View Full Version : 737 x/wv in the wet

4th Feb 2004, 03:15
Folks what is your companys cross wind limits for t/o and landing in the wet and dry? the reason I ask is where i come from we have a very limiting x/ w/v for the 3/4/500's of 25kts in the wet for t/o and every thing else is 35kts(apart from cat 3!)

Capt Bear

8th Feb 2004, 03:12
Correct on the limits
just for information I can say the plane performs well on autoland at xwind of 40 kts ( NG tested at BFI) ,and I knew of a landing made manually at 54 kts xwind.Very good landing, (top pilot),the only problem to mention was the tricky rollout.( max wind speed for taxi -60 kts)
It is indeed a very nice plane :ok: