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6th Jun 2001, 18:47
Taking into consideration the various climates throughout the world, from the hot, to the wet and to the cool, few people don't enjoy the consumption of a beer from time to time.

Frequently drunk for socialable reasons, as a relaxant or as an accompaniment to a meal, beer comes in a colossal range, often varying from place to place, featuring both world-renowned labels to local-only beer. Beer, which is actually generally larger, can vary greatly in terms of taste, from the most delectable to the most dreadful.

I sampled an exceptional beer whilst in Bulgaria last summer. The Plovdiv-produced Kamanetiza was indescribably tasty, and was unbelievably cheap (about 30p/pint).

What is everyone's favourite beer and why?

I spend most of my money on beer and women; the rest I just waste.

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6th Jun 2001, 18:59
Miller genuine draft and ****in hunners of it.

Pilot's sex kitten
6th Jun 2001, 19:03
Now, I've been giving this some thought and I don't think I have a favourite beer. Just as I wouldn't wear the same underwear for different occasions (you know, big comfy knickers for work, compared to lacy ones for a night out) so I choose my beers according to my fancy. So on a hot summer's afternoon, I would have a light, refreshing Kronenberg or a good Czech lager, whereas on a grey, blustery Autumn day I'd be seen heading into the nearest pub for a rich, lovely Guinness, then there's Sol to accompany a spicy Mexican, or a good English hand brewed beer such as Tanglefoot for a cosy night in, curled up on a sofa in front of a roaring fire...

God, I could do with a pint now! Shame I'm at work. I wonder if anyone would notice if I just popped out for a quick one (pint, that is!) :) :)

A little of what you fancy does you good...but a lot makes you feel ecstatic.

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Biggles Flies Undone
6th Jun 2001, 19:30
You can stuff your lagers where the sun shineth not! Chemical engineering from a bottom-fermenting yeast. Pasteurised to kill it and full of chemicals to keep it fresh and give it a head (and give you a headache).

Traditional ales brewed from hops, malt, yeast and water – hundreds of beers with individual tastes – and it’s good for you (in sensible-ish amounts).

I’m with PSK on the variation bit – a light, hoppy beer like King & Barnes on a sunny day, Harveys for an evening session and a good, strong winter ale for a cold winters day. Sam Smiths, Youngs, Fullers, Shepherd Neame are also great beers – along with several hundred others :)

Mustn't get too enthusiastic now - got to go to the GatBash on Saturday and face that dreadful keg Boddingtons stuff http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

6th Jun 2001, 19:39
Fullers produce top-quality beer, especially the delightful Organic Honey Drew.

I spend most of my money on beer and women; the rest I just waste.

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ickle black box
6th Jun 2001, 20:04
Student Natter, I am hardly surprised that a 30p a pint Kamanetiza wins your vote... Ohhh the days of getting wasted, before grabbing a kebab or awful pizza and rolling off home in a shopping trolley, all for a total cost of 2.50!! What it was to be a student.

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Big Red ' L '
6th Jun 2001, 20:08
Favourite Beer.....Hmmmmmm Has got to be the first one of the day.... http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

Stiff Lil' Fingers
6th Jun 2001, 20:12
.....the one that somebody else pays for!

I agree with Biggles and PSK, it's horses-for-courses. That said, memorable beers include:

-Tetleys - on handpump, only in Yorkshire though, doesn't travel
-Wadworth 6X
-Old Speckled Hen

-Tsingtao - great hangover cure. Brewed in China but based on German brewing technique
-Singha - absolute must for Thai/asian food
-Hoegaaden - for necking in the summer sun
-Grolsh - general purpose nights out


gul dukat
6th Jun 2001, 20:18
Guinness!! Extra cold ........mmmmmmmmm or in the winter a lovely big bottle of anything made by Theakstons!!!!

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6th Jun 2001, 20:20
The Henley brew, of course!

Biggles Flies Undone
6th Jun 2001, 20:22
Steady on Stiff!

Hoegaarden is a wheat BEER not lager and you must be a brave man to neck the stuff! I've had many a pleasant pint of it whilst sitting in the Grand Place in Brussels, but after about five pints I start to lose my balance a bit :)

Agreed on the Tetleys too - a wonderful session ale in Yorkshire, but does not travel well.

Stiff Lil' Fingers
6th Jun 2001, 20:47
Biggles, of course my mistake on Hoegaaden (well it is yellow and fizzy!)

