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5th Jun 2001, 18:10
I read the article on the 'AshBash' in Pilot mag last august.
Logged on - totally hooked ever since!!! :) :)

How about everyone else, then??

Live long and Prosper.....

Tartan Gannet
5th Jun 2001, 18:17
Looking for details of the tragic Concorde crash last year at CDG a friend suggested the R&N page. After reading same I discovered JET BLAST and the rest is history plus 800 + posts and counting

ickle black box
5th Jun 2001, 18:20
TG, you have given us all another reason to wish that the tragic Concorde accident had never occoured.

Tartan Gannet
5th Jun 2001, 18:34
IBB (Funny I suffer from IBS, are you similar?). Unless and until Danny blocks me you are stuck with me. Better men than you such as U_R , Davaar, HM and a few others have tried to chase me away with insults, irony, intellectual arrogance, quotations from log dead authors and politicians, pedantry, sophistry, changing the import of my threads etc, etc, etc. Abject Failure!

Funny enough I have agreed with some of your recent postings on other threads. Are you perchance a no hope Tory Candidate somewhere this Thursday who can insult would be supporters? Surely you havent been reading that very thin book "Hague, my victorious election strategy" have you?

5th Jun 2001, 18:34
I was constipated and looking for natural remedies. Did a search on Prunes and the rest is history.

Some may say I am still full of sh-it :)

Edited because I am not allowed to swear in the privacy of my own computer anymore.

S****horpe !!

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Oh bloody hell !!!

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Pilot's sex kitten
5th Jun 2001, 18:56
My gorgeous pilot kept sending me links to threads that he thought might liven up my day at work. Work has become so dull recently that I've ended up visiting this site way too often (particularly as I'm a children’s writer with absolutely no aviation fantasies whatsoever!).

I think the aforesaid pilot was originally trying to prove that pilots as a group are a witty, cultured, fun group of people ... As he was trying to get into my knickers at the time and has since managed to, I will allow you to draw your own conclusions. All I can say is that PPRune, along with Mr T. Pratchett, have a lot to answer for!

5th Jun 2001, 19:04
Pilots? witty, fun, cultured??? Never

I think it was through another website forum which mentioned it.

5th Jun 2001, 19:21
Looking for sites dedicated to Burning Witches. (Active burning that is, not the passive sort). Strange that Pprune should have cropped up in the search - maybe all that Jet A1 and Avgas? Who knows! Perhaps it was fate.

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5th Jun 2001, 20:05
By accident http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

5th Jun 2001, 20:34
Someone told me I would enjoy it, they didn't tell me I would meet some of the most entertaining and wacky people ever.

how can you passively burn a witch? That is voyerism with a vengeance - and with so much at stake. So you were looking for a Burning Witch - is that like a Burning Bush?

Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it - and you definitely deserve to meet a witch, who would give you your just desserts ;)

TG hon, I may not always agree with you, but I do find nearly all your posts worth reading and your battles with the others are extremely entertaining.

How do you explain to a caterpillar that it can become a butterfly, and will, regardless of its current belief system.

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Big Red ' L '
5th Jun 2001, 20:43
Good question....I am sure a link from another site but i really can't remember. Glad i did though. Very addictive and as Velvet says, some entertaining and very wacky people here. Love the place now......

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

Send Clowns
5th Jun 2001, 21:07
Exactly the same as you Swashplate, that Ashbash article (have changed userids since, from a_random, hence the late sign up date). I was doing my ATPL groundschool at the time and a friend had the magazine. Haven't been away for more than a few days since!

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

Hersham Boy
5th Jun 2001, 21:08
Amusingly, I came here because someone on another flying forum suggested posting a question here on choice of flying club.

I came, had a look round, realised there was NO WAY ON EARTH I was going to get a sensible answer (hehe - must have found JB first) and have never left. :)

I'm never leaving - Love it!


PS. Chose a flying club - now on 20-odd hours 4 months later ;)

PPRuNe Dispatcher
5th Jun 2001, 21:59
Been on PPRuNe for a long time (my other username doesn't have a "Registered" date which is the sign of an "old" timer), met Danny about 18 months ago and he told me PPRuNe needed a computer wiz with a reasonable knowledge of commercial aviation. The pay isn't brilliant, i.e. nothing but I'm getting a 50% raise soon.

