View Full Version : Penelope Keith or Felicity Kendall?

6th Jun 2001, 04:36
I'd do it with Penelope.
But I'd be thinking of Felicity.
What about you?!

Big Red ' L '
6th Jun 2001, 04:45
Yep, Penelope's tits and Felicitys arse... :)


Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

Tartan Gannet
6th Jun 2001, 09:59
I prefered Penelope Keith. Whilst Felicity Kendal was cute the "green organic food" type character she played put me right off as I dont like that type of person in real life.

Trainee pilot
7th Jun 2001, 00:53
Penelope Keith! You MUST be joking! It would be like mounting your own mother! EUGGHH!
Now, Felicity........mmmmmmmm, don't you just love it when she COMES in the kitchen all covered in mud.......

Send Clowns
7th Jun 2001, 03:29
What is '...that type of person...' then, TG? I know many like that, at least two of whom you would like and probably fancy. One was even a pilot when I knew her. Those people are, however, very varied in character.

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

Celtic Emerald
7th Jun 2001, 09:21
Why ever would you possibly want to know :)

Besides neither are my type actually

Emerald http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

7th Jun 2001, 12:13
Felicity: is the one for me,a good stiff unnn would do her the world of good & I'm the man for the job! :) :) :)

It's a dirty job, but it's got to be done!

8th Jun 2001, 03:02
Felicity at the time, but as my tastes matured. Penelope came into the picture. It has to be Penelope now. But then Felicity......

Welcome back, Celtic(Cecilia)Emerald

Elk McPherson
8th Jun 2001, 09:05
In the words of Rik Myall:

"Felicity, Felicity;
You fill me with 'lectricity
That is not to say you are shocking".

Penelope Keith would be less like mounting one's own mother, as like mounting a rather tired old prissy horse. :rolleyes:

Notso Fantastic
9th Jun 2001, 23:08
Wossa 'prissy horse'?

Airborne Hamster
10th Jun 2001, 05:40
Felicity Kendal for me every time - but with Charlie Dimmuck's tits.

Elk McPherson
10th Jun 2001, 12:21
A prissy horse (with prissy rider) is usually seen in prissy Dressage events. :rolleyes:

10th Jun 2001, 13:10
Both ... at the same time. I always enjoy a good sweet and sour pork.

sprocket: .. No standards? Nooo problems!

10th Jun 2001, 13:58
Lady Penelope

("FAB, Virgil")

10th Jun 2001, 15:04
No contest, Felicity Kendall for sure! as for the other I would sooner go for a roll in the hay with a chubby dog woman than share a bed with a stuck up snob.

15th Jun 2001, 18:21
I have only just noticed this thread. I have one question: are you referring to them as they are now (old, wrinkled, 60 and 56 years old respectively), or as they were when they were in "The Good Life". If the former, I'll leave you all to your pipes, ovaltine and slippers, if the latter, fair question, my answer would be Felicity Kendal, but while were on women from that era, what about Daisy Duke, or Joanna Lumley? Much Much better.

15th Jun 2001, 21:09
I was referring to the good old 70s, but I would not kick Felicity out of bed even now :)
Or Joanna Lumley ;)

tony draper
15th Jun 2001, 22:45
Ah a man after Draper heart, these callow youths don't understand, women don't get that certain glow about them until they are at least thirty five.
Draper prefered the more mature ladies, even when he was a sprog, they tend to have a bit more meat on there bones, a little more separation between skeletal system and skin, keep yer skinny supermodel type its like poking a rope. ;)
Hmmm Penelope, really fancied her in
To the Manor Born, for that matter fancied her mate Marge as well.

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Mac the Knife
15th Jun 2001, 23:39
I'm with ya there Throtlemonkey. But then you never know do you? Bed (or barn) is a land full of surprises.