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9th Jun 2001, 21:48
Well it has happened Congress has got its way and napster has almost completely bitten the bullet. Go online and try a sereach for a group or song that is not folk music and it will return a reply with no results found.

A great shame for the internet and freedom of speach. How can record companies complain that they are not getting enough royalties when SONY EMI and the like are [email protected]:Kin massive and artists like Elton Poo Stabber John are selling second hand cars to make way for art.

Have these people really lost touch.

If you dont agree with my view that people should be able to transfer music amongst themselves then please I would like to hear your justification. I do understand the smaller band but for the real music lover it is not going to stop them from forking out 15 for a CD. Why are they so much cheaper in the US and it is not just the Tax.

Labour agagin and now NAPSTER... What next?

Whoa there bigfella, whoa!

9th Jun 2001, 22:06
Use Napigator with you Napster connection and you can get anything you want.....I'm connected now and have access to 794,781 files, in fact it has jumped to 962,476 files now.

Try www.napigator.com (http://www.napigator.com)

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little red train
9th Jun 2001, 22:16
one door closes another opens.

Napster required all traffic to pass though its central servers. to close it simple close the server. OpenNap is peer2peer, each computer links directly to each other, unbannable, all it needs is a little development to make it more user freindly, but peer2peer is the way to go. for now try www.audiogalaxy.com; (http://www.audiogalaxy.com;) better than Napster ever was, just a little busy at the moment, no signs of being banned though.

Elliot Moose
9th Jun 2001, 22:25
What's wrong with a little folk music? That's all I was using napster for anyway!

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9th Jun 2001, 23:25
gnutella works fine. Not sure of a URL, but I'm sure www.google.com (http://www.google.com) will find it.

10th Jun 2001, 04:23
Audiogalaxy gets my vote too.

I gave up on Napster about 4 months ago now, and there has been NO turning back :) Heaps better program, not anywhere near as large a file as Napster ever was, and the beauty is, that no matter who you chose to d'load the song from, if they go off-line, it just picks up the same track from another on-line user who has the same song.... cool eh? It also seems to d'load a lot faster than Napster ever did too!!

Regards GG

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10th Jun 2001, 08:29
I removed my Napster program a month ago. Its a dead site unless you want to down-load someones amateur crap. Audiogalaxy is ok as an alternative.
Since the recording companys screwed Napster and in so doing f*cked all our @rses, from now on I only buy pirated tapes and CDs for music I cant get on the net. F*ck the lot of them. If I have to pay for music Id rather give it to some poor slob ekeing out a living and not some @rsehole in a NY or LA office.
What these deadsh!ts fail to realise is that weve been copying each others music for years. The internet was just another medium to do so.

PS And Ive trashed all my bloodey Metallica tapes too. C*nts.

10th Jun 2001, 10:10
Come on guys, the "little bands" need every royalty they can get, and the reason they are little bands and not quitting may well be that one day they hope to be a "big band" and make some bucks.

The artists want to earn a living, the song-writers want to earn a living, the studios need to pay for all that expensive equipment.

Okay - so Elton John is a tad richer than most of us would even aspire to, but what right does that give to us to steal from him?

Hoe would you feel if, after a nice stressful LHR-JFK with a Carnarsie approach and a sh.tty X-wind on arrival, you were told that the pax had all deducted $10 from their credit card bill for the flight ticket as they didn't see why they should have to make pilots richer http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif

Many of us copy stuff that we can't get any other way, and yes, sometimes those CDs do seem over-priced, but if we all get our music "online free", where's the incentive to make the music in the first place? If Pilots, Engineers, ATCOs, Cabin Crew didn't get paid a decent salary, would they go through the hoops they have to in order to get into the job in the first place?

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Dave Incognito
10th Jun 2001, 10:43
In the time I have been using Napster, I’ve actually bought more CD’s than before. Generally this is the result of getting a better feel for what an album has to offer. Most radio stations (and certainly no commercial ones) don’t get past the singles, so the best alternative is to download some samples.

Another great benefit is access to live, limited distribution, or out of ‘print’ material. It’s not always possible to get your hands on particular albums or tracks through shops etc., so again, the best alternative is to download them.

Have a good one, Dave.

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10th Jun 2001, 14:08
Dave Inc.

I've found the same thing. If it's any good, I go out and buy the CD - sounds better, and more convenient. If it's pants, it gets deleted.

All that has changed is that I'm not buying any of those bl**dy CD's that you listen to twice and then stick on the shelf. Maybe the RIAA is pi$$ed off at that but I'm pretty happy :) :) :)

10th Jun 2001, 17:39
I feel the same as many of you chaps. Ex simguy I can see what you are saying. My hometown is L'pool famous for its small bands and the clever ones use the net to distribute their music. I like napster for downloading the tracks that I cannot get hold of anywhere else. Like Barnes and Barnes - Fish Heads... an absolute classic. But I dont want to line the pockets of the big boys. Or poo Stabbers.

Whoa there bigfella, whoa!

11th Jun 2001, 01:52
WinMX is a fantastic peer to peer music swapping service - has more users than most others and also lets you resume transfers that get interrupted.

www.winmx.com (http://www.winmx.com)

Bob Hawke
11th Jun 2001, 04:49
Try aimster.com, it is very good also. Just recently had a write up in Time magazine. It is a good as the OLD napster.

The only annoying thing is the pop up advert now and then, but it is a minor problem. Again it is peer 2 peer, I believe, and gets around that central server control problem.

ExSimguy, many people would pay for good music, if the price was reasonable, but it isn't, so whilst they keep the price high, people will "share." Who's stealing from who then?

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11th Jun 2001, 05:23
And the sales of CDs has gone UP since Napster and other sites became more popular.
Just as lower taxes results in higher tax revenue, less gun control results in less gun violence, less restrictions on abortions results in fewer being done and less drug/alcohol restrictions results in less crime.
But hey; I'm not in control here.

11th Jun 2001, 05:49
A word of advise on audiogalaxy, when you install that program, it comes with a little programe called WebHancer. It is design to spy on you while navigate the internet and send the information it gathered to some body every 30 minutes. On top of that WebHancer also rewrites your Winsock witch is the part of windows 95/98 responsable for comunicating on the internet. If you try to uninstall audiogalaxy your internet connection will no longer work. You will have to format your hard disk and reinstall Win 95/98. It happened to me......

Napigator is much more safe if you ask me.

little red train
11th Jun 2001, 15:25
you can click the box "I don't want that feature" and it won't install, I did and have had no problems.

11th Jun 2001, 16:40
Exactly the same here......I clicked the box :)
Having said that however, the next time I went to log on, my trusty Zonealarm program asked if I wanted to allow 'WebHancer' to access the internet...course I said no, but it made me scratch my head and wonder why it asked me, even after I had checked the box? Go Figure, for a program that's only 720kb, I doubt I'll ever need to remove it anyway.


11th Jun 2001, 17:51
Well if you're staisfied then it's all good. But when I installed audiogalaxy, I also said no to WeHancer, but it was installed anyway. The wose thing about it is Zonealarm won't block it 100%. WebHancer will leach it self on other programe that acces th net. You don't have to take my word for it, just check out the bad ratings it got on download pc at the folowing adress:


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13th Jun 2001, 13:07
Also try Morpheus at www.musiccity.com (http://www.musiccity.com) - all the features that annoyed you in napster have been fixed, plus it's truely peer-to-peer so can't be shut down like Napster was.

Jack Schitt
14th Jun 2001, 22:44
I just tried to access Musiccity and got a blank..... Is it still accessable from your location?