1 pint brings a warm and fuzzy feeling, 2 pints and your rocking, 3 and your subconsciously concocting the message you're gonna leave on your bosses voicemail as to why you can't make it in this morning.

The Mistress
6th Jun 2001, 20:59
I like most Belgian brews and most German offerings. I also like Boddies BFU :) love it when all that creamy froth runs down the glass ... I'm getting parched ...

6th Jun 2001, 21:04


Crown Larger when I can't get XXXX

Send Clowns
6th Jun 2001, 21:58
So many beers, so little time! Agree basically about the variety with Sexy Kitty etc.

However, as I move around the country, supping the local brew, fantastic different beers, imported lagers and Weissbrau, there is always something different, something special, when I am near 'home' (where I grew up) an first lift a pint of Brakspeare's again in one of their own pubs. The delightful, familiar flavour of certainly one of the best pints in the country :).

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

Evening Star
7th Jun 2001, 00:51
'Prince Bishop', brewed by the Big Lamp micro brewery at Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne - the beer drunk by the gods (plus yours truly).

tony draper
7th Jun 2001, 01:42
Then there is Newcastle Brown Ale itself, with the satanic five pointed bluestar stamped on each label, a sad remnant of the brew I used to know in my youth, it has been rendered harmless in concideration of todays weakling youth.
It had a half life of about five days then, any unsold after that were returned to the brewery for destruction.
Under no circumstances was it possible to purchase Maniacs Broth further south than Middlesbourgh, or further north than Berwick.
No longer drink now alas,so alas I cannot verify that it no longer glows in the dark or has to be kept in rubber bottles.
One indication of its sad slide to mediocraty is all the special Brown Ale wards in local hospitals have been closed. ;)
Honest to God, it was a strange drink, it could turn the mildest mannered easy going person into a raving psychopath.

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Flap Sup
7th Jun 2001, 01:45
Beer. Don't like it. However, its the only known antidote (you know what I am talking 'bout).

My daily medication consists of one of teh following (one?? what am I saying - number depending on chemtrails):
Vetters (very local german beer)
any checz beer

What is the similarity between american beer and sex in a canoe??

Both are f*cking close to water


7th Jun 2001, 02:14
As a Manc, I empathise with Tony D about the slide of once great beers into a pale imitation of their former selves.
Boddies used to be gorgeous, but now it's like sucking toffee papers and has nothing to recommend it. (BFU you have my sympathy, not only is it keg, it'll probably be freezing cold as well!)
I recently went to Belgium, and even the most ordinary beer on the bars (which would be classed here as "lager") had more taste and oomph than most British beer.
This is obviously a generalisation, but I feel that all the Real Ales seem to be sliding towards a general middle of the road ale that everyone can drink, unlike a few years ago when you had to drink 3 or 4 pints of a new (to you) beer to get used to it, and then you realised what a distinctive taste it had.

I hope I'm proved wrong!

tony draper
7th Jun 2001, 02:25
I remember when lager first appeared in pubs in the UK, it was a drink reserved for those up for gender reasignment and ladies hairdressers,it had to be ordered with a lisp also with a drop of lime.
Self respecting beer drinkers had no truck with continental muck.
Symptomatic of the sad decline in our serious drinker population.

Tartan Gannet
7th Jun 2001, 02:51
Im sure it wont surprise you that I am a Lager Drinker, either the REAL Budweiser from Budvar, Tennants, Grolch, Harp if you can still get it. Cool, sparkling a good head and with the cold misting the glass, so refreshing on a warm day or after a brisk cycle ride. You can stuff your warm, flat dark, foul tasting "real ale". To my mind it tastes what I would imagine infusion of used socks or filtered diarrhea, and has much the same effect as the latter, flatulence and looseness of the bowels.

Small Cheese
7th Jun 2001, 02:56
Any beer that you can drink enough of to get you to the point where all beer tastes the same.

7th Jun 2001, 02:57
But don't be depressed Tony, we've got all this wonderful Smooth-Flow real ale now!
Mmmmmmmmmm,smoothflow john smiths.

tony draper
7th Jun 2001, 03:22
Well its been about twenty years since I quit the ale, so it would all probably taste like sh*t to me now.
I am still a traditionalist in my teetotal, incarnation, I prefer Sasparilla to coke, Dandylion and Burdock, to pepsi, sad aint it.

