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7th Feb 2004, 22:40
I bought one of those bread mixes yesterday and the instructions said to knead for 10 minutes. Can anyone tell me exactly how one 'kneads'?

How is it done??

Anyway, the bread, which I mixed some sun dried tomatoes into, came out quite well, in spite of my incompetent kneading!

7th Feb 2004, 23:01
Techchick, because I think you’re a very nice person I will tell you the real truth before the thread gets way out of line.

After you have combined all of the ingredients called for, place the dough on a lightly floured surface; a large wooden cutting board is best.

Lightly flour the dough and start folding, and then flattening then folding the dough back into a large ball, repeat this process over and over again for the required time. You will need to re-flour the dough and surface occasionally anytime the dough gets sticky.

This process allows air to be incorporated into the dough allowing the bread to rise higher and be lighter.



tony draper
7th Feb 2004, 23:29
I usta love kneading the dough TC,tiz almost a sensuous experience, sometimes the cook at sea would give us a bash at it, actually when I think about it, he was prolly after voluteers anyway.
Tiz a skill that would be very very difficult to learn from a book methinks,TC, (Oh! the M word).
Yer really needs someone who really kneads to show you.


The Invisible Man
7th Feb 2004, 23:48
Hope this helps Techchick:zzz:


Onan the Clumsy
7th Feb 2004, 23:51
How do I answer this? :E

surely not
8th Feb 2004, 00:30
However you (k)need to Onan!

Onan the Clumsy
8th Feb 2004, 01:43
Perhaps I'll just answer it on my own.

Boss Raptor
8th Feb 2004, 02:28
Gary Rhodes does a good demo :ok:

Anthony Carn
8th Feb 2004, 02:43
Surprised Onan can't get it out, so to speak. l thought he was a Master Baker !


I've got something you can practice on, Tech.

I'll give full tuition as to technique.

I can promise excellent rising and a good hard.........crust.


8th Feb 2004, 05:25
Kneading is great for cleaning under your fingernails.

8th Feb 2004, 12:23
Techchick, a bread-making machine will do the kneading for you. The Panasonic range is good. Bung in the ingredients in the order listed in the instructions* before going to bed, set the timer then awake to that fantastic aroma. Guests never fail to be impressed.

*Vital, otherwise the yeast may absorb moisture overnight and you'll finish up with a leaden lump. Yeast at the bottom, flour next and the rest of the ingredients on top, water last.

Good luck!

8th Feb 2004, 13:38
Can anyone tell me exactly how one 'kneads'?

Give me 10mins with your boobs T.Chick and youll be fully taught what kneading is all about! ;)

8th Feb 2004, 16:35
Jamie Oliver. I caught an episode where he did the breadmaking thingy, which was very good, explained how kneading should be done.

surely not
8th Feb 2004, 19:36
and what are trying to get to rise then Slasher?

8th Feb 2004, 22:36
Slasher and Anthony,

You are very naughty boys..... Go to my room!!:E :E :E

I had no idea when I posted this thread that it would turn into something so naughty...............

9th Feb 2004, 08:45
In the immortal words of Homer J Simpson - DOUGH!

Sorry, really couldn't resist!