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6th Jun 2001, 15:43
Overheard at Mildenhall airshow!
American Navy Pilot walking out of his accomodation fell in step with another pilot in red flying suit.
USN Pilot: Hi, Having a good day etc...
Other Pilot : Blah, Blah, Blah, What do you fly?
USN Pilot: Boeing E-6a Navy Intel. What about you?
Other pilot (Wearing red suit): I'm with the Arrows.
USN Pilot: Yeah, but what do you fly?
Other Pilot (now burbling abit): I'n No 1 solo with The Royal Airforce Aerobatic Team!
USN Pilot: Yeah, but what do you fly?

Intelligence report - US Navy 10
RAF Arrows ?

7th Jun 2001, 01:54
It's a nice story, but we Brits must never forget that 95% of Americans have never heard of the UK, and 97.33% of the rest don't care, even if they have.

The Yanks, God bless them, are insular and ignorant where other countries are concerned. Residents of Idaho rate potato news ten times higher than they would any catastrophe in Europe.

And while we're about it, don't forget that the entire RAF is smaller that the Palookaville National Guard. They have better kit mouldering at Davis-Monthan AFB than the RAF has ever been allowed near.

But they will probably be on our side if things turn nasty, and anyway,

I like them.

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7th Jun 2001, 02:33
As always, they know the price of everything, but the value of nothing