PS, one of the best lines ever from a movie,
Shane, Alan Ladd bellies up to the bar in Starrets saloon," Gimee a sodee pop". priceless.

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7th Jun 2001, 03:28
Flatulence and looseness of the bowels is part of the joy of being a beer drinker.

As a northener it grieves me to admit that some of my favorite beers are brewed in London, Youngs AAA has a fantastic hop presence and Fullers London Pride is a wonderfully balanced and complex ale.

I agree partly with a previous caller who mentions that many new brews are much of a muchness, many breweries sadly concentrating on new beers with stupid names ("piddle in The Wind""Doctor Duncans Eminently Quaffable Elixer"etc)whilst neglecting their old established beers but every so often a new beer comes through to rival the old classics Cain`s Red Hand being one example.

Send Clowns
7th Jun 2001, 03:35
Eric, dear boy, I hope you're kidding. Not only is John Smith's not real ale, and not only is Jhn Smith's foul beer (who'd believe it came from the same village as the great Sam Smith's?) but creamflow is a disgusting thing to do to a beer. Beer should have bite. 'Smooth' bitter is not only an oxymoron, but they all literally make me feel ill after more than about a pint. I include Caffrey's, Boddington's, Worthington creamflow (otherwise a good brewery) etc. in this, not just the foul brew from the wrong side of Tadcaster.

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Ed Winchester
7th Jun 2001, 03:50
The Hillside Inn in Hillsborough serves a delicious pint of 'natural' Guinness - served at room temperature. Tastes a bit like hot chocolate and is eminently better than the chilled cack.

tony draper
7th Jun 2001, 04:06
I tried drinking Guiness on medical advice, God I hated that stuff,I gag now even thinking about it, I thought to myself, if I have to drink I'm gonna give up entirely.
I know lots of people like it, but not me, the only merit it had was it was slightly less revolting than Mackinsons stout, that was truly revolting.
My apologies to Guiness drinkers.

7th Jun 2001, 05:08
Try this site to see what a real pub should be like (http://www.wenlock-arms.co.uk/)

Scroll down to their beer history lists, makes for interesting reading (if you`r interested in that kind of thing)

Tarek Nor
7th Jun 2001, 05:55
Right now its Kilkenny or Caffrey's, but
you can't beat a good 70/- http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif

7th Jun 2001, 08:51
Victoria Bitter on tap at the MCG on a Saturday afternoon at half time. Scoreboard reading:

Carlton 18.6 114pts Collingwood 0.0 0pts (optional).

Dave Incognito
7th Jun 2001, 09:43
Coopers Sparkling Ale.

Mmmmmmm.....tasty stuff indeed.

However, today being the last day of uni lectures I will ever have to attend, I'm sure tonight see me getting rather friendly with that university best seller, the VB schooner. :)

Have a good one, Dave.

Flying is easy - just throw yourself at the ground and miss.

7th Jun 2001, 10:21
Blacksheep of course :) What else? Check out the website in my profile.

Its just a silly thought but how come when I type p-i-s-s the auto censor writes xxxx? Is it biased against a certian brew or does it know something we don't? :)

Through difficulties to the cinema

7th Jun 2001, 10:23
Asahi Dry,Ah so.

"I don't suffer from stress.I'm a carrier".

7th Jun 2001, 11:40
Best beer?

The icecold Heineken surreptitiously consumed on the crew transport after a loooong intercontinental flight! :)

7th Jun 2001, 12:13
It's a popular misconception that lager is 'new' to the UK. It was in fact being brewed in the UK in the (very) late 19th century. Regrettably, the stuff sold as 'lager' is really just p*ss compared with the great continental lagers, especially those of Bavaria and the Czech Republic.

Wadworth's Old Timer, Bateman's Bitter, and Hartley's of Ulverston's bitter are among my favourites. Wadworths is the local brew.

In the US, I drink Samuel Adams, unless there's a decent local micro brew.

7th Jun 2001, 13:52
My local faves:

Brains SA
Hancocks HB
Felin Foel

Hooegardem (mmmmmmmmm)
Fullers London Pride
Young's Special
Gunness Extra Cold
Kronenberg 1664
Tenants Extra
(My old boss used to ban me from drinking the last two when on the raod with the band - but when I was DJ'ing in his club he insisted I drank it because the results were "more interesting"!!!)

