View Full Version : All Blacks have lost he plot

the road atlas
6th Feb 2004, 17:14
Well the rugby world cup is well and truly over, I will give credit where it is due to the poms, I must admit the final was an awesome game to watch.

What does concern me however is I would have thought by now that the All Blacks (Kiwis) would have been banished from New Zealand by now.

I can only presume that the New Zealand public are proud of their national bunch of looses? Actually come to think of it, loosing a game is nothing to be ashamed of at all if beaten, but with all the BS that NZ carried on with back then, kind of funny now. Anyway, remember you are only as good as your last game you bunch of All Blacks, and on a bright side, there is a cliff and a sheep not far away.

As if I am Jealous of that now !!!!!!