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5th Jun 2001, 01:24
Sectorbabe,Sectorbabe, wherefore art thou ample-arsed sectorbabe??????
And before you start whingeing about only being a size 10,everyone knows EZY don't employ hosties less than a size 16.Arf!

700 Girt Bar
7th Jun 2001, 04:13

11th Jun 2001, 18:43
Sorry My dear friend, have been doing a three day trip!
Could not care less if you think I am a size 20! All you and eezypilot are managing to do is embarrass yourselves by thinking I am someone that I am not! 700 Girt Bar, by the sounds of it, knows who I am & BTB knows exactly who I am as I recently did a split in EDI with him - he did give away my clue as to who I am (I have just got married, and if you have been here long enough, you will know who my husband is, as he also works at EZY.
If that is not a big enough hint then really, there is no hope!!!

Don't really want to get into a slanging match as it is not what life is about, its just a little bit annoying when things get a bit personal.

It seems that you have some real hatred of hosties at Ezy - did something happen at a former airline that has twisted your opinions soooo badly? - most of us are great fun, honestly...!!!!!!!

Anyway must be off, have the night AGP tonight and need a kip! Adios amigos!

SectorBabe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Remember where your tea & coffee comes from...!!!