View Full Version : A bad weekend - how about some happy memories

3rd Jun 2001, 21:36
This weekend has been lousy if, like me, you follow the Histroic Aviation scene in this country.

Without taking anything away from the families of those who have sadly passed on to the Great Air Display in the sky, how about all of you with happy aviation memories posting them here. It may help to lift the air of gloom and doom around here.

Go on, you never know it may make you feel better

3rd Jun 2001, 21:52
My son and I were watching the display of the "V" jets at Dunsfold only a month ago. The sound of those early engines and the sight of the aircraft was an experience not to be forgotten. The pilots who flew them gave us all part of their enthusiasm for aviation.


3rd Jun 2001, 22:29
Reading through the posts on R&N, and noting comments about "2-crew on display a/c", made me stop and think, I was talking to the "rear seat" on one of the "V"s - can't remember which aircraft it was - after the display and commented admiringly on the sprightly older guy in the front; was that Jonathon and Ken respectively? The pilot obviously loved flying the old bird, and the rear-seater said he "wished it was him in the front".

Not nearly enough but just to say "Thanks" guys, for the pleasure you gave - GBWY"