Tartan Gannet
7th Jun 2001, 14:27
I have to say I DO like the new Creamflow Beers such as Bodingtons and Caffreys and I can drink these as an alternative to Lager with no gastrointestinal upsets. They have a nice taste, a good head and are cool and refreshing which is what I want in a beer, if I need a warm drink Ill have a coffee.

Guinness Im afraid is too bitter for me even the extra cold variety and also is quite a powerful laxative I find.

I do wish the Government would get a move on and make the oversized lined pint glass compulsory. I like a head on my beer and detest the Southern English brim measure. I want to drink the beer not spill some of it over myself and the floor! Cant say Im sorry to see the end to the Pint Pot with a handle either, give me a nice sleeve or nonick any day, I dont want a glass "chamber pot".

Cheers, from Tartan Gannet, off to Bonnie Scotland on Saturday, the land of Tennants Lager (and I hope a fair few SNP gains from New Labour in today's elections). I'll raise my glass to Davaar, HM and even U_R in Glasgow next week, not TW however some people are beyond all redemption.

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7th Jun 2001, 14:33
Orkney Dark Ale

It has killed off many a white settler on the Islands


Swamp Rat
7th Jun 2001, 14:56
A ice cold Castle in the sun at the Wanderers, watching South Africa beat England by a Innings and finishing it in two and a half days :) :) :)
A very memorable beer indeed !!

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Turned and Slipped
7th Jun 2001, 15:19
mmmmmmmmmmmm Caffreys. Smooth and filling so it saves money on food.

Was partial to spot of Carling Premier but that seems to have disappeared recently.

For beer lovers everywhere, try the 200 beer bar in L.A. (will post the address when I find it). It has the longest bar in the world and it's not just watery american stuff either, all the old favourites are there, Spitfire, Speckled Hen....etc (Heaven on earth!!)


Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things!

8th Jun 2001, 03:00
In descending order:

All of the above only to be consumed in the republic,most purveyed in UK tastes like toxic waste.
4.Tomos Watkins.
If drinking for 'effect' is your game & a severe hangover is your aim ,i heartily recommend 10 pints of Brains 'Skull Attack'.

8th Jun 2001, 03:27
Having just got back from some little islands 'doon sooth' where all the 'beer' comes in tins - a pox on canned ale,'tis the devils ordure. :mad:

On a happier note I'm now back in good old Blighty and enjoying some real beer again...

1. Tanglefoot (Badger Breweries)
2. Old Speckled Hen (Draught pref.)
3. Sheepdog
4. Aviator (No pun intended)

If you're ever up north near Geordieland you could do worse than check out the beers @ http://www.john-bull-inn.co.uk
Just like Frosties, they're GREEEEAT! :)

Lend me 10, I'll buy you a drink & Mother wake me early in the morning...

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8th Jun 2001, 03:31
While I enjoy a pint of Guiness, my pick would have to be Monteiths Black, brewed in Greymouth New Zealand. In fact I think I'll have one now.

8th Jun 2001, 05:47
Favourite beer? Masanga? Oh Papa, Primus, brewed in Zaire, second Stella.Tusker is good also Castle, but nothing beats beer from Zaire. :)

cockpit radiated
8th Jun 2001, 06:26
ragspanner: re: drinking for effect/HANGOVER: i think if the hangover this the game then you cant go past Tiger... it leaves you wondering what they put in your Tsing Tao, until you you remember that you only had ONE Tiger! and thats all it takes... truly a devilish brew.

8th Jun 2001, 07:48
When I'm at home I can't go past a Crown Lager. One of the best beers I've found to come in a bottle (it can't be found on tap - not to my experience anyway) The other equal number one is the one I'll have when I go out as it is absolutely superb on tap. Stella Artois. I do also like our locally berwed Cascade Pale Ale and of course their Premium Lager. So the list goes:

1. Crown Lager (bottled beer)
1. Stella Artois (on tap)
2. Cascade Pale Ale
3. Cascade Premium Lager

Oh - Almost forgot, we do have a great very locally brewed beer but I just haven't been to the place where they brew it recetly (which is also th pub where they sell it). Called Hazards Ale - It's not a hazard to your health but is named after a set of Granite Peaks in one of our National Parks.

