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Le Pen
3rd Jun 2001, 16:40
Is this the best thing on TV, or what?

Please discuss!


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Ed Winchester
3rd Jun 2001, 17:31
It was pretty damn good, but I watched the last episode a couple of nights ago. Does anyone know if Buffy is going to do a Dallas 'Bobby' and return to entertain us some more?

3rd Jun 2001, 18:28
Le Pen -


But forget Buffy; Willow is the thinking man's bird.

3rd Jun 2001, 19:43
I missed the last episode! I remember hearing that they were going to kill off one of the major characters though.

Would anyone mind giving me a brief synopsis?

Thank you


Ed Winchester
3rd Jun 2001, 21:14
Buffy sacrifices herself to save her 'sister' and the world is saved from all manner of bad sh|t.

Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity.

4th Jun 2001, 05:25
Sorry. Its a load of horsesh!t. Buffy never gets laid!

4th Jun 2001, 11:06
Slasher m8, she does get laid, quite often.

I have to say on a score out of 10, I'd give her lovers 3 for effort. But then she hasn't met me yet ;)

Stay cool, stay longer.

4th Jun 2001, 11:24
She was rooting that Vampire, which I guess makes here a necrophiliac (as Vampires are dead).

Not as bad as Willow, a witch who was rooting a dog..er..werewolf, and is now on to another woman.

Strange lives. All true of course.

4th Jun 2001, 14:30
Gerund. it would seem you are right about willow. She beat Buffy in FHMs annual 100 Sexiest women listing. Cant say I agree though.

4th Jun 2001, 15:00
or what http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

4th Jun 2001, 15:47
Checkers, aren't vampires the 'un-dead'? That would make Buffy an un-necrophiliac, I think.


Willow: The thinking lycanthrope's woman. I wonder if she likes men too?

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Le Pen
5th Jun 2001, 05:47

I quite like Anya..... The way she always wants to jump in the sack with Xander seems appealing to me... :)


Nil Fault Found.....Another great work of fiction in progress