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Capt Vegemite
10th Jun 2001, 11:15
Let me be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR DUKE

We all loves yur down here in Aussie land and if ya get sicka slippin on corgi **** come down an we'll put a barbie onya shrimp.

Love ya work mate do yu pprune by any chance or pick up a few lines from in here ..hmmmm..

Loved it when yu was in the cockpit onetime and the boss arsked if SHE might like to come up an you said.."Only if you have something in here that eats hay"

Bwaahhaha mate yur a bloody crack-up!

Have a bewdy Phil ya old Bastard.

edited coz im harf pissed

gaaahhh ffs...

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[This message has been edited by Capt Vegemite (edited 10 June 2001).]

Fill the Greek
10th Jun 2001, 14:19
Yes, my loyal subject Captain Vegemite, as you can see I do PPRuNe when She allows me on-line time. (She is very busy on-line a lot of the time, as you can understand with affairs of the state and so forth.)

I do believe that Her and I have a State Visit due to your country in the near future and We would be delighted to accept your very kind offer of the shrimp.

But what is this thing "Barbie"? Is it the sort of doll that I saw in Harrod's Childrens' Department the other day, or perhaps it may be some sort of highly advanced cooking device about which I have heard rumours.

She still makes me do the dishes