Capt Vegemite
8th Jun 2001, 11:13
Gotta be Duff (http://www.t-stutz.de/SimpsonsBilder/Gifs/duffclock.gif)

3 Holer
8th Jun 2001, 11:23
twin NDB,I like your Cascade draught when down in HBA but Vic bitter beats most of them. (on the mainland anyway)

Dozy Bell
8th Jun 2001, 11:54
Gales HSB.

8th Jun 2001, 12:49
Cwrw Felinfoel! The first beer to be canned (sometime in WW2 I think...)

8th Jun 2001, 13:24
"Sheepdog" snaggletooth? Bloody "Sheepdog"!!!

I piss on your sheepdog! The nasty little snivelling wretches aren't fit to have a beer named after them! :)

I remember one chsing after my flock shouting "Mint sauce! Mint sauce!" Damn all sheep worriers.

Through difficulties to the cinema

8th Jun 2001, 13:52

Another man who enjoys Felinfoel, flying and guitars - are we related???

more cwrw to add to my list:

Theakston's Old Peculiar
Old Speckled Hen (the Chepstow branch of the Old Speckled Hen Appreciation society hold a golf tournament each year - The Old Speckled Hen Invitation Tournament - O.S.H.I.T.)

Stiff Lil' Fingers
8th Jun 2001, 14:02
The place that serves my favourite beer is actually Happy Valley Racecourse in HK. Used to go there for cheap Wed nights as after one pint of Fosters you were definitely well on the way to oblivion. Now, let me make it clear that a) I am not an especial fan of Foster and b) it usually takes more than 1 pint to get me to that state.
However, research amongst friends certainly tended to verify the effects were rather more 'Carlsberg Special' than run-of-the-mill-Fosters.

Of course I am not suggesting for one minute that the HK Jockey Club tampered with the beer strength to increase betting revenues :)

Flap Sup
8th Jun 2001, 18:13
What I really wonder is which beer is worst???

In my opinion, it would have to be...... errr..... hmmmm.... well, beer with alcohol, how can that be bad?

I have to know what to stay away from (when I take the antidote). Any thoughts??

rgds FS

8th Jun 2001, 18:40
Old Speckled Hen, Dog Bolter, Doris 90 - (Imagine having beer named after you on your birthday!! as did that lucky lady ;) - or at least I think that's how the story goes... http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif )

Biggles Flies Undone
8th Jun 2001, 19:03
Baggy – where can you get Dog Bolter these days? Ever since the Firkin chain was sold I’ve failed to find a pint of my favourite hooligan soup in the South. Great ale for those times when you wanted to drink in order to forget a stressful day (at least I think it was....) :)

Greek God
9th Jun 2001, 18:29
Miller Brewing Company
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have been a drinker of Miller beers for many years (actually, ever since that other company donated a big chunk of change to Handgun Control Inc. (back in the mid 80's). Initially, my beer of choice was Lite, but some time in mid-1990 while in Honduras I switched to MGD smuggled up from Panama.
Now, for nearly six years, I have been a faithful drinker of MGD. For these past years, I have come to expect certain things from Genuine Draft. I expect that whenever I see that gold can of MGD, I am about ready to enjoy a great, smooth brew. But wait! Sometime around the first of the year, my beloved MGD changed colors, so to speak. That familiar gold can was no longer gold!
Knowing that I am, by nature, somewhat resistant to change, I forced myself to reserve judgment on the new can design. Gradually, I grew to appreciate the new label. That was until about May of this year. That was when I discovered (empirically) that I really didn't like the new design. Further investigation of the cause of my distress resulted in the following observations:
1. Your cans are made of aluminum.
2. Aluminum is a great conductor of energy.
3. Your beer is commonly consumed outside, and thus, the container may be exposed to sunlight.
4. Sunlight striking the can causes radiant warming of the surface of the can.
5. The resultant heat (energy) is transferred through the aluminum, by conduction, to the contents of the can (the beer).
6. Warm beer sucks.
This is a process that can be observed in just about any beer. However, this process is significantly accelerated in MGD because you painted the damn can.... black!!!
Who was the rocket scientist that designed the new graphic for the can and implemented the change right before summer? Granted, this process may not be real evident up there in Wisconsin, but down here in Oklahoma where the summers are both sunny and hot, this effect is quite a problem. There's no telling what the folks in Texas and Arizona are having to put up with. Knowing that you would probably not address this issue unless you had firm evidence of a problem, I and several other subjects conducted extensive experimentation. The results of these experiments are listed below.
The experiments were conducted over two days on the deck next to my pool. The study included seven different types of beer (leftovers from a party the previous weekend) that were initially chilled to 38 (and then left exposed to sunlight for different lengths of time.) These beers were sampled by the test subjects at different intervals. The subjects, all normally MGD drinkers, were asked at each sampling interval their impressions of the different beers.
The length of time between the initial exposure to sunlight and the point where the subject determined the sample undrinkable (the Suck-point) was determined. The average ambient temperature for the trials was 95 degrees F.
Beer Type Average Suck-point (minutes)
Miller Lite (white can) 6.2
Bud (white can) 5.5
Bud Lite (silver can) 5.2
Ice House (blue and silver can) 4.4
Coors Lite (silver can) 4.1
Miller Genuine Draft (black can) 2.8
Coors (gold can) 0.1
It was evident that the color of the can directly correlates to the average suck point, except for Coors which was pretty much determined to suck at any point. It is to be hoped that you will consider re-designing your MGD cans. All beer drinkers that are not smart enough to keep their beer in the shade will thank you.
Bradley Lee