The perks however are excellent and overtime is always available ;)

Brian Dixon
5th Jun 2001, 22:53
I was looking for somewhere to get on my soapbox and spout off about the injustice of the allegation of negligence against the pilots of the Chinook crash on the Mull of Kintyre 2 June 1994.

Works extremely well and the thread was even featured on Newsnight!

Thanks PPRuNe!

Edited 'cos even after all this time, I STILL can't spell

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5th Jun 2001, 23:00
Way back in 1997 my Senior Base Pilot told me about this site. I immediately went to JetBlast and PropWash. The rest is history. :)

reddo...feral animal!

Stiff Lil' Fingers
5th Jun 2001, 23:09
A friend directed me to it....what started from inquisitive lunch time read-only sessions lead on, 3 months later, to registration and the odd occasional post...oh but if that were all....a chance sneaky look into Chat one night followed by a London Bash and that's when the 'habit' really started....

....I blame you lot for being the funny, annoying, learned, helpful, ranting, sociable, egotistical, compassionate, right-wing extremist, left-wing bleeding hearts that you are (I think that covers 90% of everyone) but overall INTERESTING people.

Keep it up, please!


5th Jun 2001, 23:18
Was on sick leave courtesy of a violent passenger, when a pilot mate who knows me well enough to realize that more than 3 weeks at home was starting to make me go bananas, sent me a link to PPRuNe.

Place saved my sanity at the time, and has given me enormous loads of fun, food for thought, new perspectives on the business I'm in and some very worthwile friends since.

:) Me addicted? :)

6th Jun 2001, 00:10
I prefer to think that it discovered me and my aliases.....but I do have an odd way of looking at things

6th Jun 2001, 00:31
Can't honestly remember - too long ago. I've had a couple of other names before this one, which has been my online name in various fora for some time. Very occasionally I post under other names, but almost never. Was an infrequent visitor here until MSN closed their aviation forum, when they decided they were fed up with offering something different from the usual load of [email protected], wanted to be the same as every other ISP and stopped being interesting. They also stopped all their spam blocking, started selling email lists and ended up almost as bad as AOL, so my subscription to MSN went the same way as AOL...

HEY! Who switched [RANT] mode on???

Anyway, one way or another I found it - for better for me, for worse for everyone else! :)

Breeding Per Dementia Unto Something Jolly Big, Toodle-pip

Hercules Grytpype Thynne
6th Jun 2001, 00:44
I came because I heard a rumor about a mean hand of Mornington Crescent being played for Cash-money.

Now has anyone seen my Neddy??

Springtime in Paris................Here Comes a Charlie

6th Jun 2001, 01:32
Found PPRuNe lost somewhere in my cousin computer. Never heard of it before that point and never lost it after that..

Still here.... :)

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6th Jun 2001, 07:22
I inserted "porn" into my search engine, and put "aviation" inside search within these results. Somehow or other after a long line of link-following I ended up here!

6th Jun 2001, 08:07
i was told about it by a guy i was chatting to on icq.

'Veni, Vidi, Velcro' - I came, I saw, I stuck around

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Capt Vegemite
6th Jun 2001, 08:25
My Therapist suggested it.

anvil therapy (http://www.t-stutz.de/Bilder/ani16.gif)

6th Jun 2001, 12:01
Talking about the 'ashbash' article, I wonder if Nick Bloom ever posts....???? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif

BTW keep those postcards coming in - all v. interesting!!!

Live long and Prosper.....

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Southern Cross
6th Jun 2001, 13:50
Same as Swashplate.

6th Jun 2001, 14:49
As an aviation professional of some 25 years, fixed and rotary wing and ATC, naturally I had never heard of it. It took my sister, who with difficulty can distinguish between a hang-glider and a B747, to tell me about it. How she heard about it I have never been game to ask. (She may be having a cyber affair with slasher for all I know)


Say again, Approach....you want us to do what???

6th Jun 2001, 15:36
Got an e-mail sent to me saying that I had been PPRuNed...

6th Jun 2001, 16:07
Back in '97, I was on another AV chat forum and met my good buddy and KLM pilot VMO. I think he got tired of my picking his brain about airplanes and threw me to the PPRuNes. :)

However, it took me about a year before I posted in the forums. Chat had only a very few. In fact, at one point no more then 4 or 5 could get on at a time. Ha!

PPRuNe has been a window to the Aviation Industry. I've been like a kid in a candy shop ever since.

