View Full Version : Jeffrey Archer's Bloomers

Tartan Gannet
6th Jun 2001, 13:39
No, not his underwear, or that of his "ever so fragrant" wife or the lady he is ALLEGED to have had professional dealings with. I refer to his literary bloomers.

The Noble Lord being in the public eye yet again for a matter which is sub judice, I thought it would be topical for Jet Blasters to list the errors, innaccuracies, downright twisting of the facts in his novels, and also mention which plots they found the most naff.

My favourite Archerism is the novel where he describes the hero trying to lose a tail from some enemy agent in the city of Geneva. He mentions him entering a cathedral and sets the scene. The stained glass, the priest intoning Mass at a side altar, the smell of incense, the statues of various saints. All very descriptive but for the fact that the church he named was a Calvinist catherdral in the city of that most Protestant theologian. Most weak plot, "The Eleventh Commandment", talk about Deus ex Machina and a lift from Tale of Two Cities!

Has anyone else similar Archerisms?

tony draper
6th Jun 2001, 13:45
He is the man I would most like to see sitting in rags on the pavement somewhere with a sign round his neck saying Homeless Please help.
He's a living example of how well total ar*eholes tend prosper in this society of ours.

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Stiff Lil' Fingers
6th Jun 2001, 14:18
It is amazing though isn't it how so many people slag him off as a writer after having read many of his books!

He may be an odious and untrustworthy character. His plots may at times be thin, the accuracy of storylines maybe well off the mark. However he sells (or should that be sold?) vast quantities of books. If they were that bad why did people continue to buy them?

I don't consider myself a fan of his books and I certainly wouldn't leap to the defence of his character. My parents like his books and I have read many of them - some I liked, some I really didn't. However, since the recent controversial allegations etc. it seems to have become the 'done' thing to do to totally rubbish him as a writer. I just think it smacks of rank hypocrisy.


Tartan Gannet
6th Jun 2001, 14:34
Fair up to a point Stiff. I have read his books when I lacked anything else on a train journey. That seems to be their appeal to many. The only one I actually liked was "First amongst Equals".

Personally, I couldn't give a **** if he is found guilty or innocent of perjury, its a victimless crime after all. I just find the bloke a total creep and a hypocrite. If he is found guilty he should suffer the same punishment as Aitken.

Stiff Lil' Fingers
6th Jun 2001, 14:43
I certainly agree with you on that TG, just as long as he and Johnny A wouldn't get to share a cell!