The Miller response appears below. They have had a lot of fun with this guy's letter. Enjoy. . .

Dear Bradley Lee,
Thank you for your letter and your concern about the MGD can colour as it relates to premature warming of the contents. Like you, we at Miller Beer take beer drinking very seriously. To that end, we have taken your letter and subsequent experiment under serious consideration.
Outlined below are our findings and solution to your problem. May we add that we have had similar letters from other loyal beer drinkers, mostly from the Southern United States.
First, let us congratulate you on your findings. Our analysis tends to agree with yours regarding Coors. It certainly does suck at about any temperature. Now, it was our intentions when redesigning the MGD can to create better brand identity and brand loyalty. Someone in marketing did some kind of research and determined we needed to redesign the can. You will be pleased to know, we have fired that idiot and he is now reeking havoc at a pro-gun control beer manufacturer. The design staff working in cahoots with the marketing idiot was also down-sized. However, once we realized this mistake, to undo it would have been even a bigger mistake. So, we took some other actions. From our market research, we found a difference between Northern beer drinker and Southern beer drinkers.
Beer drinkers in the South tend to drink slower than beer drinkers in the North. We are still researching why that is. Anyway, at Miller Beer, it was never our intentions to have someone take more than 2.5 minutes to enjoy one of our beers. We pride ourselves in creating fine, smooth, quick drinking beers and leave the making of sissy, slow sipping beers to that Sam guy in Boston.
However, it is good to know that you feel our Miller Lite can last as long as 6 minutes. However, may we suggest in the future you try consuming at least two in that time frame. From your letter, we had our design staff work 'round the clock to come up with a solution that would help not just MGD but all our fine Miller products. We hope you have recently noticed our solution to your problem. We found that the hole in the top of the can was not big enough for quick consumption. So, we have now introduced the new "Wide Mouth" cans. We hope this will solve all your problems.
Might I also suggest that if you want to get the beer out of the can even faster, you can poke a hole on the side near the bottom, hold your finger over it, open the can, tip it to your mouth and then pull your finger off the hole. This is a common way to drink beer at parties and impress your friends. This technique is known as "shot-gunning". You should like the name.
Again, thank you for your letter and bringing to our attention that there might be other beer drinkers taking more that 2.5 minutes to drink our beers. Let me assure you that I am having our advertising department work on campaign to solve this problem, too.
Tom B. Miller
Public Relations
Miller Brewing Co.

9th Jun 2001, 19:09
I have recently given beer a break, well since thursday anyway, but reading the other threads and the names I have been converted Alellulia!

I feel very strange at the moment reading the names of some of the beers has brought back some great memories, I feel truely weak at the knees. I am at the moment investigating the profits of opening a bar in STAMFORD UK of course you are all invited. Obviously you have all tried Hoegarden, but have you tried Bitberger, and the loopy juice LEFFE?

Personal favorites are Tiger Hoegarden and for some reason Heineken.

Off to do some product research...Laters.

9th Jun 2001, 22:12
Tim Taylor's Landlord
John Smith's Hand Pull
Wadworth's 6X ( many an evening in the Falklands dissolved by that)
Guinness (O'Donaghues Dublin)
Stuff they make in the terminal at MCO and sell in the departure lounge

9th Jun 2001, 22:53
Greene King Abbott Ale does it for me. Not for the faint hearted though. By the way, how can that Miller kack be called "genuine draft" when its in a fcukin bottle??

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Sharjah Night Shift
10th Jun 2001, 00:21
Chimay the Belgian Trappist Monk brew.

Wish I could bring an IL76 load of it back from Ostend.

10th Jun 2001, 01:17
Biggles.. I last saw it in Sheffield - albeit through a murky haze - It would be a sad day if you couldn't get it anywhere!

10th Jun 2001, 05:04
The Belgium beers..."Palm beer" is the number one!

Airborne Hamster
10th Jun 2001, 05:26
I consider being a cheapskate to be a science.

I'd rather pay the extra in petrol and drive another five miles to get cheap beer than pay 20p per can more in the local shop.

AS a cheapskate, the greatest value for money is STELLA ARTOIS for the alcohol content(unless you can get tall cans of Holsten Pils at a knock-down price)!

Best in recent times was 78p/can in Dunston,Newcastle.Anyone know of any cheaper?

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10th Jun 2001, 06:00
Coupl'a stubbies of Coopers Stout to wash down a dozen fresh oysters for brunch at the Adelaide Oyster Bar on East Terrace.


10th Jun 2001, 09:20
Nothing better than an ice cold bottle of Tsing Tao on a typical night in Singapore...condensation pouring down the bottle.....black pepper prawns......mmmmmmmmmmm

Biscuit Chucker
10th Jun 2001, 13:42
Gotta be Coopers Sparkling Ale from South Australia. 5.8 and smooth as a babies bottom. Also loved Orval while I was in Belgium.. Mmmmm

Flap Sup
10th Jun 2001, 15:46
** Latest News **

Scientists have found female hormones in beer:

A team of scientists made an experiment involving more than 1.000 men and 10.000 beers. They observed the mens behavior while drinking 10 beers each. The scientists concluded beer contained female hormones because:

- All the men started talking more, but making less sense
- All the men became more emotional
- All the men constantly changed the subject during conversations
- All the men lost their ability to drive

rgds FS

10th Jun 2001, 16:11
An amazing list of beers have resulted from the creation of this thread! I think I must test them all and report back :)

I spend most of my money on beer and women; the rest I just waste.

11th Jun 2001, 00:53
Baggy, the story's true, I met the lady in question at the Old Crown on her 95th birthday (I was told), she was in better form than I was after drinking her namesake!
D02X - Picked up a beermat for "Palm" in Brussels last week, it says " Le Galop De La Palm"... I thought it was French for wan king :)

wat tyler
11th Jun 2001, 01:51
Jennings bitter

Doris' 90th

Red & Black cuillin

Spot t' northerner

Cardinal Puff
11th Jun 2001, 15:39
Couple of dozen fresh oysters on the lawn at the Knysna Oyster Company to be joined by a bottle of Mitchell's Old Wobbly to get in the mood then a few 90/- Ales and a Bosun's Bitter or two to round off the afternoon watching the sunset over the lagoon....

Castle? Not in this lifetime...YUCK!

11th Jun 2001, 17:08
I have recently grown very fond of "Australia's Famous Beer" - Fosters. It's most delectable and it's very easy to drink.

I spend most of my money on beer and women; the rest I just waste.

tony draper
11th Jun 2001, 17:10
Dunston is in Gateshead not Newcastle,Mr H.
They already claim our Metro Centre.
Couple of great pubs in Dunston one time,
The Cross Keys, and The Rose and Crown, full of ladies of the night, fist fights and sing song's when the coal boats used to come up that far, all gone now, plastic fishing floats, deafening music and pub grub, BAH!. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

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11th Jun 2001, 18:30
I am a young Aussie and of course my favourite beer is going to be an Australian beer. The thing about my favourite beer is, they dont make it anymore...... (well thats what I think anyway) its called Diamond Larger. It's a beer that has a light and crisp taste with a finish that doesn't leave you feeling like you have just drank three litres of water. I also like the beer called James Bouges.

if your gonner die, die in a kingswood

brown trousers
12th Jun 2001, 01:23
An interesting list of the holy water :)

Must add mine to the list. Moving up 2 places to this weeks No.1 is the lovely taste of Ayingabrau....available in a fine Manchester Free house....