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Feeton Terrafirma
6th Jun 2001, 16:20
I was doing some IT work for Ansett, and during lunch, with my rekindled interest in aviation I was surfing, looking for matters aviation, and there it was. That was late '98 and I became an avid reader of Dunnunda. I don't remember when but some time later I found Jet Blast. It still took me a long time to register and post, but thats history now. About 6 months ago I packed up my belongings and moved out of home, and into chat :)

I live in chat now. ( At least most people think I do! )

I'm not a PPRuNe addict. (just need one more post)

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6th Jun 2001, 16:36
Was at an interview for a uk charter airline. Met some cadets there who told me all about it and the rest as they say is the subject of an upcoming court case :)

6th Jun 2001, 16:59
This bloke...later to become known as Disco Stu...introduced me to PPRuNe a few years ago now.
Actually, mine is a bit of a romantic story of sorts, one that DS will never admit too :)

We had just started 'dating' and when he finally let me into his office,(after fighting through numerous boxes of crap that all bachelors seem to have stacked in their offices at home!!), and introduced me to the internet via Proon :) What an introduction!!
Anyway, you could say that we 'courted' over many hours of Prooning together, and coming up with ideas for various posts together, until there became a need for me to have my own registration.

Still, to this day, some of our best communication happens over discussions we have about issues that are raised on this BBS, and some may think we are strange, but we think of it as a part of our life now, and we are also getting married soon, so our entire relationship has been broadcast here since it began .....awwwwwww, :rolleyes: hahahahahahhaha :) :) :)


<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2"> Don't get mad...get everything. Ivana Trump </font>

6th Jun 2001, 18:06
Disco Stu... with the upcoming marriage and all, I was just wondering if you've seen GG's "signature"? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif :)

Okay, so how the hell did I get here? Errm, where is here? What day of the weekis it? And who are all you strange people...? :)

Well, as a matter of fact, it was one of those things that "your best friend wouldn't tell you". Know what I mean? Yep, you guessed it ... the info came from a mortal enemy! To this day, I wonder WTF he was trying to tell me... http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

And now for the REAL answer... it came up by chance during a discussion of other topics in the boss's office one day. Yeh, I know ... not as glam as the one above!

Originally, I only posted to D+G, but a lovely lady by the username of Jazzi told me about this place. Hmmm, wnder why she hasn't been here since? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

My wings spread on to the original Afterburn. Anyone remember when THAT was an integral part of PPRuNe? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Dispela olgeta samting i pekpek bilong bulmakau!

6th Jun 2001, 20:12
First found reference to it in a gliding site - someone said it was full of *rs*h*l*s talking crap about everything but aviation. A minute later I found myself in JB reading one of Slasher's finest and I knew I'd found a home...

Wee Weasley Welshman
6th Jun 2001, 20:38
I was just hooked up to the internet way back in 1996 at work when this was considered cutting edge. Well it was in Mid Wales.

First thing I did was search for pilot related things and up popped PPRuNe... The Email!

I think I joined as member 466 but perhaps memory deceives.

A fateful day!


DX Wombat
6th Jun 2001, 22:20
An alien, sorry, an Ozzie told me about it. Thoroughly enjoy it when I have the time :)

8th Jun 2001, 17:55
Decided to see what all the fuss was about, and somehow the hours just slip away.... :)

8th Jun 2001, 18:46
A while back a colleague posted a quote, with link, from R & N on our union site.
Followed the link, read for a few months with an occasional post.
Till I found Jetblast .... It's my start-up page now.

8th Jun 2001, 19:07
I was going to an airline sponsorship interview in 1997. On the jumpseat the F/O was talking about this new website for pilots, had something to do with dried fruit. Did a search and found it. Addicted ever since, made some very good friends and been a bit a bit drunk due to meeting them.

All in all a good result. :)

Mad Pax
8th Jun 2001, 22:01
Went for a beer one night and found the web address at the bottom of my tankard...

Oi got a bran' new comboine 'aarverster...

9th Jun 2001, 14:05
Finally got a computer with access to the Net in 1997 and had put 'Pilots' into a search engine, up popped a link to PPRuNe and I've been here ever since.

I think some of my first memories of the site were the Cafe Scrolls and the Caravan stories on Jetblast and a couple of posts from the great Snailtrails himself!

