View Full Version : Watching the US React

6th Feb 2004, 11:07
It is indeed a strange world, the US has gone from concern with WMD to extreme reaction to an exposed nipple. Perhaps this will provide a source of relief to the beleaguered public......

the road atlas
6th Feb 2004, 11:56
Was there even a nipple, the newspaper pic made it look there was a star on the nipple?

Did my local rag rip me off by not showing me everything????

atlas ronny

A and C
6th Feb 2004, 16:24
I just have so much trouble trying to sort out the "american" mine set , some has-been pop star falls out of the top of her dress and there is outrage and at the same time it is quite leagal in some states for a 14 year old to own a gun.

So with the lack of gun control is all the killing on the streets less of an outrage than a girls breast on prime time TV ?.

Some one please tell me because I dont have the answers.

Anthony Carn
6th Feb 2004, 17:16
Is a bazooka not a WMD ? (Biological)

It (or, even moreso, a pair) is a WMD in the hands of a skilled operator, is it not ?

The history of mankind bears witness to that. Many a war of mass destruction was fought over a pair of boobies. :rolleyes:

.......or am I thinking of Weapons of Massive Distraction ???? :confused:

(or, in Janet's case, Women's Mammary Decorations)

Complicated, innit ? :uhoh: