View Full Version : P10 Compass -- which aircraft?

1st Feb 2004, 20:56
I have just been shown a big old P10 compass which someone has acquired and we were wondering which kinds of aircraft it may have flow in. Is this the kind of thing they had in the Lancaster?

Anyone know?


1st Feb 2004, 21:55
If I remember no 7F Squadron ATC in Liverpool had one in a box in the stores and there was a list inside the lid stating which a/c used it. If you want to pm me I can give you their address to contact them.
Good Luck
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2nd Feb 2004, 01:09
Info on aircraft equipment.

I've been pleased by how helpful the RAF Museum at Hendon can be regarding some equipment. They've given me some interesting info before now.

As for the P10, I'm trying to remember the compass in the Mew Gull (G-AEXF), ex Des Penrose, Alex Henshaw etc. But that had a big compass, bigger than the P8. You may wish to contact Breighton to ask them if it's a P10

7th Feb 2004, 05:23
Many thanks for the info. I shall try the RAF museum in Hendon as a first step.