Second come the classic Stella Artois....the belgians can keep their poxy chocs as long as they dare not deprive me of the fine nectar...

And last...well..have to put in the Guinness due to the heritage :) the finest meal in a glass.....and even better when sat in a Tipperary pub, blitzed and enjoying A/T's at 4.40 in the morning..

hope this helps


(Day 28 of the life long search for Alka Seltzer)

12th Jun 2001, 02:27
I tend to agree with whoever named the reporting points at EGSS Abbot and Adnam

Rusty A300
12th Jun 2001, 02:41
I've seen "Time for another Dewars" engraved in the bottom of my pint glass so often, I can hardly read it anymore! If you have, you'd also piss Stella Artois!

Incipient Sinner
12th Jun 2001, 02:48
Ladies & Gents, fellow piss heads, I can't believe no-one has mentioned my favourite of all real ales...

Old Peculiar, get a few pints of that down your neck and you'll know about it, yet soooo smooth.

Or, the Black Sheep Brewery version..

Rigwelter, so named after a pregnant ewe who's fallen over and unable to get up.

But as has already been mentioned there's a time and a place for everything, if I close my eyes and take a sip of Keo I can be relaxing on a Cypriot beach whenever I want.

Happy drinking,

Sinner :)

12th Jun 2001, 05:19
Here on my side I like these ones ;

- Amstel
- Grolsch
- Heineken

Down there (my old home) ;

- Bhoemia
- Skol
- Antartica

"World Beers";
- Sol/Corona - nothing beats them with a lime inside with a really cold beer in a hot summer day (well...speaking of beers at least) :)

12th Jun 2001, 05:34
I'll shout a schooner of Toohey's Old, most anywhere in SYD for almost anyone.

Corona Lime, on the beach, any beach.

And of course, Moosehead beer up here.
50% alcohol. You know, anti-freeze regulations.

American beer is referred to as "rent a beer".

12th Jun 2001, 06:45

Ooooh! Get her!

Lend me 10, I'll buy you a drink & Mother wake me early in the morning...

Juliet November
12th Jun 2001, 09:22
From the top:

De Konicken
Tuborg Classic
Tuborg Christmas Brew
Stella Artois

Too bad I can't get 1 & 2 back home though ...

Hussar 54
12th Jun 2001, 18:12
Many, many, many...

Best ever - had many, many draft Swan down by the Sea in Freemantle Harbour and life couldn't get much better...closely followed by ice-cold VB at a friend's BBQ in Melbourne...and draft Coors which got me stupendously drunk by the pool one day during a layover in Phoenix...

Back home in Germany - has to be Warsteiner, vom fass, although there is a fairly new beer, originally from the East, called Hasseroder which runs it a very close second...for something different, enjoy Ducksteiner in the Hannover area or Loewenbrau when in Munich...

Here in France - nothing really, all of it seems to be brewed so that it can be sold as cheaply as possible to English van drivers in Calais...I usually end up buying cans of Stella or Kronenburg to mix with a bit of Grenadine for a Monaco...although Pelforth Gold is almost drinkable on a hot day...

In Russia - if you like pilsners, try Baltica and you'll be very pleasently surprised...

In the UK - years ago there used to be a reasonably decent beer ( if that isn't a contradiction about UK beer ) in the Manchester area called Robinsons Best Mild...as for the so-called 'real' beers - let's just say an acquired taste for you Brits...

And why is Beer so ridiculously expensive in the UK ?? If it was enjoyably drinkable, then I could understand and forgive, but why charge a fortune to make non-Brits have to drink something like that...


Biggles Flies Undone
12th Jun 2001, 18:19
"why charge a fortune to make non-Brits have to drink something like that..."

Why kill a perfectly good frog just to eat its legs?

Hussar 54
13th Jun 2001, 16:57
...or a sheep to eat its stomach, for that matter..

15th Jun 2001, 16:29

"she was in better form than I was after drinking her namesake!"

She's been doing it for longer! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

15th Jun 2001, 17:40
Some time back, I saw a report where it was stated that medical research had shown that the best drink before a meal to stimulate digestion is champagne. The second best is beer.

This obviously means that when one drinks a beer or three before eating, it is NOT done for pleasure or enjoyment, but solely for the sake of one's health.......well, that's my excuse!