10th Jun 2001, 00:44
Finally got my "state of the art" 28.8k Hayes to work after 2 weeks of hair pulling; very soon found PPRUNE during a "Mosaic" search and registered SARBOY as member number 72. It was in 1995 I think, can't remember for sure, but I do remember the major server crash of 1996 when everyone's details got lost and we all had to re-register everything.

I posted what I think was the first rotary orientated reply and got well monstered by airline types. Danny used to email us all with the day's posts; there were no separate bulletin board topics like today.

SARBOY got a bollocking from Danny because I was rude to Air Traffickers, although only in jest. Jetblast didn't exist then so we all had to behave ourselves a bit more. Danny moderated it all himself!

I relocated by 6000 miles in 1998 and didn't get back on-line until much later due to rebuilding the house! Found that the whole site was much more sophisticated, PPRUNE membership numbers had skyrocketed and
someone else was using my SARBOY username!

Still an addict after 6 years.


Bio Warrior
11th Jun 2001, 01:03
Being a Kiwi (small flightless bird) I had no particular interest in flying (please put away the bashing sticks I was ignorant and I admit it) But I fell in with some bad influences (aka a wannabe and a pilot) and trusting and nieve I let them lead me here... since then I have become adicted (they always give you your first fix free) apparently there is a cure but it involves way to much effort so you folks are stuck with me for a while.

ps this is my first post

Luke SkyToddler
11th Jun 2001, 02:05
Can't honestly remember how I stumbled on it but I can definitely recall the black-and-green color scheme, back in the day when it was only R&N. I remember the uproar when Capt PPRuNe first spun off 'dununda' into a separate forum ... and then did the same to us poor wannabe's ... and I remember thinking that this new IF Snailtrails bloke was a right funny bastard.

I lost my original user name and my ever-so-proud 1,000 posts in the great server crash, but my worst memory is of the 18 long PPRuNeless months when I first moved to the UK. It was terrible - I had to find other interests - I developed a social life, got a tan, I even met a girl and nearly got married for chrissake! Luckily I just recently got a new pc, got back into my ppruning and saw the error of my ways in time, I'll never leave you again darling :)

11th Jun 2001, 08:47
PPRuNe? Never heard of it.

Through difficulties to the cinema

PPRuNe Towers
11th Jun 2001, 16:52
Well, I met this mate of mine called Danny in a pub in Liverpool. About 4 pints into the Guinness he said something along the lines of, 'Why don't we do it ourselves,' and the rest is misery, sorry, history.

Regards from the Towers
[email protected]

11th Jun 2001, 16:59
And after you decided opening a pub was a good idea - you started Prune ;)

429 CJ
21st Jun 2001, 14:18
Sunnies on to protect the not so innocent.....

ppt Did you get the email a couple of days ago?

Some idiot (known each other since kindy) left P.N.G and got himself a regional job closer to home. He asked me (because he had no internet access at his place, you see) :) to skim the new D+G pages and print them off for him....... I don't recall exactly when, but I had been 'reading it' for a good while before I started posting for myself. Then, quite by accident, you see, I had to service this 'fix' and I swear I don't post under too many handles..........

'Gravity' is just a myth that the earth sux.....anon.. (or was I just drunk again?)

25th Jun 2001, 20:00
I saw a guy at work on this (naughty!!) and tried it myself.....

26th Jun 2001, 02:55
Pprune was mentioned on a popular canadian aviation website...been here since

itchy kitchin
26th Jun 2001, 18:18
PPrune was part of my flight training groundschool. Mandatory, don't you know old chap. Dickie birdie'd right in the how's your father and cabbage crates over the briney.

Sick Squid
26th Jun 2001, 18:20
Was a regular on Compuserve AVSIG forum since purchasing first computer in 1994, an Apple Mac Performa 630. Links and mentions of this site appeared around 1996, and I checked it out, registered a bizarre user name which got lost in the crash. Used to receive the daily updates as well, though they could build up after a long trip.

Have to say I stayed with AVSIG much longer than I should have, only fully moving over to PPruNe as a regular reader when a/ CIS went up their own a*ses about how they wanted the forums to develop... down the pan they went...and b/ a more stable internet platform than Mosaic appeared for the Mac, or rather appeared free on Macformat Magazine's CD!

Now AVSIG... whatever happened to that irritating young 21 year-old "CEO" of some virtual flight-sim airline or other... used to drive everyone up the wall. I think I've seen his ghost in here a few times....