies love it. :cool:

Mount'in Man
29th Oct 2001, 16:15
Ding honey,

Some years ago my wife said I should use a good after-shave and deodorant instead of the trash they sell at Wal-Mart. She said she would get me some next time she was downtown. Well you wouldn’t believe it; I came back from a trip away, plumb tuckered out.

The next morning I had an early sked. I staggered around the bathroom in the half dark and found a new bottle of ‘after-shave’. I sprayed it on and for the rest of the day got some real cozy looks from the head stewardess. The cockpit crew couldn’t get the grins off their faces and kept muttering to themselves.

Wasn’t until I got back a few days later that I found I had used my daughter’s underarm deodorant as after-shave – some brand called Femfresh. Sure smelled good!

29th Oct 2001, 17:47
I use some stuff known as Renepogel ;)

Best read backwards.

29th Oct 2001, 18:09
I can tell you what I relly hate! I really, really hate the smell called "MUSK"!! Oh, God, how very sick that smell makes me feel! I don't understand why perfumes with musk are supposed to turn men on? Why?? It's disgusting!

But me, I like to wear perfume which suits my mood at that time. Sometimes I like Hugo Boss Women (I like when He wears Men version), sometimes Romance, oh, many different.

But actually I love nice smelling men, that really turns me on! Doesn't matter how cool or good-looking or intelligent he is if he smells of "Yakkh"!

29th Oct 2001, 19:28
Two of the nicest after-shaves would have to be "Le Male" by Jean Paul Gaultier and "Cool Water" by ????

Real turn-around-and-follow-him-for-another-sniff stuff. "Fahrenheit is also rather nice.

For me it's "Eternity" by Calvin Klein and I very rarely use anything else. I don't like sweet perfumes and, like Sweety, don't like musky scents at all.

29th Oct 2001, 21:30

29th Oct 2001, 23:39
I use a cheeky little after shave! Cool Water :D I like it & well......um....er so does someone else! :rolleyes:

30th Oct 2001, 01:32
Blue Diamond,Cool Water is by Davidoff I think. Yes, yummie......... :D

And I have to confess that smelling Gaultier on a passing bloke still brings back fond memories of "Trips with The Captain". ;) :D :cool:

tony draper
30th Oct 2001, 01:39
Old Spice, thats the earliest aftershave that I can remember, that smell always reminds me of pay of day on a ship. ;)

henry crun
30th Oct 2001, 01:54
The same subject came up at work once.
One of our lady assistants said the only stuff she used was toilet water.

The boss then asked her how she scooped it out of the bowl........!

30th Oct 2001, 02:48
For me: Estee Lauder "Pleasures", Hugo Boss "Woman", Issey Miyake "L'Eau d'Issey". They're basically all I wear (well..apart from clothes of course!)

For him: Giorgio Armani "Aqua di Gio".


30th Oct 2001, 03:46
I wear Hugo Boss ...

Smells great when 'sweated' onto the body of another ...

30th Oct 2001, 16:35
Blue ... now you know what to buy me for Christmas! :D

min ... feel free to bring my Chrissy pressy to Cairns with you. I promise not to mind having Christmas in January! ;)

30th Oct 2001, 16:46
I like Cool Water too, apparently many women prefer the male version of Cool Water to the female.

The Groover
30th Oct 2001, 17:01
Tweed............by Launtheric
Gets me goin' every time !


That's the way it's goin' down...........baby

30th Oct 2001, 17:10
I haven't smelt "Cool Water", but think I shall make a point of it...

I have to say...I like "Aqua di Gio" so much I'm even tempted to buy it for myself...


30th Oct 2001, 17:22
I like Allure by Channel. But the bottle seems to last for so long that it will be ages before I can justify buying another 30 bottle of aftershave! :D

30th Oct 2001, 17:46
It's a deal, OzE but only if you let me apply it for you ... in all the right places of course. :D

30th Oct 2001, 18:09
Don't know if the following made it internationally, but I remember a women's fragrance from the 70's with the cunning title of TRAMP!!!
I suspect some of you outside the U.K. may be unaware that this word is commonly used to describe a vagrant/hobo/bum and therefore the suggested odour is stale urine,sweat and methylated spirits...mmm ;)

30th Oct 2001, 18:36
"Tramp" is also the term for a young lady who is no better than she should be! :D

30th Oct 2001, 18:58
or no worse???!

M. :)

31st Oct 2001, 01:36
i am sure i once saw a bottle of some rugby afershave stuff
said something about being good for scoring :rolleyes:

31st Oct 2001, 03:14
"Cool water" bij Davidoff did some wonders for male bonding ahum :eek:

Bird Strike
31st Oct 2001, 21:54
Estee Lauder Pleasures for me.
Dior Fahrenheit for my hubby.

Biggles Flies Undone
31st Oct 2001, 22:16
Used to use Hilfiger but been hooked on Fahrenheit for a couple of years now. Christian Dior also make a top ladies fragrance which brings back some very happy memories ;) :D

Le Pen
31st Oct 2001, 23:24
Opium Pour Homme (Thats for men Bio :rolleyes: )

Gets Mrs. Le Pens juices flowing every time :D